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March 5th, 2012

Page 311

Finally updated the archive page (hint hint: next chapter title is up too).

CarebearRealbear is not amused.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    It seems like Prozac has more control over his Giga-form than before. A result of Prozac’s meditation, perhaps?

    I feel even more sorry for Steven than before. Traumatized, much?
    Well, at least it was a clean rip, I was expecting something more gruesome under that sock…

  2. wererat2000


  3. kitten

    must have more lol

  4. alexander B

    now to save Evil… or not lol

  5. Aps

    Loving this rampage! Brilliant comic effect…I love how Prozac just looks so annoyed/over it the whole time…you’ve definitely maintained the “why does it always have to concern me?!” theme over his face so well :D I agree though…really feel for traumatised Steven…hopefully the polars will think twice before picking on the smaller bears again ^_^

  6. Feartheswans

    I love the OH SHIT! looks on the polar bears in the first two panels.

  7. igan

    Looks like Lech is in full White Knight mode today. ahaha

  8. Rockin' Kat

    I just heard the street fighter “KO!” in my head when I reached the third panel. I’ve been playing too much SuperNintendo lately.

  9. Jamini

    I actually feel really bad for Prozac, out of all this he is the one that’s probably going to get punished in the end. Imagine the reaction when the zookeeper arrives on the scene and it’s Prozac standing over six bloody and battered bears, and a giraffe that somehow fell in with them.

  10. Beta

    LOL the vote incentive.

    Beta predicts Prozac goes Underwater to beat the shiz out of Evil.

  11. Kurobara

    Prozac used Mach Punch! It’s super effective!!

    Beta, I agree with you to a point. I’m fairly sure Prozac will wait until they all get back to their own enclosures before he starts to beat the shiz out of Evil. That is, if he hasn’t drowned by this point. D:

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Wow, sweet of Lech to pitch in like that. Of course, he might have had something like that in mind when he objected to the monkey being tortured. I came in on Bear Nuts around the time the polar bears showed up, when Evil and Lech were basically torturing Nerd in the volleyball game. I really didn’t like either of them at the outset. I like Lech quite a bit more lately. :)

    I agree with Feartheswans. It’s nice to see looks of surprise and uncertainty on the faces of the polar bears for once.

    @Beta — I don’t think so. Evil might do some kind of penance, but nothing’s going to happen to him till everyone’s out of harm’s way. Right now, Prozac has to save him from drowning.

  13. Grey Matter

    Is is me, or does there seem to be some panels missing? Why does Prozac jump into the water but is then suddenly out of the water to save Nerd? I think I need more coffee……

  14. anon-e-mouse

    @Grey Matter: That’s not Prozac that saves Nerd. That’s Lech.

  15. Grey Matter

    Oh! you’re right! Yeah, needed more coffee. My eyes are now focusing correctly on color. ;)

  16. iamry

    Now I’m curious as to whether he’s gonna save evil, but then go all hulk on him too. o:

  17. Nicole

    I love how he just dumps Lech on his head.

    Poor Stephen!

  18. Glowworm

    Prozac Hulk is awesome.

  19. centkin

    I don’t think I have ever seen Nerd look more like Tanked than here.

  20. Delf

    Steven’s arm in the first panel is missing

  21. MrGorsh

    2nd panel. Dat face. “Can’t we just… talk about it?”

  22. Becky

    I saw someone wearing your ninja shirt at work today (on fire one). Turns out, she is also a fan of yours Alison. =D

  23. Death Metal Kitty

    Is it just me, or does ProHulk seem like he’s been working out?

  24. admin

    @Aps: Or…. what goes around comes around? Perhaps this will be a long standing feud…
    @Sterling: lol, Nerd lover.
    @Grey Matter: partly my fault for making them similar colors (I don’t know how it looks on your monitor but they may be even closer than I intended)
    @Delf: Nice catch, thanks! I also noticed Pro’s hand in the second panel is completely backwards. Awesome job me.
    @Becky: Cool! I’ve never seen anyone in a Woot shirt period, and I’ve seen a few other webcomic shirts at cons. I’d love to see stuff like this just on the street.

  25. CyberCorn Entropic

    It looks like Stephen’s been disarmed yet again.

  26. Sterling Rodd

    @CyberCorn Entropic — Before Prozac says it… go to your room! :D

  27. Blacky Blackerson

    I can’t believe this; Lech being valiant! That just doesn’t happen. I mean, he’s fighting with an inch of his life. He has gained some new found respect from me…and also probably from his boyfriend Gay…OH DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD!!XD

    I…feel sorry for Steven for having his tube sock arm taken off?? How would that hurt and if it does, why does it have no effect in the 1st panel (yes I know it’s an art error; I’m being rhetorical).

    And yay! Crack gets an arc next chapter. It’s been a sad absence of Crack since last book, so having him back is a good thing. Wonder what breakdown he will have.

  28. Nicole

    @Blacky: I think Stephen’s living in denial regarding the loss of his arm and having his sock arm pulled off just brought it all back. Poor guy!

  29. Beta

    About color. Deciphering Prozac and Lech can be difficult to do if you are red green colorblind. Or atleast that’s what I’ve observed so far anyway. I still can’t tell the difference from color alone, but my brother can; he’s not colorblind. To this point I’ve just tried to pick up various small differences in patterns and features to tell the apart. It hasn’t been a huge problem yet though :)

    I don’t see Prozac beating up Evil while he’s underwater. Although that would be hilarious if he threw the polar bear out of the way just to beat down Evil. Saving him and then beating him up when they get up from the water seems much more logically plausible though.

  30. Blacky Blackerson

    @Nicole: That makes perfect since! Well gee, when you put it like that…SCREW STEVEN!!! (yanks of his other arm). He doesn’t need it. He’s probably too stupid to know how to use it. No seriously though, moment of silence for that missing arm of his.

    @Beta: No, Prozac wouldn’t do that to Evil. He would let it slide, have everyone join in a happy reunion, ask Gay or Gimp (I don’t know which one cooks better) to fix a meal for everyone, have them all seated, and then when Evil is eating he’ll throw a chair at his face, that way he can choke on the food and feel pain at the same time and then proceed to maul him. Double discomfort. All the while, everyone will eat and talk about how heroic Lech was. Speaking of Lech, I hope Alison gets to the 3rd Vs. soon. I miss those things.

    BTW, anyone else underwhelmed by the recent lack of Vanity.

  31. Becky

    @Alison If I could have taken a pic, I would have for ya. It was awesome. =D

  32. iamry

    @Blacky Blackerson: Underwhelmed? By lack of Vanity? Please :B Although, I’d take Vanity over the polar bears any day.

  33. silverfang16

    Evil is probably dead by now anyway. : /

  34. JiG

    I really would like to see no bubbles come up and it be dramatic, but then evil comes up instead of the polar bear guy >:3

    and i do think Prozac’s probably gonna get tranq’d or something at the end…..too bad for him ._.

  35. kat

    Ok I know I missed a bunch of stuff but, honestly I had no idea what was happening in the begining anyway

  36. Cam

    Poor Steven, he must be traumatized.

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