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March 7th, 2016

Page 516

Sorry!  Cute and cuddlier thoughts here :)  And a somewhat light hearted teaser image is up on the FB page.

Plus new shirt Monday on Woot: The original version of this design was vegan friendly, but apparently more people prefer bacon over broccoli… I hate the smell of bacon.

And ‘Nightmare King’ is up on Busted Tees!


  1. MegK

    I love the drama!! So sad, poor Crack. Can’t wait to see more!

    As a side note, is it possible the archive could get updated sometime? I wanted to go re-read some chapters but there’s nothing since page 51 there. That’d be great if you could :)

  2. Vausch

    Well. My jaw is hung open.


    Wow. Im speechless.

  4. T-Shaw

    Me too. That freaked me out.

  5. Pinecat

    Oh, okay fuck, didn’t see that coming. Damn, no wonder Crack is so messed up and I can relate to him so much, we’ve both seen dead bodies.

  6. James

    I Agree. That is messed up. Alison telling everyone she hates the smell of bacon is just plain wrong. :-)

  7. gamehunter8

    @James: Hey now, I hate the smell of bacon 2!!!!!!!!

  8. Luna

    I have to say Alison you handled this well to get the disturbing and upsetting feeling across. The most unsettling part is you get the small hints of what happened. Sometimes not seeing everything is what makes a dark theme that much more unsettling.

  9. Francis-Olivier

    For a second I thought the geses had killed them.

  10. Heart of Blades

    ……OMG…..I…I’m just gonna….*runs away crying to go get icecream*

  11. EatTheTootyLikeGroceries

    Please be alive Cracked siblings T~T Please tell me we ain’t on the tracks tied up with the Feels Train speeding toward us ;-;

  12. CorvusCorone68

    so he blames the geese for his siblings dying? i guess he didn’t see the large reptile >.> i’m not gonna call it a gator cuz i dunno if it is, it could be a croc

  13. Solrak

    …Oh jeez, drowning would of have been way better fate instead of this. I have seen videos of crocodiles and other predators just being merciless with their prey. There is this video that I saw a few months ago of a zebra having its guts pulled out while still alive by a crocodile; this is what I immediately thought of when I saw this. If there is one thing I like about your webcomic is just how unpredictable and original -in my opinion anyway- it is.

    But yeah, man, so that is why Crack is so afraid of geese: they remind him of that traumatic event. Poor little dude. Also, the last panels here make even more sense now.

    Also, sorry for the wall of text.

    Make that three.

  14. Faiz

    Now, I get the jist of it. Cracked was traumatized by tha tragic incident. Innocent or not, we all meet our demise…

  15. South To Saskatchewan

    Curse you, Saskatoon alligator!

  16. Kenichi340


  17. TailaBlu

    So that’s why he killed that goose, and possibly even why he killed it like it did. The geese were all there, and they all honked. Crack has a trigger. Holy shit.

  18. Alister

    Yikes, nature is harsh.

  19. Rainey

    Holy crap; poor baby! I just wanna hug him! ;_;

  20. Urago

    Well, that explains Crack’s fear of geese, but what about the other things, like the fear of corn, for example?

  21. RGD

    Dam I was wrong.

  22. Becky

    That mean that Cracked is from down South in the US? Canadian Geese migrate pretty far down to the South.

  23. Bry

    gah, i was hoping itd be a somewhat more peaceful death by drowning! “mauled by a gator”, i got it right on the nose! poor Crack…to witness that at a young age… :(

  24. LuckyTiamat

    Welp. That demolishes the whole: “Crack and Kara Theory”…

    Seriously, I can see the whole “Scared of Geese” thing now…They’re a trigger.

  25. Weatherheight

    First of all, Panel five is lovely, terrifying, poignant, and concise storytelling. Very nice work.

    Second (and I do apologize for my sick mind), On Golden Pond came flashing back into my head. “The Loons, the loons…” (Yes, I know they’re geese, but the symbolism holds.) “You old poop, those are geese!”

  26. Kylie W

    Oh dear god. Horrible.

    I’m hoping even Evil will let up on Crack just a little now.

  27. admin

    @MegK: :) I’m not sure why the archive isn’t working for you? There’s links to the first page of nearly every arc.
    @James: lol… it’s horrid, and pervasive, and the greasy mess in the pan drives me insane
    @Luna: thanks!
    @Solrak: Beauty call back! It’s really nice when longish term plans come together (or at least, when I manage to pull them off understandably!)
    @Alister: for sure…saw an article recently of a seal/sea lion? killing and eating a baby… survival of the fittest and all
    @Urago: an overly developed sense of paranoia
    @Becky: yep, Florida-ish. They have green bears there right?
    @Weatherheight: :)

  28. The Tenth

    It feels like my heart just crawled into a corner and died…poor crack :'(

  29. All

    Wait so the geese killed them or the gator did? I am a bit confused.

  30. Solrak

    The gators ate them. It’s just that the geese remind him of this traumatic event because they were there when this happened.

  31. Andrew

    Has Alison ever thought of making hoodies based on the bears? Like with Prozac, light blue outside, white stomach, pill on the front? No ears.

  32. YourWorstNightmare

    oh man thats so upsetting! I knew it was bad but DANG not THAT bad poor little Crack. So the geese are like a trigger, they remind him of what happened, to him they are the harbingers of death, and death to people he cared/cares about……no wonder he shredded that thing

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