Page 514
February 22nd, 2016

Page 514

Baby Crack! ┬áThis origin of Crack arc may end up being the longest one yet; I’m 21 pages in so far and not even done thumb nailing it yet.

Vote incentive: geese, corn, gluten, add ninjas to the list of Crackphobias…


  1. Goma

    D’aww adorable.

  2. T-Shaw

    That’s so adorable.

  3. RGD

    Ok now for the dark and sad part.

  4. Shenny

    I have to wonder how breeding traits works for Ursa Moronis. Which pastel colors are dominant or recessive? Are we ever going to see any fathers?

  5. Shenny

    This looks like it’s going to lead up to more sibling bullying.

  6. Vausch

    @Shenny and the curiosity to me comes from why the mothers often look far larger than the others even if they’re fully grown by now.

  7. KathYohneke

    @Vausch You have a few kids and see how well you keep your figure!

  8. Michael Sirius

    A page for my birthday, how delightful. And such a cute one too. Thanks

  9. Slider

    @RGD they die of disease. Calling it now.

  10. Pinecat

    Oh Arceus, we’ve finally come to Cracks story, I’m so happy. owo

  11. Faiz

    Now this should be interesting. About a year ago, I remember one of the admins here told in reply that Crack’s origin will be released in a subtler, then, into a more interesting escalation.

  12. Faiz

    The gang are actually juveniles like around teenage years

  13. DozerTheDozerian

    Evil’s face is killing me! :)

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    Awwwwww~ …..DX I feel like something really sad is gonna happen…..O.O Omg like maybe, what if, A GOOSE GRABBED HIM AND CARRIED HIM OFF!!! …….Nah probably not lol…but i know sad things are ahead so soak in the cuteness, fasten your emotional seatbelt, and get ready for the feel coaster 9000

  15. KathYohneke

    @Faiz where was it ever said that? plus considering how… ‘active’ Sara is I doupt the creator would make her under aged.

  16. LuckyTiamat

    Woah woah woah guys!

    Look at that fabulously purple bear. Now lets check the facts.
    –Bear is purple
    –Bear has green eyes
    –Bear has white belly and muzzle
    –Bear has a triangle nose(opposed to Tanked and Nerd, who have round noses)

    Now we know a character who fits the bill on all of these.

    Cara. Could they be long-lost siblings?

  17. Urago

    But the purple bear doesn’t have eyelashes. I don’t think that’s Cara, I don’t even think that’s a female.

  18. Vausch

    @KathYohneke They are bears, keep in mind. Most bears reach sexual maturity around 4 to 5 years old.

  19. chase

    See this page:
    Assuming her dreams remember correctly, it looks like Cara and Sara were together as babies and their mother was purple too.

    I mean, I *guess* Cara could have been Cracked’s sister and taken away really early and put with Sara and her mother/siblings, but I also feel like Cara’s a different shade of purple than the bear here is.

  20. Cyzzle

    Seeing mother-bears always confuses me:
    The bears seem quite adult to me, yet their mothers were much larger.
    There are three possible explanations:
    A.: The bears aren’t fully grown yet.
    B.: They are all on a continuous diet.
    C.: Artistic liberty to make the bears look cuter.

  21. Avigayil

    It would be SO cool if Cara and Cracked were related. So far none of the bears have that dynamic of having a relative with them so this would be really super cool.

  22. Brownie

    @Avigayil: so Sarah and Cara don’t count then? :P
    I’m so excited. my prediction for what happens is that Crack’s siblings tell him all sorts of fake things to scare him. He starts to question if they are telling the truth when one of those things happens to the mother. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!

  23. Azmi

    Is it bad that I found this due to rule 34? So Crack is the only one who is going into his own mind because most of his problems are there and he possibly didn’t remember everything beforehand

  24. rugibess

    Crack looks a lot like his mother.

  25. Trolldrool

    Once again, Evil’s scenes reminds me of Happy Tree Friends. Especially with his eye hanging loose like that.

  26. Solrak

    Oh man, not gonna lie, I am kinda afraid what this origin is gonna entail. Every origin gets more and more sad/tragic with each bear. I enjoy immensely this webcomic, but the backstories kinda bring me down somewhat, and this one looks like it’s gonna hit pretty hard on feels.

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