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January 23rd, 2012

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Aaaannd Evil’s had enough.

Thanks for the info on IndieGoGo guys.  I have heard of that one, though not all positive.  And apparently their fees/cut is even higher than Amazon/Kickstarter who keeps saying they’ll make it possible for more countries to participate eventually so whatever.  I’m not ready to print book 3 yet anyway.  Thinking of doing more wrestling stuff on the back cover but… damn babies sick again!  We just got through that last cold that slowly over the course of two weeks worked it’s way through all of us and lingered longest in the infants of course.  Just before xmas they were starting to sleep through the night and then congestion/runny noses ruined that.  We had one night of somewhat peaceful sleep and now they’re hacking up phlegm half the night and I’m averaging about 3-4 very interrupted hours per night.  It’s like having newborns all over again…with phlegm.

I meant to share this link with you guys a long time ago and totally forgot: Jason Good His random stand up stuff is funny but his entries about kids are hilarious.  Especially if you currently have a two year old.

Was working on commissions last week and had a fun time with a cat/sushi theme.  This is one of the unused sketches I loved.


  1. Sterling Rodd

    @Blacky — Yes, Blacky, it’s time you put away the silly humans and got a bear avatar. Preferably one with glasses.

  2. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    @Sterling: You’re missing A LOT. xD Well.. It was like. AWESOME o3o Well..
    ….I don’t know how to explain it, but it was a pretty smartassed arguement. -u-‘

    @Blacky: I still believe your avatar is infact a microphone. Ah well~ I’m just.. Going to ignore the fact that it’s human ;w;

  3. Beta

    Ohhh riiiight. Ponies.

    I still don’t get it. Time for google searching.

  4. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — Be careful. It doesn’t take much to succumb to bronyization. A month ago I didn’t know MLP:FiM from a hole in the wall. Then a friend sent me a link to the 4th ep of the “Friendship is Witchcraft” send-up of it, and I thought it was hilarious. Watched all five. Figured I was done. A week later I started wondering if the original show was any good. Judging from the crap the original show was in the 80s (avoided it like the plague), I figured two minutes in and I’d be puking from saccharine poisoning and I’d be done with it. But no, the writing’s fresh and funny and clearly intended for a wider audience than just kids, and it turns out it’s the project of the same woman who did Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, which was also great. So watch out. If you fell for the Bear Nuts, you too could be… A BRONY! :)

  5. gamehunter

    bronies , bronies everywhere :D and NOW tattaattata rattatatatataaa IM a bronie too :P

  6. Beta

    (4 episodes later)

    … What.. the… (Insert bleep here)

  7. Sterling Rodd

    @gamehunter — Well, I like the parts where Pinkie and Rainbow Dash dance quite a bit, but anything after Pinkie hits RD with the mallet isn’t as much fun.

  8. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — So, Spike’s the best, right? :)

  9. Blacky Blackerson

    CURSE YOU ALL!! Now I have to put up this overly cute picture of the little green dragon. I hope you’re all happy, I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes because of this!

    Sterling Rodd: It’s all your fault man! You’re the one who had to be all “Oh Spike is the best pony!” You could have just let it die…but you didn’t. So have your freakin’ Spike you bronies.
    -No seriously though…Spike is a BAWS! And nice new avatar goin’ on.

  10. Zermel

    @Blacky Blackerson,Sterling: Both of you have gotten real avatars even though the previous were just fine.Oh,how delightful.

  11. gamehunter

    @Blacky Blackerson: awwwwwwwwwww Spike is sooo cute :P @Sterling Rodd: well……… 2 BAD for y`a >:D

  12. gamehunter

    oh and :

  13. Beta

    These comments keep getting more and more bizarre…

  14. igan

    Bronies are an obsessive and creepy bunch. Its best to just nod and smile.

  15. gamehunter

    @igan: I totally agree with you

  16. gamehunter

    @Beta: I have something great to reveal to you >:3

  17. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    @Beta: Eh. I’m going to just.. Casually slip out of the ‘brony’ topic. xD
    @Gamehunter: Too many links… -Brain broken-

  18. Sterling Rodd

    It’s time to get back to discussing why nobody’s leaping up to help Nerd!

  19. Beta

    Well. Gamehunter just showed me why you should never click on an unlabeled youtube video… Twice…

  20. Zermel

    @Sterling Rodd: Nerd deserves it … c’mon now. Let’s enjoy his beating when it comes… Unless he goes crazy on evil a second time. I would like to see that also.

  21. Zoe

    Welcome to the herd, Beta. *SNERK*

  22. gamehunter

    @Zoe:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…….. never!!!! never say that again!!! I hate it !!! >:( I hate it when someone says it to me!!!! I FUCKING hate it when someone says it to me!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAARATGGHSYGHHgshAHjm,.f/p[foakf……………. ~brakes keyboard~

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