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February 6th, 2012

Page 307

Hurry up spring!  Babies still sick.  That is all.


  1. Stitchpunk

    Well Gay certainly seems happier

  2. Zermel

    >_< Why can’t evil ever get away with anything anymore!?!

  3. kitten

    aw poor evil :(

  4. igan

    Because the suffering of Evil is like sweet honey.

  5. gilmarx

    A giraffe’s neck can’t bend as far as the one in the water’s is, at least not without breaking horribly. Not a big deal seeing as it’s a comic, just making an observation.

  6. Old Grizzle

    Oooops!. Could this be the Death of Evil or at least server mutilation :)

  7. Alexander B

    Evil is fucked, literally lol.

  8. wererat2000

    there’s a prison rape joke here, but i’m not sure if i should make it…

  9. gamehunter

    It seems that Evil…………..*LOOKS FOR GLASSES*

    Horatio: didn’t…


    Horatio: Where the fu–


  10. gamehunter

    It seems that Evil……………*puts on sunglasses* Is going to feel the *EVIL* side of prison YYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  11. Kurobara

    Aaaaaaand Evil’s combo has just been broken.

  12. FTS

    It doesn’t work that way gamehunter, however I award you props for the attempt. Anyways, Evil, after putting on that kind of show infront of the entire zoo has now become the unsypathized public enemy no. 1. Seems to me that he hasn’t a friend in the the world. The underworld however… Been awile since i’ve commented, keep up the good work Allison.

  13. FTS

    Also, if I might suggest, you could interlude comics with a single picture event or break scene during these times of stress I know how difficult it must be…ex the mothering part. Everybodies human Allison and your no exception. _ Sorry, just now read all the comments from the previous page.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    We need some way to differentiate Hulk and Butch. I suggest one of them wear a hat and tie like Yogi. :)

  15. Zermel

    @Sterling Rodd: Courtesy of gay.

  16. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Ok, panel 10 just makes me laugh. I don’t know whether it’s because of the expression on his face, or just his lips.

  17. Kenichi340

    Poor Evil? He deserves to be caught and punished for this. Lord knows he’s overdue for his comeuppance. XD

  18. MrGorsh

    What goes around, comes around. Good luck Evil.

    I like last two panels the most. :D

  19. DJ-Mockingb1rd

    The second to last panel… The polar bear…
    …He sounds as if he’s about to get rape-time on. Just my mind though, I think…
    @Sterling: LOL. You sir, have proved a point. (Just a reply to the comment you made on the previous page~)

  20. Scott

    Aww! Hope the babies feel better soon. Meantime… I don’t think the polar bears have any clue of who they’re messing with.

  21. Nicole

    Guilty or not, there’s no way Prozac is going to sit idly by and let his bear pals be mutilated by the Polars.

    And, I just can’t feel sorry for Evil. He does this to himself all the time! If he hadn’t mocked the giraffes just now, but rather RAN LIKE HELL, he wouldn’t have endured Panel 6 (which by the way, cracks me up).

  22. Blacky Blackerson

    Never take your eyes off the giraffes. They tend to strike back when pissed. And I sure hope Evil is the only one they go after and not Nerd. Let’s face it, if the polars go after Nerd he’s f*cked. At least Evil can fight back a little, plus Lech is in there.

    Can’t wait for the Grammy’s. ‘Nough said about that.

  23. Glowworm

    I bet Evil just peed in the water after that polar bear showed up.

  24. raeByppilF

    inb4 Rape tiem XD

  25. Sketch

    @Glowworm: I think anyone would do that if THAT appeared behind them lol.

    (Needed an excuse for a jazzed-up yet recycled name, and an also-recycled avatar. xD) I also just realised that the comment section isn’t get much attention lately… :C So did Zermel, actually, during our conversation. o3o

  26. Bosn_C_Otter

    lots of karma comingg your way for your sick child

  27. Zermel

    @Sketch:If that polar bear were to harm evil, I would love to see him get Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

  28. Sketch

    @Zermel: I’m afraid I’m going to have to go search that up. That’s a long-ass-word and it’s confusing my brain. :C

  29. Sketch

    …’a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.’ or so Wikipedia told me. How interesting..

  30. Zermel

    @Sketch: Right you are!

