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February 29th, 2016

Page 515

Babies! :)  “Bear” with me, it get’s dark… of course.  I’m a monster.

Vote Incentive: Something a bit more light hearted!  Or you never know… he could just be luring them in and getting ready to pounce…

Speaking of pouncing, new shirt up on Woot: good for cat lovers, and/or yarn lovers, or people who just want to destroy all… whatever floats your boat.


  1. Kiwi

    Oooooh dammit I am not ready to cry

  2. rugibess

    So the purple one a brother and a green one is a sister

  3. pinecat

    Here comes the heart demolishing part, I’m not ready to enter this soul agonizing abyss…. LET’S DO THIS THING.

    Keep up the wonderful story, Crack is my absolute favorite! :’3

  4. T-Shaw

    Something sad is about to come in this comic.

  5. Faiz

    Go get me a wall! I feel the need to punch one, to be man again!

  6. Solrak
    Oh no, I think I figured out. Oh man, I hope I am wrong, I really hope I am wrong. Oh man, Acton, you really know how to pull heartstrings, except you yank them with a semi-truck going at full throttle. Man, I am tearing up a bit.

  7. Kylie W

    Nope. Nooooope nopey nopenope

  8. Luna

    I can think of only two ways this could go baby Crack and his siblings…and both end really badly…

  9. Athlone

    Well, no one has said it yet, so i’ll do the honours.


  10. riol

    Why does everything always have to have a dark plot twist? I Don’t want to cry ;(

  11. Bry

    @ riol because how else r our favorite bears gonna get their twisted personalities and/or habits we love so much?

    it has something to do w/ water, so something tells me Crack watched his siblings drown or maybe a gator or something mauls them. wait,do gators even live in forests? they live in marshes so…meh, idk…too tired to think

  12. Hikaru

    Oh man. I’m already dealing with a serious situation that’s making me cry, and now here comes Crack ready to make me spill Niagara Falls onto my pillow.

  13. admin

    @Faiz: lol… wrap your knuckles first at least :)
    @riol: sorry! Generally this comic is pretty light hearted/inconsequential, but Crack obviously has his demons.

  14. Turtleman376

    Please no I didn’t sign up for a feels trip D:

  15. Alister

    It breaks my heart seeing CRACK as the outgoing one of the group, he really REALLY got messed up, wow. >:

  16. YetAnoutherBrian

    The birds in the incentive, kind of remind me of the birds in Sneezy the Snow Man.

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    DX Noooooooooo Im not ready!!! I can tell this is going to be bad. Also, has anyone else noticed that Crack and his family seem to be wild bears? Like, not in captivity, since his mom hunts and it looks like they are in the wild……sooooo not ready to see any little bears drowning or being kidnapped or swept away by a river….I feel like this is inevitable DX Poor Crack

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    Ok sorry for double posts but I gotta say it, Crack crying shattered my heart

  19. TaggertShare

    Cute Arc so far. I wonder: if the green one is a Sister, is she the “missing” Bear I have sometimes seen credited to Alison. (Usually seen sneezing. With a Tummy Tag like a Radiation Warning).

  20. tsophiekins

    IN B4 I RECKON HE’S A LONG LOST BROTHER TO THE NEW GIRLS and i’m seriously hoping there’ll be no deaths here pls alison <3

  21. Urago

    Faiz, it’s freaking 2016. I thought people already knew better that there’s nothing wrong with a man crying. It’s not unmanly, it’s just a sign of being human.

    THIS bothers me. EVERYONE freaking cries.

  22. Thwaitesy

    For a moment I was starting to think that they might not have liked him…

    But now I get the sense that something far worse is about to happen.

  23. Caveman1029

    I understand that as a community we ruled out that it can’t be Clara (PMS) but we truly do not know if the purple bear is male or female also when the flashback of Clara being taken away they were near water also it isn’t the most impossible thing to run into another bear in the wild so who knows slutty may just be mother/Father less that would also prove why she starves for attention I don’t have a explination in how they got separated other than boys go to this zoo and girls are thrown into a breeding program also the whole nose thing there hands Chang damn shapes every ten seconds from fingers to mittens so it wouldn’t surprise me if the nose was just a design error… Sorry for the wall of text love your comic Alison are you going to any events ever cause I’ll drive anywhere to meet you

  24. RGD

    I am going with death by drowning.

  25. admin

    @Caveman1029: Awwww thanks! I used to do some East Coast cons before kids, but now I just don’t have the time/US cons are super expensive for us/haven’t printed anything new in awhile. So pretty much unless a con invites me and helps with the travel costs, I’m sticking to the Ottawa/Toronto area… for now at least.

  26. JustPassingThrough

    Noooo, don’t make the sad. I am not prepared! >A<

  27. MustacheHam

    hmm…I do wonder what purple bear is looking at? (6th panel)

  28. LatiosLove

    Oh Crack :( please don’t make me cry ;_;

  29. Constance


    Considering the gimmick is tht eyelashes = female it’s safe to assume purple is male and darker green is female.

  30. Cam

    Is someone gonna drown? Are they going to meet a goose that attacks them? I NEED TO KNOW!

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