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February 27th, 2012

Page 310

It’s been awhile since I got to draw Prohulk :)  This rampage will last a couple of pages so it’s three weeks of raging withdrawal bear for you guys.

Speaking of things lasting (or not in this case), if you like my little Unstealthiest Ninja in his second and wintery outing then this week is probably the last chance to pick up the shirt as he’s not doing well on the charts.  He’s over at Shirt Woot.  My diaper and formula fund thanks you for your purchase :P

And I’m seriously surprised at the Red Green awareness level (Thailand too??).  If you’re looking for some less sophisticated Canadian rednecks there’s always the Trailer Park Boys which being a recent show should be easier to find.  My brothers happen to like it though so that probably means it’s not very good! (guys it you’re reading this: Ha! I’m not impressed).

I still didn’t have time to get my very late Happy Valentine’s image done so here’s something else for the vote incentive that’s a bit different from me.  I think I went through a stage in my preteens where all I’d draw was horses, cuz they’re purty.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    I just have one thing to say:

    Prozac is pissed, and it’s about time, too!

  2. joshthedude1

    Gay is just like “These polar bears are about to get their asses kicked by Prozac.”

  3. Narfcake

    Another reason to buy UnNinja II now – future woot shirts will no longer be made in the USA.

  4. iamry


  5. Scorpio

    Ah, finally, the total loss of control and incoming hulkish stampede. -opens popcorn- this’ll be awesome :D

  6. Alexander B

    everyone in their is completely fucked.

  7. Bix

    Yeah!!! i was waiting for something like this since Monday Funday leads to Violence… Thank you alison :)

  8. cucluxclan

    Its not a party till the nice guy suddenly turns pro wrestler and throws a giraffe like a ragdoll

  9. CyberCorn Entropic

    Methinks Prozac is not going to be very picky on who he pounds the living daylights out of.

  10. Zoe


    Haha. He’s already tossing the giraffes around like ragdolls.

  11. gamehunter


  12. Rahnee

    Prozac is at least as big as the polar bears…

  13. Lody

    Finally the possibility of Prozac beating up the polar bears.

  14. Kurobara

    I just love Gay’s face. It just screams “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeres Prozac!”

  15. Beta

    @Narfcake – Where will they now be made? :(

    I need them to hold onto Unstealthiest Ninja II for atleast another 2 weeks so I can afford to buy him again. My first one has a hole in it :(

  16. Sterling Rodd

    Prozac takes flight. Sterling is pleased.

    Good. Gooood.

  17. Glowworm

    Hulk Smash!

  18. Nicole

    I love the giraffe watching his pal get tossed in Panel 8.

    I must say, that is the most lackadaisical Pro-hulk we’ve ever seen. :D He’s like, “Let’s just get this shit done with, shall we?”

    I do love to see him. :)

  19. Kenichi340

    Man, would it kill Prozac to just let things play out by themselves for once?

  20. Kent83

    I’m still a little confused as to what motivated Lech to take the fall in this strip. I think he deserves something good as, like, a karmic reward or something :) and yes, Prozac’s second rampage has been a long time comin’ now ^^ Finally :D

  21. Steta

    I just started getting in to Bear Nuts… and then recently noticed that you are DoOomcat of the Woot realm. I am in love.

  22. Becky

    Nope. While it won’t kill him, the others will be lucky if he doesn’t kill them.

  23. MrGorsh

    OH YES! He did it :D

  24. Chris

    Ya’know this may seem odd but Prozac and Gay kinda’ look like a couple in that first frame:P

  25. Gurgloogershlesh

    Prozac still cares even when he’s rampaging. He’s such a mom =D. Hey, if you ever have the time could you possibly make a quiz to see which bear a person is the most like? That would be pretty cool.

  26. IWX

    I dunno. Gay’s expression is less “cheerleader” and more “still nervous in the face of aggravated de facto leader of their sloth of bears.” Kind of like an anxious “Heh… pleasedon’thurtmeI’mnotguiltyjustconcerned” nervous laughter.

