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February 10th, 2014

Page 408

Crack decides to push back for once, even though it’s not really necessary in this case.  Oh well, progress?

Still a little sick around here, half of us are on anti-biotics.  Spring just can’t come fast enough :(

I also keep refreshing websites looking for snow suits on sale.  The twins both need one for next year so I figure I should be able to get a deal on end of the year clearance but $100 for just a kid-sized jacket is still not a deal.  With how fast Sam alone is going through snow pants this is going to get pricey.  Anybody know any secret deals for kid’s winter wear?

More friendly BN sketches to come, including Lech and Gay getting along for once.


  1. BortBort

    Nice position on panel 10 and 13 evil ;3

    Also, Crack will be the an hero, not hero.

  2. pinecat

    CRACK. DON’T. IT’S THE ACTUAL EVIL! Everyone will think you’re idiot it and this will just end up bad for you. Like usual, but still. T^T

  3. Nicole

    I find it fascinating that it is Crack who always seems to be able to ambush Evil. Hmm.

  4. Knives

    ………….. Skulldrilling?

  5. NAZF

    …Oh, Crack… that’s not using your head the right way… ;P

    …I know, bad, joke. XD

    Anyways, I just noticed, Crack still has the bandages on his arm, but Evil is out of that full-body cast. Either he (Evil) has an insane healing rate (at least when it comes to fire), or Crack’s paranoid about his arm too (wouldn’t surprise me… :/).

  6. Kumbartha

    nononononOOOO Crack! Dammit. Don’t you dare to!!!!

  7. DozerTheDozerian

    This looks really baaad… Heck, so much crackness…

  8. Alister

    Oh gosh that vote incentive is freaking golden! And is it just me or does it seem that the more guts that Crack gets, the farther off of the deep end he goes?

  9. Jess

    Great Comic. I have re-read it so many times now.
    Also, for children’s clothing I find that a thrift store works best. With children growing so fast it is the cheapest way to keep up with them. Shoes, boots, pants, shorts, skirts, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, tanks, sun hats, toques, scarves, rain coats, spring/fall coats, winter coats, snow pants, pajamas and toys.
    Normally these items are in good condition too because they have only been worn for maybe a few months. Especially seasonal clothing like snow suits.

    Hope that helps.
    BTW all your characters are awesome. I love them all. Hope you’re planning on throwing a girl in there at some point to shake things up.

  10. ariane

    Oh Cracked…

    I picked up some winter gear for next year off of for some great prices (coat and scarf for under $20). You have to keep an eye on it and its one of those sites where the deals last 3 days, then it takes 3-5 weeks to get to you. One of my friends is international and said shipping was “not unreasonable” so it might be worth checking out :-) Also: eBay?

  11. C Yates

    Honestly, it seems counter intuitive, but try Sears. They will actually slash their prices below 50% at this time of year. I picked up a brand new coat for my kid for $20 last year.

  12. Glowworm

    Oh geez, looks like Crack is going to do a trepanning!

  13. Urago

    Speaking of Gay and Lech, I always wondered if Lech could be homophobic, this is why he hates Gay so much? :P

  14. Traci

    The secret is to get lots of normal pants and layer them up. It also helps to get them big so you got room for both growing and squeezing them over other pants.

  15. Tara

    Oh gosh, he isn’t going to use that drill on Evil… is he? o__0

  16. Ninkurou

    Crack!!! Evil just SAVED YOUR life and youre going to KILL HIM?!

  17. Ninkurou

    He almost died to fight Evil 2! Beliving that he would save you and the other Bears, If evil 2 didnt had a set time and where not defeated by evil 1, he would of course come kill you too!

  18. admin

    Trepanning?? You guys are darker than me :)
    @Jess: I’ve gotten a few snowpants at kid’s consignment stores, no selection left now though.
    @Ariane: I’ve seen lots of Zulilly ads but they’ve always been dresses…which are totally cute and I can never buy :(
    @Urago: I don’t really think there’s any actual hate between Lech and Gay :)
    @C Yates: I keep refreshing the Sears webpage and waiting for their stuff to go on clearance :)

  19. MagnuM

    Actually, the position of Evil in the second to last panel and then Crack with the drill in the last one gave me a good laugh and a horrifying thought.

  20. chocoblue

    It’s impressive Crack kept himself from freaking over the “concussion” he got.

  21. Becky

    Picked up Lion-Ow and the Wash Dino shirt. Been wanting those for a while. Saw a guest at Disney wearing a Lion-Ow shirt, too.

  22. Tigerbitten

    Did anyone else read that last panel as if Crack was a superhero about to do something stupid?

  23. Eprinc

    Did you try kijiji for the kids?

    As always, love your comic!

  24. Beta


    Is there a Goodwill near you? I’ve known many people to drop off very nice clothes there that kids have grown out of and have no use for as well as adult clothing people have worn once for a special occasion and never used again. They support a good cause too. Just not sure how prevalent they are in Canada.

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    And farther off the deep end he goes… O.O

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