  31. Tara

    For some reason, I find it really weird that the polar bear refers to him as ‘Evil’. I mean I know it’s his name and all, but for some reason it’s just weird to me.

    But it’s not weird when his fellow exhibit mates call him Evil at all.

  32. Lefty

    Gay is so passive aggressive

  33. Sterling Rodd

    @Tara–If nothing else, Gay just shouted Evil’s name, so it might be how Hulk? Butch? picked it up. It’s possible they knew already. Madge knows Gay’s name, for instance, so I figure the bears get around a little.

    Beside, Lech got “the itch” somewhere, and it wasn’t from one of the other bears, so… ;)

  34. Sketch

    @Zermel: WOOHOO. I actually think I’m familiar with the word now… xD

  35. Sketch

    @Lefty: He’s just scared of breaking nails and stuff. :3

  36. Sandra Prickett

    After what Evil did to the giraffes, he deserves the consequences to come. All the giraffe did was look at Evil funny.

  37. Zermel

    @Sandra Prickett:not only did they look at him funny… But they Also ratted him out.
    @Sketch: Glad to know!
    @Sterling Rodd: Another new avatar? That’s a record for how many times you changed it in a month.

  38. Blacky Blackerson

    @Sterling Rodd: What’s that! A new avatar not involving Nerd? That’s impossible!

    The complete irony of Evil calling anyone a jerk.

  39. Beta

    Welp, there you go. Evil’s about to get scarred for life… again.

    Prison Jokes.

  40. Sterling Rodd

    Ah, I was just feelin’ kinda Lechy, you know. I still want to see him beat the dragon. By “beat” I mean “triumph over”, of course. :) I wasn’t liking my last choice because it’s hard to see and stuff, and I nearly went back to my old Nerd-glare avatar, but this one just dawned on me. I always liked how Lech looked in that incentive drawing. :)

  41. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. I nearly went with Gay giving him the finger, but it’s not very legible when you reduce it–I mean, but that would have been rude.

  42. TheGnome

    February 6th, 2012 at 12:05 am

    >_< Why can’t evil ever get away with anything anymore!?!”

    Uh karma maybe.

  43. Zermel

    @TheGnome: Well it sure sucks.

  44. Beta

    Dang it Alison and your proving-me-wrong-with-drawing ways.

    If my kids end up being as adorable as Evil in that last panel I don’t think I’ll ever be able to punish them or tell them no. I’ve always looked at people weird when they succumb to the “Puppy eyes” or whatever and I’ve never seen them as something to cave in to. I’ve always seen it as kind of annoying when something cute is supposed to change your mind about something.

    Until now. Dang it I don’t care what he did before, that last panel makes it all go away!

  45. Sketch

    @Zermel: EVERYONE hates karma!

    @Beta: It’s adorable, I agree… <3

  46. kstormgemini

    Uhm, hate to be a nerf here but Technically, the mess with the polar bear losing a limb Wasn’t Evil’s doing. That was Nerdy (did I get his name right? it’s late so if I got it wrong, apologies) getting overexcited about getting revenge on the polars for using him as a stand in with the zoo exhibits so they could play poker. Evil just happened to be useful in making matters worse.
    As for the giraffes… Sorry but I can’t feel too bad for them. I rather like Evil. Sure he’s a bad bear but given his history and how much he’s lived through, I have to say I feel more protective of him than upset with his dumb-ass behaviors.

    Beyond that, a note to reality… Hope the babies get better soon and you get some down time where nobody’s sick and everybody’s rested and in good states.
    Thanks for posting comics even when your house has got to be upside down and totally mad at the moment. Get some rest. We’ll all be here when you wake up…
    Wait wait, we’re not watching you sleep or anything creepy like that (well /I’M/ not anyway) I just meant… Awww, helll… You know what I meant. Get some rest and we’ll stay under the bed under the lights go off, like any good little monster should. X1;;

  47. kstormgemini

    *not under the lights, UnTil the light go off…
    Eyah, it’s My bed time too. Xp;

  48. Kehno

    @ kstormgemini
    I seconds you saying. Nerd plead him to help and when Evil was just yabbing the doll a bit Nerd pulled at the arm though Evil warned him.
    Why blame Evil then?
    Set evil Freee! *protests* :D
    But I still love the comic ^^ Just don’t blame Evil for Nerd’s stupidity :D

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