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March 14th, 2016

Page 517

Ok.  The feelings time is done now, it doesn’t get any worse than this!  I blame ‘Bambi’.  Of course the real tragedy starts today-March Break!  The kids are home all day for a week!  A WEEK!  How will I survive??  And Sam is currently obsessed with Minecraft, which I know nothing about.  It’s all he wants to talk about lately and they’re pretty hard conversations to have, rather one sided.  He doesn’t even seem to notice when I zone out :)

Vote incentive: speaking of survival, can YOU escape from Zombi Island?  (a really fun commission from awhile back that I forgot about…and a strategic place to hide your treasure)



    The feels train has no brakes.

  2. Taila Blu

    Oh… Oh man, now I feel bad for ever really laughing at his fear! Dang! God, I wanna hug him and tell him it’ll be alright…

  3. Slider

    Something tells me that Crack didn’t have a happy childhood

  4. Pinecat

    Oh fuck, I can relate so hard with Crack it hurts! I really hope even Evil will feel some empathy for him.
    Until next week, we’ll be on the edge of our seats, this comic is fantastic!

  5. T-Shaw

    I’m speechless

  6. Solrak

    Oh man, I did not think it could get worse. You proved us wrong. :'( Also, I like the ambiguous panels detailing how it must of have gone down with the mother. Man, poor Crack though.

    As for Minecraft, well, think of it as an online legos.

  7. Vausch

    Dang. Too bad Nerd isn’t around. He definitely would be able to offer the most empathy here.

    I could be wrong but I’ve heard in most places it’s illegal to kill a female bear with cubs. That hunter just done committed a crime on top of being a terrible person.

  8. Neksuscat

    Minecraft is pretty fun game of crafting, surviving against monsters and creating something new and interesting.
    I like this game and it’s fun to play with friends.

    BUUUT, kids this days tend to get all obsessive with it and think that destroying other’s works online, swearing and threatening their lives is FUN and they won’t get punished for that. So I’d give an advice to let him play it, maybe even try to play it yourself to have an idea of what he’s doing there.

    I just hope he won’t turn out as those kids that do mean things to others.

  9. S.P

    I never should have laughed at his fear of geese. ;A;

  10. Alister

    Oh don’t mind me, nothing to see here, just being run through the midsection by the Feels Train going full force is all.

  11. riol

    ;A; I can’t stop crying…. for those poor goose! That sound must have been very loud

  12. Faiz

    Just as I thought. His mom will get shot like what had happened to Nerd’s mom.

  13. Rainey

    I want off this ride! >o<

  14. Kath

    Much like Tank,
    Vausch, I don’t think the hunter had any way to know there was a cub available. the only thing that I am wondering about is where this would have taken place besides ether mexico or florida, and trapping with claw traps has pretty much been banned in much of the states as well as snares and other traps except for the ones the animals run into for preservation studies.

    Now, looking at the map its probable that Crack is of the black bear decent and sadly those bears have been known to teach the little ones how to hunt for food by going into the garbage bins, once the female bear is confident that the smaller bear knows what to look for she sort of just wanders off and leaves him there. Shopping malls and sometimes even movie theater dumpsters around here tend to draw them. usually they will catch and re locate the bears when they find them, or tag them so they know their movements, though if the bear keeps going back to the same place, they tend to euthanize them. its pretty sad, for the most part these bears are pretty peaceful and terrified of humans unless they are defending their cubs. or someone gets stupid and wants to do a selfie with the bear….

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    Dang thats messed up!!! Does this train of heart ripping sadness never end!?!?!?! Well I was right….Crack was a wild bear… not only where there geese when he lost his brother and sister, but also his mother….so for him, the geese really are the signals of death sure to come to those around him. Seeing the geese in the zoo must have triggered his instinct to protect his second family much like when he tried to kill ‘Evil 2’ or what he thought was ‘Evil 2’. Poor baby!!!!!! I just wanna hug him!!! So he must have been found alone and taken to a zoo, I wonder if he was alone there…and omg he blamed himself!!!! My heart can’t take it!!! kid should never have to live with blaming themselves for such a terrible accident DX

  16. Laura

    I really need a plush of Crack to hug right about now.

  17. raff

    I hope you’re happy… you just made a grown man cry…

  18. Avigayil

    This might give you a little traction on the Minecraft front:

  19. Caveman

    Here real quick let me trap a bear in a bear trap then shoot it in the face and waste a bullet and possibly scare off other bears I might be trying to hunt as well…But hay it’s not gor me to judge have never been hunting before

  20. LatiosLove

    Awww crack I feel so sad now for him :'<
    Also mine craft is just some 3d block building game where you just build stuff like houses or anything and fight these green zombie things called crawlers. Popular game amongst little kids nowadays.

  21. richard s f

    I was going to ask “how could it possibly get worse?” then realized that Orphaned bears don’t pick up drug habits by themselves..

  22. Urago

    @raff: It’s 2016. I thought people knew better there is NOTHING wrong with a man crying. Everybody cries.

  23. admin

    @Vausch: Yeah, I really don’t know much about hunting, but I certainly hope that’s the case everywhere… but I imagine it would be easy to miss if the cubs aren’t present :(
    @Neksuscat: He’s never actually played, he’s all about the Lego sets in particular. He really likes to build things, so I imagine he’ll love the game when he’s older
    @Avigayil: Thanks! That was helpful :)

  24. Nicole

    Poor baby Crack!

  25. frogger44


  26. CrackTheBear

    Oh my god…

  27. Zee63

    So, if that’s the size of an adult mama-bear, how old are the main cast? They’re definitely not that large. Is it a group of teenagers, or is being kept in confinement made them extremely lean?

  28. CorvusCorone68

    Crack learned a valuable lesson: if you see a goose, duck!

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