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March 21st, 2016

Page 518

Time for another bit of levity :)

Busy week at Shirt Woot right now: I won Designer of the Year!! :)  There’s a little Dooomcat Side Sale of some of my best selling (non ninja) tees, including hoodie versions of ‘Marvelous Club House’, ‘Rex’s Gym’, and ‘Tough Princesses’.

There’s also a giant ‘Unstealthiest Ninja’ side sale on right now too!  (Ends tomorrow I think)  All previous designs available including the glow in the dark one, and the first screen print of the ‘Hide and Seek’ design!

Plus a couple of new designs from this week: ‘Bandaid‘ and ‘Vs Anatomy


  1. Chris

    This is gonna be awkward when they come back.

  2. Vausch

    I like that Tanked’s costume is just a taped on picture. Gay knew better than to waste the effort XD

    Definitely must see the end to this. Can only lead to a mass attack from Prozac, Evil, Crack and Death.

  3. T-Shaw

    What is the world coming to?

  4. James

    Hey, There’s not vote incentive this week.

  5. Pinecat

    Even Tanked looks done with Gay’s shit.

  6. Caveman1029

    Vote insensitive???

  7. Urago

    Cara looks cute in that Evil costume.

  8. nooB

    I bet Gay has wanted to squirt into Lech’s face for a long time now

  9. Alister

    Drama Club President Gay doesn’t appreciate your lack of enthusiasm guys.

  10. Weatherheight

    Yay! Designer of the year! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person (as nice, sure, maybe, but nicer..? Pft!)

  11. LurksInCorners

    There’s something terribly suggestive about that second-last panel >_>

  12. CrackTheBear

    Why are they dressed like each other? I love it! I love Them ALL!!

  13. chase

    What even IS this play, Gay?
    And, oh. I thought Cara was dressed as a polar, not Evil, but I suppose it’s definitely the color of Evil even if I can’t see the horns.

  14. EatingFurniture

    Alison, you can’t keep doing this to me. Gay is adorable, onesies are adorable, Gay is the most adorable thing ever to me right now.

  15. admin

    Sorry guys, I was tired and didn’t bother to put up a new vote incentive. Will for sure next week!

  16. Urago

    @EatingFurniture: I find Cara cuter, personally.

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    well then, I guess we all kinda needed a tragedy break so just throw in some Lech in a hotdog costume XD love it

  18. CorvusCorone68

    cheer up Lech, it coulda been Sriracha gettin in yer eye

  19. Solrak

    Out of all the bears here, Cara is the cutest with that Evil suit on. Also, I love the expressions on panel 7 & 9 that Lech is doing. I like when Gay and Lech appear together, they are very entertaining.

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