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February 3rd, 2014

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Inevitable fallout starring Crack who did pretty much nothing that whole last arc cause he’s a big wuss, or as he would prefer, a strategic planner who bides his time and strikes at just the right moment, in secret. Preferably without getting internal damage.

Sam brought  home the latest plague making it’s way through kindergarten and this time we all got it. Snotty feverish two year olds alternating waking up and crying all night for 4 days straight plus my own pounding headache and sore throat :(  And that weird fever thing where you’re shivering and tensing your muscles and layering 3 sweaters and turning the heat up and taking a scalding shower… then 5 minutes later you realize you’re dripping with sweat and that innermost tee shirt layer is soaked and you have to have another shower to get clean… cold again 1/2 hour later.  That was my weekend!!

If you ever don’t wait the whole 48 symptom free hours before sending your kid back to school then I hate you with a burning/freezing/burning passion.

So the comments and emails I got about shipping Nerd/Evil made me laugh, and then made me sketch… lots of laughs were had, none inappropriate though (sorry xxx furry folk) but random bear coupling sketches may pop up as vote incentives from now on… starting with this one.


  1. Chris

    Oh Jesus Cracked…

  2. DozerTheDozerian

    Heh, some new cracky madness ahead… It’s sure gonna be fun :)

  3. pinecat

    Oh crack. <3

  4. CaptorofSin

    Crack has a pretty advanced vocabulary.

    I’m looking forward to those vote incentives.

  5. NAZF

    Okay, three things I have to say:
    1. On the topic of Nerd/Evil, and last week’s comic, I think Nerd is a masochist;
    2. The vote incentive pic is epic adorable;
    3. Crack needs to cut it out with this paranoia… Even if that is actually Evil 2 (which I doubt), it’s still the lesser Evil… lol XD

    Also, first comment on this site, and I have to say I love it! :D
    Nothin’ like a corrupted parody of a more innocent series to make yer day!

  6. NAZF

    Oh, and sleeping Evil is cute. X3

    *…is a Evil fan :)*

  7. Zee

    I had an aunt who was a teacher, who made her two daughters go to school every day, regardless of state of health. The first one got an award for being at school literally every single day of every year of all of elementary school and high school. Twelve years, not ONE absence.

    Given that she was not immune to illness, and my aunt is just a horrible selfish person, I kept wondering why they gave her an award, instead of calling child protective services. Her second daughter, being a bit smarter than the older one, told my aunt to piss off a couple of times during high school, so she didn’t get the same award. Thank god.

  8. Zee

    …Our comments are moderated now? Did something happen? O_o

  9. MagnuM

    behold everyone, the new Sherlocracked

  10. BortBort

    That NerdxEvil! You should draw them sleeping on each other!

  11. Yu Huo

    Ah, children. Charming little vectors, aren’t they?

  12. smkinoshita

    Wow, when Cracked can talk he’s rather articulate.

  13. Alister

    Sounds like that hammer might have cracked a rib or two there.

    I’m loving Crack’s facial expressions in this page. It’s a nice change from his usual “super stressed” face.

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    FINALLY i have been waiting for this to happen and @BortBort cute idea ^_^ man Alison should see some of the fan art already on the internet… since I’m not sure if anyone else will say it Gay/Lech anyone… lol

  15. Mark

    I am somewhat confused as to what Crack’s hand is doing in the bottom left panel. He could be stabilizing himself to push up for his menacing lines in the next panel… but then his hand should be on the ground, not up in the air. He could be extending a hand in the hopes that Evil (2?) will help pull him up… but given that he’s sneaking into Evil’s room to accuse him of things this seems even more unlikely. Currently, the best theory me and my friends have is that he’s flipping the bird at Evil with his little stubby bear fingers.

  16. Maxipadie

    Panel 12 is the sanest crack bear has ever looked.

  17. corvuscorone68

    @Mark he is, that is to say he’s flipping Evil off
    on an unrelated note, i’m pretty sure the survivor is Evil Prime since it’s unlikely a cloning failsafe would have affected him

  18. Lawr

    Nerd and Evil’s romance will sadly come to an abrupt end when that bike goes over the cliff

  19. Beta

    @Mark – 4 fingers OP

    If he is indeed flipping off Evil, we have a problem with the picture of Gay flipping off Lech in Gretzky style. Since the bears do have a thumb and the gesture is synonymous with “Give em’ the middle finger” then I see the middle most non-thumb finger in the bear’s case “looking” more correct.

    I know a lot of parents stress the importance of attendance and school and therefore have kids go to school even when they are sick. My parents wouldn’t let me skip out on school unless I was super sick and throwing up or something. If not and my fever wasn’t at least triple digits then I wasn’t sick enough.

    I don’t believe in doing it myself but I understand the reasons behind it.

  20. TBA

    I really hope your feeling better. It seems every time I get sick it’s right after we have my baby brother’s boys or my other brother daughter over. It also always seems to be that weird hot cold thing at the same time too. Sick kids and the moms who still take care of them also prove how tough moms are.

  21. Urago

    Evil is so adorable when he’s sleeping.

  22. Bry

    lol i can already tell this arc will be funny. Evil does not look amused in that last panel xD

  23. Alister

    @Bry If this arc is anything like arc where Crack kidnapped Evil because he thought his ear tag was some sort of transmitting device, it’ll be one heck of a fun one!

  24. Nicole

    Oh, sweet Crack.

  25. Cam

    Well, I guess it’s true that Crack wasn’t there and didn’t totally see what happened to the new Evil. Also, Crack has the best suspicious faces.

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