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July 4th, 2011

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Love Tanked’s “disguise” by the way, very nondescript.

The boys are two weeks old today.  I find I’m spending a lot of time at the hospital or just hanging with Sam and after he goes to bed at 8 I’m just done for the night.  I have almost zero drive to do anything else, including drawing.  It’s a little frustrating as I feel like I’m just waiting for life to go back to what it was (or my hormone levels at least) but when the twins come home I guess we’ll have to find a new normal.  I do have about a two month buffer of Monday updates and then we’ll see (Lech VS the Dragon is totally back burnered by the way, but not forgotten.)  At least the section pain is pretty much gone- I can sleep on my right side again!

I realized my other entry for the “Anthro Food” design derby was also murderous… what does that say about me I wonder, other than the fact that I quite like mashed potatoes.  (We’re having some hosting issues right now so the image won’t show up right away.  Hopefully it’ll be cleared up soon but it’s awesome when you contact the domain site in every possible way and no one gets back to you :(


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    2 things:

    1. Don’t get between Tanked and his beer.

    2. There is nothing holy about a toledo.

  2. justsomeperson

    I predict Tanked jumps in the ring to save El Feato.

  3. Chris

    The Blue Burrito?:P

  4. poco

    Thanks for staying with the updates during this difficult time! I’m glad to hear the twins are doing well. It’s gotta be murder having three diapered children at home! XP

    Good luck!

  5. likeacupcake

    Good to see you’re getting back on your feet so quickly… even if it is only “sort of”

    …Come one Tanked; here is your opportunity to shine, to become more awesome, to become… a Legend!

  6. zankou

    who are those two talking about in the top 3 panels?

  7. mfw

    they are talking bout tanked of course

    also someone noticed el featos huge junk in the 8th panel?

  8. Wub Wub

    Blue Burrito is a cousin of the Blue Waffle (NSFW refrence):P

  9. Dieter M.

    That clown’s posse is insane!

    It’s like they’re some sort of insane clown something-or-other.

  10. RahneeHoneyLizard

    They think Tanked’s Pedobear!

  11. Moxie Man

    If your host is in the USA, it would explain a lot. They’re probably at the wrestling match wondering where the beer hawkers are. :)

  12. Beta

    If it is u.s. Based then you also have the national holiday to work around. It is the 4th.

  13. Brian Hibbs

    He seriously just up and attacks those guys!? Thank god he’s so much smaller than a real bear or he could probably kill those guys purely by accident while mauling them. But that’s tank for ya, anything to get the beer

  14. Charmy-Monster

    Good to see you and your kids are well. You must have some experience at working when, you know, you’re just out of the hospital. Two weeks are a little short.
    Tanked is PedoBear! and El Feato’s crotch is, em, a little big.
    Is it just me, or those little clowns are a little effeminate? But I like their make up. :)

  15. Charmy-Monster

    Also, El Feato reminds me a little of mexican wrestlers El Santo and Blue Demon, except pink, and with a foetus attached to his head.

    As a mexican, It amuses me, and for good!

  16. Aps

    Hmm…looks like Tanked might get in on the wrestling action! This could be interesting…or a disaster…or both :)

  17. Hoheh

    Always have backup to defend against backup. Wonder if he’ll get back up or get some backup…

  18. silverfang16

    The….Blue Burrito? Witty. XD

  19. zankou

    @silverfang – he was first mentioned in “tv time with tanked” chapter 18 if your wondering

  20. Sterling Rodd

    So is Tanked all geared to barge into the ring and save El-Feato? And as what, “Beer Bear”? :)

  21. Nicole

    Tanked! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

  22. Steven

    Looks like the blue burrito is in his pants

  23. zankou

    @rodd-nicole: I don’t see very good publicity for the zoo if tanked does anything lol unless everyone is to stupid to realize its a bear

  24. HybirdZerro

    @Zankou: On the other hand, Tank’s intervention could quite possibly bring good PR to the zoo. “Local Zoo Bear saves El Feato!”

    Y’know… so long as Tanked doesn’t suddenly sober up and goes berserk…

  25. Sterling Rodd

    @Zankou — Yep, I think that’s the schtick here. Tanked could be just a wrestler “in costume”. :)

  26. silverfang16

    Well sure enough! I can’t believe I missed that.

  27. Nicole

    @Steven: hahahahaha! :D

  28. Q.

    can’t believe no one wrote about the foetus being all : oh noes !!

    (just like in previous comic where he was all like : I R3AP YOUR CLOWN HAIRZ ! )

  29. Zergalisk

    Tanks getting that “Im being deprived of what I like” look of his… This is gonna be good

  30. chaosfox

    yo how long does it take you to come up wit a page hmmmm….>3

  31. zankou

    @chaosfox- she has about 2 months worth in advance i believe that’s actually said in the description at the top >:3

  32. Tigerbitten

    El-Feato must be related to a bull because HOLY COW is he hauling around a package! And why didn’t the fetus get squished when bopped with a metal chair and mallet?

  33. Scorpio

    dunno bout the blue burrito, but he’s about to get a hand from the red drunkie

  34. Kath

    thats not a blue burreto in his shorts, thats a red enchalada…

    Don’t ask me how I know this, but I’ve seen a fair number of body builders, and El Feato has da boobies hanging out. Like Mega WOman Boobies. Man Boobies are square. (or should be on body builders)

    whats a circus with out a dancing bear??

  35. zankou

    @kath- iv never seen a bear at a circus. :/

  36. Anniebunny

    Pedobear ref?

  37. sneakers

    Is he going to jump in? :on edge of seat:

  38. Cam

    Is anyone else wondering about that baby, or whatever, is on El Feato’s head. I mean, I suppose it’s a fetus? But….it’s obviously alive and why is it on his head?

  39. DarknessShallFall

    Well another name for a Pedophile is a Pedo Bear. xD

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