Page 306
January 30th, 2012

Page 306

Finally some action :)  I was experimenting with some different panel layouts in this one so hopefully it’s not too confusing though I kind of want it to be a little jarring.  This arc is building sooo slowly at once a week.



  1. That_Guy

    Takin out the trash.

    Also; Loving Gay & Prozac’s faces down the bottom there…

  2. almoray

    I love how you used a broken glass/mirror for the last few panels! Really sets the tone well.

  3. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    Glory glory, there’s a new page soon. Wootwoot. o3o

  4. Zermel

    So true my friend :$

  5. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    Aye, now all we gotta do is wait a bit for it. :I

  6. Zermel

    This waiting thing isn’t do easy

  7. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    YouTube… Always a distraction, and no, it ain’t, but there’s plenty of things to do in the meantime. Like..

    …I have no idea.

  8. Zermel

    Haiku poetry of how bored you are :)?

  9. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    I would, but I can’t be bothered with Haiku. Takes too long, so I’ll just post a poem I wrote earlier for you to enjoy.

    Reject myself,
    It’s written on the pin,
    No fights to lose,
    None to win.

    I thought they saw,
    Straight through my games,
    Mockery and lies,
    It’s all the same.

    Bawwh. :I

  10. Zermel

    You are missing some syllables me thinks.

    Oh how I am sad
    Waiting for this page to come
    It’s bringing me down.

  11. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    D: But I don’t like Haiku. I just write normal poem things :I
    o3o That’s a nice little Haiku, Zermel, but I still prefer the bigger poems. xD

  12. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    I actually think The Cutter’s Lullaby is quite nice.

  13. Zermel

    @_@ little?

  14. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    ..Well, I think it’s little. It’s still nice though o3o

  15. Zermel

    It’s about depression :(

  16. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    I know, but it’s catchy to read. x3

  17. Zermel

    Haiku isn’t catchy 0-0 most of the time it doesn’t rhyme.

  18. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    No, but your Haikus about Evil and Anarchy are pretty fun to re-read over and over. ;w;

  19. Zermel

    I didn’t think they were so great.Takes like 2 minutes to think them up.

  20. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    Until this comment is written, the amount of comments is 69. /shotfordirtymindhurrhurr

    They are pretty sweet, though. o:

  21. Sterling Rodd

    @DJ-Mockingb1rd–“Until this comment is written, the amount of comments is 69. /shotfordirtymindhurrhurr”

    I told y’all panel three would get you thinkin’. :)

  22. Harry Bastard

    Uhh…just curious. Why’s ‘Nerd’ got a hotdog on his belly? I fer one don’t find hotdogs the least bit nerdy. Unless that’s not a hotdog. It is a hotdog, innit?

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