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January 16th, 2012

Page 304

Is there anyone left in this zoo who doesn’t have an Evil grievance??

Another silly tee design featuring a not bear.

I got this link to an interesting Kickstarter campaign some of you may like to check out: Meet the Hugalopes.  I think they’re rather clever and I’ll order one for Sambit for sure.  They remind me a bit of Mr. Potatohead which he really likes and there’s not quite so many pieces and they’re larger at that (the cat ran off with one of the potato arms and left it under the couch so now we have to be careful that all the bits get picked up when he’s done playing with it and that’s not something he excels at yet unfortunately.)  The other thing I like about this is the small business approach.  You can tell when something is dear to the creator/s and when the love and time and effort really come together and you end up with a really nice product (or webcomic :) it’s awesome to see.  Too bad Kickstarter campaigns can only be started in the US :(


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    I think Evil already learned that lesson when he got sent into the wild for attempting to attack a kid…

    Then again, with him, that lesson might have gone in one ear and out the other!

  2. Alexander B

    Lol Nerd is going to get what he deserved as well.

  3. Generic Commenter #58215

    How is Prozac still not hulking out after all of this? I mean, he hasn’t even needed his medication (More than usual at least) for these whole 2 chapters :P

    P.S: Remember to update your archive :P

  4. Brian Hibbs

    Prozac looks like he wants to help Nerd but can’t stand the thought of doing anything that could benefit Evil, he’s right that he should probably just walk away and let things sort themselves out as they probably will.

  5. Hi

    Hey, I love how you draw them far away, they look so cute. And I love how Evil yells, “What’s a Eunuch?!” It’s so funny. Wish you updated more often but it’s okay. Hope Gay and Lech somehow have a romantic scene, they look cute together.

  6. Saddust

    Evil giving finger at the girafe is just too much !

  7. gamehunter

    I hope Evil gets mutilated >:3

  8. Alexander B

    Something people rarely consider what will Evil be like when the female characters are introduced, (the “Gay, what’s a Eunuch” got me thinking about that) On another note, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD INTRODUCE THEM ALREADY seriously, I’ve been waiting for ages.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Strangely enough, I’m not in any big hurry to see female bears introduced. I kind of like the vibe of the strip as it is… a bunch of bored bachelors getting into trouble trying to find ways to entertain themselves. It has a kind of “Odd Couple, cubed” sense about it that’s a little lonely and just a hint desperate, and personally I think that gives the strip some of its push. Not to sell Alison short, but I’m just concerned when female characters arrive, the plots will at least partly narrow to fights among a bunch of horny guys only to be told, nah, go take a cold shower.

    My sense is that Alison’s holding onto the female characters until the more obvious plotlines of the scenario as it stands are played out… though given how broad and NOT very obvious some of those have been, I’d say it could be years yet. :)

    I still don’t think there’s anything going on between Gay and Lech… Gay and Gimpy, yeah; that’s been pretty heavily winked at a few times now. But I think Lech is too much a traditional jock to go up the down staircase, especially with some he has such little respect for as Gay. But I’ve been wrong before. :)

  10. Sterling Rodd

    “especially with someONE”, that should be, above. Sigh. :)

  11. Lody

    lol, why did the giraffes take nerd?

  12. Chris

    God dammit Nerd…

  13. Tara

    Oh so the giraffe lived! That’s good. c:

    I wonder why he has Nerd too though.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    Because everybody picks on nerds!

  15. Kid

    The giraffe lived? That sucks. :C But I loved the expressions in this, especially Evil’s expression on the last panel. <3

    They’re in for it now.. o:

  16. Kenichi340

    I agree with the giraffe. Let Evil get what’s coming to him this time.

  17. Nicole

    I agree completely with Chris!

    For some reason, I hear a British accent from that giraffe.

    Good lord, what a fiasco!

  18. igan

    The screentime is split unevenly as it is. I’m afraid if girl bears do show up, Death and Crack will just vanish into an extra-dimensional void or something

  19. Revriley

    Female characters? Yeah, actually don’t want them. I mean female bears. This is spoken as a female–I just think the strip wouldn’t be as…funny. Suddenly most of the bears’ activities will be related to the female bear(s)–not just because she might be attractive but because it’s the novelty of having a female bear in their midst. I dunno, I think it’d ruin the feel of the comic.

    Plus, igan makes a point. Death and Crack (Crack especially) would probably get even less screen time then before, if that’s possible. Crack is actually my favorite character, and I can’t remember the last time he was on screen.

  20. Zermel

    @Soundwave: Let’s not forget the time he walked right off the top of the cave.Evil and Nerd should remember to jam their claws into the necks of the giraffes. Forgive and Forget.

  21. Sterling Rodd

    I don’t want Nerd to lose any of his junk! He deserves a chance to… y’know… get jiggy with an otter. 8)

  22. all

    I think I will have to go back a few, but what exactly happened to the giraffe? I agree that Evil needs to be punished, but not Nerd lol. He did’nt do anything wrong.. not on purpose anyways.

