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March 12th, 2012

Page 312

And that’s the end of Prohulk…for now :)  The question remains, how big can he get??

I think spring is finally here, this whole week is supposed to be gorgeous.  We’ve been fairly housebound this past winter with two preemies so I’m looking forward to getting the boys out and getting some sun.  I’m fairly pale in general but after months with little sunlight… ooo look!  You can see my veins (thanks for that too, pregnancies.)  On the bright side my section scar is nearly invisible; unfortunately it’s covered by my droopy stomach!  Blah.

But enough complaining: look, it’s cute!  I need to draw more red pandas, they are adorable.  Oh and if you have a Qwertee account please go vote for my Harry Potter themed tee: Dueling


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    It’s that time of year again people. Once again, we have to wait an extra hour for the update…

  2. Nicole

    Wow, Prozac got HUGE! What’s Stephen got over his eyes?

  3. Feartheswans

    I think its spring too, My allergies have been taking a queue from prohulk. The Zyrtec is working…. sort of… a little… kinda? On a plus it was 70 here in Pennsylvania. Allergies be damned my stuffed noes, and ichy watery eyes were outside Sunday! Wooooooooot!!!!!!!!! *Sneeze sniffle cough*

  4. Zankou

    @nicole- the dark over stephens eyes is just ment to portrait a “creepy” feeling as he snuck up on them, its used alot in anime and some cartoons.

  5. Beta

    If Gay had a camera, I’d have a feeling that panels 6 and 7 would come back to haunt Lech. :)

  6. ano

    just noticed, what happened to the panda?

  7. silverfang16

    Yep, Evil stopped breathing. Knew it.

  8. Alexander B

    If I were one of the bears, I would be hoping drowning either killed Evil, made him realise he should be nicer, or brain damaged him in such a way as to make him become nice. But I just hope he survives un brain damaged/changed.

  9. Aps

    Wow, Super Pro-Hulk finishes rampage then runs out of fizzle. So awesome! I’ve really been enjoying this arc :) LOL about Steven’s failed limb chopping attempt…

  10. Aps

    Really funny seeing Nerd & Lech’s reaction to the appearance of Super Pro-Hulk too ;)

  11. Leluna

    Evil will be fine. Ya can’t keep a good thing down….well, evil thing in this case. :D

  12. Kurobara

    Right now I don’t share Gay’s sentiment about Mondays. Right now it’s starting pretty well thanks to this webcomic. XD

  13. kath

    loved the last frame. “God I hate mondays” as he climbs into the polar bear encloser to rescue the others. the thing is, they have been seen out of their enclosure, (at least Evil has) so how will the janitors deal with that and how can that be explained??

    A word regarding the desire for tans.. (and I know this may seem like a rant, but its one of the few soap boxes that I will climb up onto)

    Please don’t.

    As a melanoma survivor, it was only dumb luck that my dr was able to diagnose the cancer in time. Melanoma can happen to anyone, at any age. People see it as “just skin cancer” and 100 percent preventable, but its also the most deadly form of skin cancer that has a very low survival rate. I have been having moles removed since I was eight years old, and the series of surgeries haven’t been fun. My mother (who was a RN at the time) had to hold me down while she cleaned the stiches, and I remember her sobbing as I cried from the pain. Mine was genetic, I have done everything right since day one, yet I still got it. I have been informed had I had the tans & burns from a *normal* child hood, the drs wouldn’t be able to keep up with the spread of the cancer, and it was only my mothers forsight that prevented an early death for me.

    I lost both my grandmother, and aunt to Melanoma, (my aunt was in her 30s, my grand mother died when she was 25.) and my brother and sister are currently fighting it as well. Melanoma cells are in everyone, it just takes a single trigger for it to begin a devistating rampage on your body. It can be as simple as a slight burn from the sun, a cold, in my case, a slip on ice that resulted in a broken wrist. Your body rushes to heal the injury, and it allows the melanoma cells to begin to grow. If your lucky, your body can get back to fighting back the Melanoma cells, (it’s called regression, the cells are there, but, have been killed off) or, if your not so lucky, Melanoma can develop in one month, spread in two, and by the time the drs find it, you can be dead in three months.

    Melanoma is not just a cancer of the skin, it affects every single organ in your body. There is no chemo, no treatment, no cure. It has no walks no foundations for cures, no ribbon of its own to make people aware of it and what to do to prevent it. It kills more people than breast cancer, and heart attacks combined. The drs whack off the affected area and hope that they got it before it spread, and if it means amputating your legs, your arm, removing parts of your face down to the bone and beyond, they will. Melanoma can show up in places that the sun doesn’t shine in and you really don’t want to know what they do to remove it from there or how devistating after can be.

    My only symptom was that I didn’t feel well. I couldn’t pin point what was wrong, or why I didn’t feel well and my dr had me come in just to get checked out. By the end of the day I had a one inch x one inch incision in my arm and had to follow up with a 7 inch incision and the removal of muscles in my arm & a SNB where they detatched my arm and went into my chest cavity to get the affected lymph nodes. I went into a very dark tunnel for a long time with the pain that followed, and no one should ever have to endure that.

