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February 13th, 2012

Page 308

The twins are on Amoxicilin to hopefully curb the Cough That Never Ends.  Two doses in and the night time hacking was nearly gone!  It’s a wonderous magic fluid!!  They’re not back to sleeping through the night yet but at least I get a couple of hours in a row before one gets hungry.  My mom says it’s pretty much the same stinky strawberry pepto pink stuff she used to give me when I had ear infections.  Funny how some stuff doesn’t change in 30 years… Damn, I just admitted to being 30 in public!  You can’t take that back :(

Evan also has an inhaler for his swollen throat.  His breathing is raspy so I had to take him for a chest xray just to make sure there’s no preemie related issues (your lungs keep growing, not just in size but in structure, until about 9.  I did not know that).  I thought he would just have to lie on a bed and they’d take the picture but you have to be upright.  The nurse wheels over this table contraption with a tiny bicycle seat and holes for his legs.  One nurse held his hands above his head while the other brought up these two halves of a plastic tube and velcroed them together.  His shirt is off and his little pudgy belly is wedged into this tube that goes up to his hands and he’s starting to whine cause he’s scared and confined and then they turned him to face the wall and told me to go behind the lead wall.  Poor little thing, it was the saddest and yet silliest thing I’ve ever seen.  Fortunately it only takes a couple seconds and he’s done but he didn’t cry until they let him out and he bawled in my arms, little suck :)

A bouncy baby is a happy baby! (I have four of those things in my house, boy do they ever take up a lot of floor space.)


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    I think Prozac’s going to find out why its his problem…

  2. Stitchpunk

    I cant wait to see the aftermath of all this.

  3. David J Prokopetz

    Being as the zookeepers evidently failed to notice that one of their polar bears is missing an arm, I doubt much will come of this in the long run.

  4. Nicole

    Evil’s drowning!!! He may deserve some payback, but it’s not like we want him dead…

    Help him, random human mop dude!

  5. kitten

    some one help Evil!!!!! He is to cute to die :(

  6. Bix

    No sign of tanked :/

  7. EnviousSpartan

    Muaaahahaha. One word for the cute and lovable but sadistic and relentless bear, karma. :3

  8. Alexander B

    I think it was nerd who just for his arm ripped off, and it looks like evil is being drowned.

  9. Stomme poes

    Hah, I used to take those baby chest x-rays. He needed to be upright so they could see (any) fluid at the bottoms; gravity matters on those pics.
    It’s actually unfortunate he didn’t cry during the exam: in order to cry, the kid’s got to take a great, big breath. Right then, we get it, before the wail starts (that’s movement and we don’t want that!).

    Also, love what that polar’s doing to Evil.

  10. Tara

    She’s giving birth!

    Now there’s a new baby in the zoo and everyone will want to see the polar bear exhibit now. :D

    Yes, I know it’s Evil but I’m sure it’s what the keeper will think. ;3

  11. Gina

    Ah, amoxicillin: the only medicine I’ve ever actually enjoyed taking. That coughing sounds like the twins probably caught bronchitis, which is sucky (I’ve been catching it since I was a kid), luckily it doesn’t last long, however you should make sure they won’t be susceptible in the future.

    As always, loving the Bears. I do enjoy how Prozac seems to have finally reached his last straw here. And Gay…well, what is there to say about Gay? My only question is – what happened to my poor Nerd??

  12. Kurobara

    Prozac is really getting tired of solving zoo problems, isn’t he?

  13. Beta

    Sam knows what’s up. You don’t have to be actually strapped IN the chair to enjoy it’s vast and magnificent offerings :)

    And first thought before realizing that the air bubbles are Evil’s screams of terror was that it was one of the largest underwater poots in zoo history. But alas, I realize now what I see.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — I blush to confess that was the first thing that occurred to me too. :) But yeah, I think it was Evil losing the battle to hold his breath. After all, if he were holding his breath, all the “poots” in the zoo wouldn’t faze him one bit. But even if he comes out of this, he’s going to sport an ass-groove like the arm chair in your uncle’s den. :)

    I’ll be curious to see what the “rip” was, too. I could be wrong but I don’t think Alison’s out to permanently dismember any of our friends!

  15. Kenichi340

    *Kicks back* I’m rather enjoying watching Evil finally get his.

  16. Scott

    Glad to hear the babies are feeling better. :)

  17. Nicole

    The lads look so adorable in their bouncy chairs! :)

  18. BMunro

    I think Prozac needs to up his dose.

  19. Glowworm

    That last panel is hillarious!

  20. systemcat

    There’s nothing wrong with being 30. Heck if it will help you feel better I’ll admit my age here. 31 and proud.

  21. Filthy Pazuzu

    Prozac’s look in panel 4 is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I love it. That would make a great t-shirt.