  23. gamehunter

    @Sterling Rodd: HELL YEA :D axaxax but srsly I hope Nerd gets mutilated like Evil :D (U MAD BRA!?!? :P )

  24. Zermel

    @Sterling Rodd: Get jiggy with an otter???
    @gamehunter: What if they don’t get mutilated?

  25. Beta

    Is this the record for number of panels on a page?

    BTW, Panel 9, HILARIOUS.

    I think that everyone here thinks that when the Female Bears do show up, that it will be all of them at once. Like some sort of posse or something. I think that’s why people are concerned the most, is that suddenly we have a bunch of new characters that need their personalities established in an arc or two, which would severely diminish face-time of already not well known characters. Honestly, it would make more sense and seem much less of a shock if they came in one at a time. Somewhat the way Vanity arrived, only more drawn out between new characters.

    That being said, I honestly don’t want them to show up… yet. Although I wouldn’t mind an arc centered around one of the bears hearing a rumor of a female bear showing up. Of course, in my world it would end up being a false rumor and it ends up being some other animal the bears hate, such as the lions or giraffes. But I think it would bring out some stuff we may, or may not have known, about all of the characters we have now :)

    A castrated Evil… what more of a reason for evil to take out his assholery on those around him.

  26. Kid

    @Zermel: I think he means other. o: But if he means otter then I highly doubt Nerd would get jiggy with an actual otter.

  27. Zermel

    @Kidd: That’s what I was thinking. Does that zoo even have otters? I haven’t really seen any.

  28. Jianre-M

    I’m actually pretty sure you can start kickstarter type things NOT in the U.S., as one of my online friends from Canada started and completed one. Try “IndyGoGo”

    there’s the kickstart in question, it’s about the same thing and not U.S. Exclusive! ^_^

    Hope that helps!

    -Jianre M.

  29. Kid

    @Zermel: I’m… Not sure. I’ve not seen any either. I guess we should just wait until Sterling comes back to possibly correct himself.

  30. Beta

    Otter is a slang term for a very hairy thin gay male btw. Fitting if you consider the slang term of a “Bear” to be a large hairy gay male.

  31. Sterling Rodd

    Nope. I meant otter. :)

  32. Sterling Rodd

    Mistyped my address there! Shazbot. :)

  33. Zermel

    @Kid: Yeah,it’s wise to correct ourselves. I know a certain captain who wont ever get the chance to do that. And I pray that you know what i’m talking about.

  34. Cori

    I think IndiGoGo is similar to kickstarter and international.

  35. tannim

    “You know what, Evil?”

    Need a comma there. Still funny but it does help with the grammar.

  36. Blacky Blackerson

    Evil, you don’t want to know what a eunuch is. Let’s just say you lose a special part of you and leave it at that.
    Oh, and what about you Nerd? As far as they know, you weren’t even involved. And if they do find out, the worse they’ll do is…never mind, you should be worried.

    Of course Nerd is going to get jiggy with the otters. All he has to do is get a disco ball, a pair of shades, a jukebox, and a Will Smith track. Then, he can get jiggy with anything and strut his stuff!

    Speaking of eunuch, if Lech or any of the others plan on having “fun time” with the female characters, I suggest they stay out of anymore trouble. How hard is it to avoid chaos and fiascoes for a few months.

    @Incentive: Oh God the horror!! The gruesome, agonizing horror…oh, it’s just berries. Well that’s a relief; for a second their I though Alison went all grimdark on us.

  37. gamehunter

    @Zermel: NO GOD! PLEASE NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO (but YEA they will get mutilated >:3 You Seem Upset.wmv)

  38. Kid

    @Beta: Ohhh. :I Okay then.
    @Zermel: Yeah, I do. o3o
    @Gamehunter: LOL.

  39. starfur

    So, are the polar bears gonna let Lech go? or…or they gonna “keep” him?

  40. Zermel

    @Gamehunter: I knew what the first link was just from reading underneath it. I didn’t watch the second one. :)

  41. Gwenhwyvar

    Sterling Rodd is referring to a non-canon vote incentive image from a year ago where Nerd has an otter girlfriend. Sorry, can’t find the link for it.

  42. Kid My lack of sanity.

    …Making the world spin round by a few mm every year :I

  43. Zermel

    @Kid: You are awesome.

  44. Kid

    @Zermel: And in what way, child? C:

  45. Sterling Rodd

    Evil’s going to get the upper paw on the giraffes. You’ll see. :)

  46. NoveltyFishHead

    Prozac is doing both of them a favor. Evil does need to learn a lesson (won’t do voodoo, but might continue his devious nature) and Prozac isn’t really responsible for em’ .

  47. Cam

    Poor Prozac, I don’t blame him for not wanting to get involved, Evil does cause a lot of trouble for him. But I love how Evil asks what a eunuch is when Prozac says he won’t help. XD

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