  27. kath

    We all know what happens when Prozac hulks out, and we also know that he can control his rampages, *when he wants to* we also know that the bears have needed to have their bear backsides kicked into submission for a while, or at least their fur turned a few more shades of white from fear. Prozac *should* have stopped it when they took Nerd the first time and SHOULD have helped when Nerd came back, but he didn’t want to get involved because he KNEW that it would turn ugly. Sadly, polar bears are not ones to just walk away after having their hides handed to them. In the last panel he is looking down, so heaven help the bear that is sitting on Evil. It really can’t end well. (and yes, the horsey is Purdy!!)

  28. raeByppilF

    Yay! Prohulk is back! :D

  29. Filthy Pazuzu

    Prohulk returns, and looking at Gay’s face in panel 1 I’m not totally sure it’s an accident. It looks like the result of Gay pondering “How can I infuriate Prozac to the point where he’s able to fix this?”

    (Also, rarely does a verb so perfectly fit it’s subject as “infuriate” does right here. Prozac was literally infused with fury, thanks to Gay.)

  30. Shaun Baker

    Happy Birthday to me. Its like you knew it was my birthday :)

  31. Narfcake

    @Beta: Honduras. Future shirts will be on blanks supplied by Anvil.

    (For those who don’t know, Woot shirts used to be Made in the USA by American Apparel. Last week, they made an announcement that they’re changing. Needless to say, many of us are NOT happy.)

  32. Beta

    Uh, yea. let me know what day they switch so I can stop buying them. The only reason I bought them was because they were made in the usa.

  33. richard s f

    hmm, one “caanaaanbaaaaaalllll” and pro hulk can smash n splash! if he aims just right he’ll get the polar bear and evil at the same time …lol

  34. Zoe


    You could let them know that you’re displeased. If enough people do so, they may change their minds. Be aware that you’d probably have to pay more for future shirts, though.

  35. IWX

    Looking back at the previous two strips, I really doubt Gay triggered the rage intentionally. He went from calmly discussing how the zookeepers might react to things to suddenly cowering before Prozac’s “and WHY…” crescendo (as if the angry response was not expected, let alone calculated). All of the following depictions of the two of them involve Gay looking like he thinks he’s about to get slapped. In this latest strip, he comes out of the cringe when he seems to get a moment of respite due to Prozac’s simmering fury starting to come to a full boil, but still looks ready to tiptoe backwards and then run like a little girl.

  36. Sterling Rodd

    @IWX — Nah. There is no hint of anxiety in that face. Not so much as a wrinkle in the brow. That’s a definite “I’ve just set the cat among the pigeons” face. :)

  37. IWX

    Could also be a sheepish grin to go with the finger pointing at the fleeing animals in lieu of an “I told you so” regarding the zookeepers noticing. Nothing about it really reads to me like he was attempting to trigger Dr. Prozac’s Mr. Bear-Hyde. Sure, he was advocating helping in some way, but the bears have repeatedly come up with schemes that don’t rely on Prozac’s stress levels surpassing his meds.

  38. Blacky Blackerson

    I think Gay is a little too happy to see Prohulk…or is that his nervous smile look. Aw, who cares; Prozac is about to kick some polar bear nuts!

    Horses are nice. I wish I had an Appaloosa; those are the most well crafted horses ever known to man.

  39. JiG

    I think Pozac Hulk is gonna get tranq’d later but for now Evil and the Polars are soooo dead :D

  40. Lazy

    and THAT is why he’s the Alpha…

  41. Nicole

    What Lazy said!

  42. Burn 'Em All HAHAHAHA

    Here comes the maniacal beat down.

  43. Narfcake

    @Zoe: Many of us have voiced our displeasure … repeatedly. It’s not just about patriotism, but how they fit (or not). All this is after they raised prices a month ago, of which I had zero qualms about.
    @Beta: Some of the recent designs are already on the imported blanks, and some popular designs in the reckoning are now too. Check the sizing charts and the forums before ordering to be safer.

    FWIW, Alison does have one entry in the current double take, so vote for it if you can!

  44. sneakers

    Prohulk to solve the problems. I like how he is so over it.

  45. Cam

    Geez, did Prozac’s hulk-mode grow more? He seems as tall as the giraffe’s now.

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