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February 15th, 2016

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Went on a Valentine’s Date night with Jim to see Deadpool.  We don’t usually put much effort into that ‘holiday’ but as we both forgot (again) our anniversary a few days ago, we figured why not.  Despite how frigidly cold it was today.  We’re getting spoiled: weather like the cold snap of the last couple of days (-39 degrees with windchill) used to be more common in Jan/early Feb.  I’m trying to complain less and not cry over that penguin mass extinction :(

Anyway, fun movie.  I’m really curious what the sequel is going to be about…

Vote Incentive: In case you missed it earlier, my Valentine’s Day Otters are in luuurve!  And available here on a shirt!

Pool Time‘ (and a whack of other DP themed shirts!) is up now on Teefury, and ‘My 90s Friends‘ is available now on Woot :)


  1. CorvusCorone68

    does this get any more meta?! inside one’s own head holding one’s own brain

  2. T-Shaw

    Inside his head is either weird or interesting.

  3. Michael Sirius

    Origin of Crack soon?

  4. Michael Sirius

    Or is this already it?

  5. Halloween Hachi

    What do you see Crack? Another you?

  6. kath McGill

    its all connected. Thanos loves Death, but only for the sake of killing and wants to court Death (who is female) Deadpool can’t be killed (in theory) and Death finds that intriguing. Thanos is after the crystals and we have seen like 4 of them. To understand *all* of this you have to watch every movie (including AntMan) that had a very old Howard Stark and Agent Carter, as well as follow the TV show Agent Carter and Agents of Shield.

    anything else, is spoilers. :D

    Crack is now one with himself. (ommm)


    So what now?

  8. Project_Demise

    The saddest part is, I know all the characters in the 90’s Friends shirt…I watched all of them and I used to love Earthworm Jim.

  9. YourWorstNightmare

    lol wow if thats not a therapy trop “Go back Crack, go all they way back…to the beginning…” this is legit what I heard in a really creepy owl voice XD Crack origin?!?!?

  10. MustacheHam

    oh wow, going deeper into the pathways o’ Crack’s memories. This will be certainly intersting.

    I love the 90’s cartoon art tribute. :)

  11. Solrak

    Oh man, this is gonna be interesting. I wonder though just how far Crack traveled on his memories, because that scene from Adam Sandler’s “Click” comes to mind… still, hyped up to see what happens next!

    Also, Gay looks good with pink.

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