    Since then, I have been dealing with other forms of skin cancer, one of which is going to require the removal of the skin on half of my face. I lost part of my ear, have had chunks taken off of every limb and while I have worked past the cancer paranoia, (where every spot brings panic and every down day begins worry attacks) I know of others who have not.

    The sun, tanning beds, the desire to get a little tan , all damage your skin in ways that drs are just beginning to understand. Tanning damages multiple layers of skin, not just the top skin, as it’s dead and will be flaking off in the next week, but the skin layers under that. It’s funny in a way, people spend BILLIONS of dollars trying to look younger, but the simple reason why they look old is that they needlessly damage their skin with exposure to the sun with out protection.

    In the 10 years since my major cancer surgerys, my dr has diagnosed over 200 people in his practice that has melanoma, and sadly only 3 of us are still alive. There are no gender barriers, no race, age or social status barriers. Melanoma can even show up in the iris. Nothing is safe, or sacred.

    Ages past, it was a sign of beauty to have a tan. Coppertone, the only sun screen out there showed a young child that had a very visible tan line, but now, they have recognized the dangers and are re thinking their stratagies for marketing. The child they show is pale, and there are no tan lines. Why isn’t there more said regarding Melanoma? Because tans, the desire for the golden bodies, the image of people laying in the sand is worth billions of advertising dollars.

    When I was diagnosed, the odds of getting melanoma was 1 in 300, and the last time that I was at the drs, the odds are now 1 in 10. In austraila, due to the distruction of the Ozone layer, every other person in australia will get melanoma, or a form of skin cancer.

    Please don’t make Melanoma something your children have to face needlessly.

  14. Nicole

    @Zankou: Really? Huh. I don’t get it, but okay. It’d be more powerful for me if we could see Stephen’s eyes. This just distracts me from the moment…”Why did Stephen put a sleeping mask on?” :) S’pose I have to read more anime, though it’s not really my bag.

    @Kath: Thank you so much for your post on Melanoma. I’ve been lucky in that I never liked laying in the sun. Boring. That didn’t keep me from getting tan as a child, though, just from playing outside and swimming and stuff. So I try to keep a good watch on my skin and any changes there. I’m sorry for what you’ve had to go through. Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. Zoe

    Hehe! Panel 4 is easily my favorite in a long time. Just the “UGH” look on Prohulk’s face is very giggle inducing. I want this in higher resolution, dernit. …I agree that the eye thing is a little weird for me too, though. Even being familiar with that visual technique, something seems weird about it here. I think maybe it’s because the comic is in full color, and very Western cartoonish. While that particular thing tends to be used in manga or anime, on human beings.

    I wonder what Gay is about to do? If none of the rest of them are capable of climbing back out of the enclosure, how is he going to be? Or am I mistaken and completely wrong about their inability to climb out of that high wall? o_o

  16. CyberCorn Entropic

    @Nicole: A minor quibble: you can’t read anime unless it’s Close Captioned. Anime refers to animated stuff from Japan. Manga is the print version.

    I figure Stephen’s “missing eyes” faces are meant to represent his eyes being in shadow, which therefore is supposed to make him look creepy. It works for Panel 7 as his face is partly off-panel, and he’s meant to be in the background (although I’d argue his colors should be grayer to help with the perception of distance. However, I don’t think it works as well for Panel 8, where he looks more Uncanny Valley creepy than menacing. I think including his eyes in Panel 8 and giving him an Axe-Crazy expression would work better.

    But that’s just me. Personally, I’m not a big fan of anime/manga, but just so I don’t seem like a jerk, did you know Scrooge McDuck inspired Osamu Tezuka, Father of Manga and Godfather of Anime? #1 here –>

    About melanoma: Even though too much sun is bad for a person, so is no sun or very little at all. Vitamin D is very important for your health, but many people don’t have enough in their systems, although not so little that they develop full-blown rickets. While Vitamin D supplementation through diet is doable, your body is fully capable of making all the Vitamin D it needs, without risk of overdose, by simply spending at least 15 minutes in the sun two or three times a week.

    I’m not advocating getting a tan, but one shouldn’t be frightened they’ll suddenly break out into skin cancer and die miserably if they so much as get touched by a stray sunbeam. It takes time to get enough sunlight to damage the skin in one sitting. Furthermore, melanoma is caused by consistently overdosing on sunlight over the course of months and years. As long as one is moderate in their exposure and use common sense, melanoma won’t be a problem and neither will rickets.

  17. CyberCorn Entropic

    At the risk of looking wishy-washy, I should also point out that different people react differently to sunlight. There are plenty of people like Kath who are sensitive to sunlight, including an unfortunate few who don’t dare touch a stray sunbeam or they will die. However, for many of us, it’s less of a problem as long as we stay moderate and use our heads.

    Also note that I am not a doctor nor am I associated with the medical profession, so if you think I’m talking out of places unmentionable, there’s a good chance you’re right.

