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February 20th, 2012

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I just noticed there’s a lot of duct tape usage in this comic.  Did any of you south of the border folk ever catch the ‘Red Green Show’ on tv?  Or was that just a Canadian only opus.  Red took duct tape to new heights, long before the Mythbusters were building boats/planes whatever out of the stuff.  I don’t believe they ever fired a cannon ball into the suburbs though.

I recently did a bunch of baby themed designs for WOJ stamps.  As I do happen to be a little familiar with babies, it was a pretty easy theme to get into.  Ultimately this one wasn’t used but it’s still one of my favs.


  1. poco

    Red Greed was awesome! Meeeemories!

  2. Nicole

    Aw the Red Green show! I was too young to remember most of what I saw but what I do remember was pretty funny.

  3. Elder Sign

    Red Green… one of my favorites. Somehow we managed to get it waaaay down in North Carolina…

    One of my favorite episodes was the chainsaw races in the Quarry…duct tape a chainsaw to a skateboard with the blade pointed at the ground… Zooom!

  4. LXV

    Used to watch it on PBS in Pittsburgh, PA. Two episodes of Red Green followed by two episodes of Red Dwarf. Awesome times. I introduced Red Green to my husband about 18 months ago and now he’s got almost the whole series on DVD.

    Keep yer stick on the ice!

  5. Malus

    For the first time, I feel kinda bad for Gay.

  6. Lane

    :) hahamy family still references the red green show all the time.

  7. starfur

    ok, I have a strange feeling, I want to slap Prozac (hard) across the face, and tell him to stop being a jerk…anybody else feel like that?

  8. Blacky Blackerson

    You know, this may seem wrong, but I have no sympathy for any of these bears once so ever. Evil, being the dick he is definitively deserves what he got. Nerd should have never fueled the fire and wanted to play God with another bears life. And as we all know from Death Note and Shadow of the Colossus, if you try to challenge God, you get f*cked. Lech was just being stupid in trying to get involved anyway. What did he prove again. The only bear I have sympathy for is Gay; he’s just taking all the verbal abuse from Prozac (who clearly didn’t take his pills yet). So, for the 1st time ever, none of the tortured bears gain any sympathy from me once so ever! Oh yeah, and poor monkey.

    Oh yeah, it’s just something weird! You know, a polar bear is drowning a bear under his but; nothing too serious though, just thought you might want to check it out.

  9. Garrett Williams

    Red Green is pretty well-known here in Joplin, Missouri. One of my co-workers seems addicted to imitating the possum call. Great show.

  10. Sterling Rodd

    I was always a casual fan of Red Green. I loved the unflappability of the character; just ready to take anything in stride. It was kind of fun watching Ian Thomas playing the boastful American Dougie Franklin (while his real life brother Dave played the stereotypical arch Canadian Doug McKenzie on SCTV–anyone remember the Great White North?)… I remember one episode where they were trying to get him to say “Canada”; one of the clues was “It’s the country you’re in” and his response was, “Is that STILL a country??” I think they best parts though were the “Adventures of Bill” spots with Rick Green. He was always taking a shot in the jewels, just like certain bears around here. Wincing, but funny. :)

  11. Sam S.

    Ahahahaha! I love Red Green! I’m in the lower bit of Idaho, but we still get it later at night on PBS. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch when I hang out with my dad.

  12. Raha

    I love the Red Green Show. I think it’s what inspired me to be a designer, cuz if the women don’t find you handsome, they should atleast find you handy. Coming from a Virginia/Africa girl.

  13. Nicole

    @Blacky: Agreed!! And…just FYI for the future it’s “whatsoever” rather than once so ever. :)

  14. LOL

    That monkey = AreyouF**kingkiddingme.jpg

  15. fan#666

    whats the white creature with black tipped ears and tail?

  16. CBob

    Red Greene in awesome. I live in SoCal, and it only ever showed on PBS around here… rarely, and with such inconsistent scheduling that it was basically impossible to actually plan to watch it. In other words, it was de facto not broadcast at all. I was actually introduced to it via a friend who’d taped a bunch of episodes, and for the longest time (basically until the advent of youtube) that’s all I ever saw.

    My favorite was his car stuff. Things like giving his car gull wing doors by tearing the door off, punching a hole in the roof, and wrapping duct tape around the top of the window frame and through the hole.

  17. Lody

    I just noticed, Prozac’s pretty angry yet he hasn’t “hulked”

  18. Kevin

    I’m in New Brunswick, so had plenty of exposure to the Red Green Show over the years.

    Reading the comments about that reminded me of a local news story a few months back about a group boys who were making and selling duct tape wallets (apparently found the instructions on youtube) to raise money for a friend from their elementary school. He’d been spending a lot of time in and out of a children’s hospital over the past year, so they were doing it to help cover some of the family’s expenses.

    A lot of the duct tape invention ideas on the show were actually viewer submitted, and that’s the sort of thing that would have probably ended up getting the kids invited on to the show if it was still being produced.

  19. Jenthura

    I watched the Red Green show when I was a kid, and I live in Thailand! Duct tape ftw. :P

  20. Joe

    holy crap, I LOVED the Red Green Show! I don’t know how I managed to get the signal from way down in southern California, but I sure loved it. Excessive amounts of duct tape to make muffin cannons, etc. Beast mode!

  21. Ninkurou

    Its always your problem because youre the good one.

  22. Golux

    Red Green’s the totally awesome.

    I think he reincarnated from a previous generation in our family that always jury rigged stuff to survive.

    From the Southern Oregon timer industry that figured out how to turn surplus army tanks into winch platforms for highline yarder equipment for pulling 4-6ft logs 2000ft up hillsides to landings so they could be trucked out and adapted half-tracks for dragging stuff out of gullies that would lose a wheeled tractor. If you needed it, you cobbled it together whether it was a marine diesel powered sawmill or a chevy powered chop saw. A man’s best friends are a cutting torch, an arc welder and a well stocked service truck with plenty of duct tape and welding rod.

  23. VPowell

    O: The little white guy that said there’s a Janitor- He’s too cute! o_o I want one. ;;’

  24. Cam

    The look on the monkey’s face. ^^ Also, what is that little guy who said “Janitor!”? Is it an ermine? It’s so cute!

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