  22. IWX

    Maybe they’re ripping some of Nerd’s favorite belongings apart – comics, costumes, unopened boxes of vintage collectibles? If they actually wore clothes, I’d suspect a horrific wedgie (which would account for the “OW!”), but they don’t.

  23. Alexander B

    maybey they are ripping fur off?

  24. Beta

    Unstealthiest Ninja is going to be gone forever :(

    You’ve got until midnight.

  25. Jeroen

    30? Heck I’m 38 going on 39, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    Kids being sick sucks. My daughter’s been up nights in the last week, so so have we.

    No don’t kill Evil!!! He’ll just come back as Zombie Evil or Demonic Evil (Angelic Evil, just to surprise everyone)

    Regarding evil: when you do find the time, please respond to my question about how to get the pirate evil I colored as fanart to you for the fanart page.

  26. MrGorsh

    I absolutely love Prozac’s expression on the second panel. And I understand it due to often having similar situations… the sounds that usually come out by then are…. “mrglmhrglbouttamyface…” :)

  27. Blacky Blackerson

    Hey, for all of you who actually give a crap, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! May your night be filled with love (and also heated passion).

    Well, it looks like the polars finally got their revenge on Evil and are attempting to drown him. That’s nice and all, and he deserves every bit of it…but…What the crap happened to Lech and Nerd!!

  28. Zoe

    Kind of dislike the turn this has taken. …I could get long winded, but I’ll just say that Prozac has ALWAYS thrust his advice on the other bears. Over time, he’s done it so much that they’ve come to rely on him. But now that they actually need his help, he’s all pissy about his lot in life? Shit, he’s the one who made it that way. His pacifist attitude is what started the whole landslide. (The other bears wanted to stand up for themselves on the beach, but Prozac forbade it, which left the Polars with the idea that it wasn’t going to come with repercussion.) That… actually makes him look like a bigger douche to me than all three of the Polars combined. I HATE it when people get all whiny because they have to deal with their own Frankenstein’s Monster.

  29. Sterling Rodd

    @Zoe — Interesting take on it. I completely missed that. I think you may have a point.

  30. Beta


    Simply a bear who’s realized saving everyone’s asses hasn’t gotten him anywhere.

  31. mouseanderson

    @Zoe: Can see where your coming from and I’m it will be handled. I can kinda see where Prozac is coming from though, he is the one they lean on and that can be frustrating when your “frankenstien’s monster” is an Idiot.
    Glad the twins are doing better. And I guess i can make everyone feel better about their respective ages. My girls are 18 and 14. My older daughter commented yesterday that the tuition at the College that did not offer her a scholarship was only 6,000 a semester.
    I myself am 44, quickly going on 65.

  32. Beta

    Pro didn’t cause this. Not any of it. He just realizes that in all of his efforts to try and prevent this stuff from happening, no one listens. Once Prozac’s out of sight, the rest of them go right back to what mischief they were doing before he showed up. He realizes now, that saving them from their own stupidity hasn’t taught them a lesson or kept them from trying it again. Now, he’s letting it all play out, and the other bears don’t know what to do now that Prozac isn’t stepping in to handle their problems for themselves. He’s saved them so many times that they expect it. Prozac is hoping that they finally will listen to him after this is over.

    And just as well, Prozac doesn’t realize that just one time isn’t going to teach them anything. He’s really teaching himself a lesson that he needs to back off trying to get everyone out of trouble all the time. Because if he doesn’t, they will all still think that they can do anything and nothing bad will happen besides a “you’ve all been bad” speech.

  33. Ciao

    ah, that Prozac does need to take a break…besides…folks can save themselves right…even under a polar bears bum under many feet o’ freezing water? Oh, and don’t feel bad, 30 is the new 25. :D

  34. admin

    @Zoe: That is an interesting take. I guess he’ll just have to shut up and fix things :)

  35. Sterling Rodd

    @Ciao — Oh, and don’t feel bad, 30 is the new 25.

    Oh, good; that makes me the new 36. :)

  36. iamry

    Well I just read the whole thing. Yup. The whole thing. Pretty great. Might buy the books. Fragment sentences, yay!

    Anywho, do I see that these bears, once portrayed as being (or at least assumed to be) comically linear and 2-D are EVOLVING and gaining some depth? That’s pretty neat! This comic has more depth than I thought. I used depth twice there. Also, people seem worried about Evil here. I’m not worried :3 I have my reasons.

  37. Alexander B

    30? ahaha, wait till you get to 40, your still relatively young at 30 :)

  38. Puck

    Where as most of the time I’ve seen things on comics or whatnot that make me ‘lol’ – laugh out loud, as in one loud single laugh – this one actually had me snorting and giggling. My bird did not approve. xD But oh god, Evil’s face!

  39. Cam

    That’s what happens when you’re a “go to guy” Prozac…

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