  18. iamry

    Panel 6 = MAXIMUM ADORABLE. I love the faint “OMG” in the background :D

  19. iamry

    (Sorry for double post, I forgot something)

    P….Prozac, did you…. did you just *throw* a polar bear…?

  20. richard s f

    Prohulk probably could have done twice as much except that it the first DST Monday, mondays by themselves are bad enough…

  21. Nicole

    @CyberCorn Entropic: Oh, I knew that! *smacks forehead*

  22. SlopDoggy

    Alison, as a long time fan, I feel obligated to inform you that someone has been using the RSS feed of Bear Nuts, used it to rip images and put it on an app for Android, then put ads next to them to make money WITHOUT crediting the author. The name of the app is DailyComix. Here is the whole story:

  23. Rahnee

    Beppodragon made Evil fanart!

  24. kath

    Actually, even one slight burn, or one visit to the tanning bed is enough to start the ball rolling for melanoma. Vit D is in so many products- milk, cheese, cerials, even bread, so there is very little danger of having that deficiancy. If you don’t get any sunlight at all (and even going to the car to work or the store is enough) your skin turns a very pasty gray AKA Prison Parlor-

    My mother had taken care of a young man years before I was born who had most of his face removed from melanoma, and took precations for all of her children, which we carried into our adult lives, yet it still happened. The general table for risk factors have changed, and sadly people feel that it can’t possibly happen to them, when the odds are getting greater that it will happen sometime in their lives, sooner, rather than later.

  25. Matthew

    Little head up for Alison, as a fan, I don’t like the fact someone making money of your comic, some guy made an app that allows people to read their favourite web comics for free… there is a catch though:

  26. Yu Huo

    On another note: Alison, have you seen this?
    It seems some dude has made a Smartphone app that scrapes webcomics without the artists’ permission and uses them to generate revenue for himself via the app. Bear Nuts is on the list. He says he’s honouring artists’ requests to remove feeds from the app.

    Obviously he’s a ding-dong poopy pants who has no right whatsoever to use your work, which you put up for free, in this way. The app is called DailyComix, and it’s for Android. I completely understand if you don’t have the time to send a strongly worded missive in his general direction, but perhaps you have a friend to act as your representative?

  27. admin

    @ Kath: Wow, I’m sorry that’s something you have to deal with all the time. Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I’m prone to burning easily so I’ve always been really careful. I don’t tan and I use a lot of sun screen if I’m going to be outside for awhile. My dad had a chunk of flesh scooped out of his arm to test (fortunately it was nothing) so we’re quite aware of the danger.
    @Rahnee: Cute! Thanks for the link.
    @ SlopDoggy, Matthew, Yu Huo: Thanks for the head’s up you guys! I’ve requested he remove BN and he answered promptly that he would so hopefully that’s it for this one…but there’ll probably be another one coming along soon :P

  28. Eddy

    SAME AS YU HUO! PLEASE READ IT!, Original Link-

    Spread the Word (UPDATED)

    UPDATE 2: The app has been unpublished from the Android store.

    UPDATE: Word has spread like crazy on this post, and I want to thank everyone for getting the word out. I’ve seen multiple authors on the list posting or tweeting that they’ve been notified. HOWEVER: The call for this post was to get word to webcomic creators to be able to handle the situation, NOT to have people contact the app developer. That’s why I didn’t link the app directly. I have no direct evidence that this guy is getting nastygrams, but I can guess from previous internet drama experience that the odds are better than not.

    I’ll write a follow-up post shortly.

    Do you support webcomics? Take this one question survey:

    1. Do you take the RSS feed of over 90 webcomics, rip the images, put them in your Android app, and then put your own advertisements next to them in order to make money?

    Congratulations: If you said “Yes”, then NO, YOU DO NOT SUPPORT WEBCOMICS.

    There’s a thief- and he is a thief, let’s not be wimpy on that point- that has done exactly that, releasing his app in “Pro” and “Free” versions (wow, what a nice guy!) for people to read their favorite webcomics and earn him money. Somehow, this is not only okay, but apparently “supporting publishers for their efforts”. In other news, robbing a bank is “helping them gain exposure”.

    The name of the app is DailyComix. I won’t be linking the app – no chance in hell – but if you are a fan of one of the below listed webcomics, please contact the creators and let them know that they are being stolen from and that a software dev has made the decision for them how their content is viewed. The developer has posted that they are honoring all requests to have strips removed (again, what a SWELL GUY!), and it’s my hope that the only webcomic left when we’re done getting the word around is his own.

  29. crscath

    didn’t know Bearnuts would be on this >> It needs more votes..
    Hope no one minds me posting this, just wanted to make sure fans of the comic knew about it.

  30. concerned citizen

    dear alison,
    as an avid reader of your comic i was dismayed when i came across your name on this list. if you were not already aware someone has been ripping off the rss feed of this comic and using it as part of a for profit app and then claiming money is going back to you.

  31. Faiz

    Well, who doesn’t Mondays?

  32. Faiz

    I mean who doesn’t hate Mondays, my bad XD

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