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January 27th, 2014

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I was going to say the others had put Evil in time out, but “Corner of Shame” has a nice ring to it guys :)

So Sam got a silly little stamp thing inside a Kinder egg and left it in reach of the twins (of course) who are slowly getting better at sharing, so much so to the point that they managed to open the stupid thing.  I found Evan with the top bit in his mouth, the sticker on top long since dissolved and likely swallowed, and Owen behind my WHITE couch (I know, what was I thinking??) with the ink well part- literally caught RED handed.  Still doesn’t top the mutually decided upon naked time in their room one morning that resulted in poop on the bed…#%@.  Good morning Momma indeed.

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  1. BortBort

    They are so fucking adorable!!! Btw was that a sex joke at the last panel?

  2. A Guy Who Sometimes Comments

    Something about Nerd and Evil getting along just makes me happy. I don’t know how long it will last, but at the moment it’s nice!

    Also, I can’t seem to tell if Evil is being smug in panel 4, or is genuinely trying to be polite, and simply doesn’t know which part of please/thank you/you’re welcome to use… I’m hoping it’s the second one.

  3. Raqoon

    awwwww! :)

  4. Kumbartha

    @ a guy who sometimes comments Yeah. it is a nice little twist. And Evil looks unusual calm and happy here…

    and the last panel.. am I am the only one who got the feeling Nerd is a bit masochistic ? or does he think it may make Evil simply happy and be a nice gesture? (in a strange twisted way)? :D

    all in one I had for a long time the feeling that Evil cares the most for Nerd and had no other way to show it than to be rude to him and this comic here showed it in the end..

    and in the end.. I may just interpret to much into it :D

  5. MagnuM

    holy crap, Evil did all that because Nerd forgot to tell him about that movie thing???? *dead*

  6. Alister

    Is that Crack hiding behind the couch keeping a too-close eye on Evil? On a side note, seeing Evil eating popcorn like that is probably the cutest thing in the entire universe since ever. He reminds me of a child like that right now.

  7. Raven

    That’s adorable. I love the look on evil’s face at the end

  8. Xilex

    well, now I ship Evil and Nerd.
    I love this comic. been following it for months. now I must finally reply to say that I loved this arc and I can’t wait for more.

  9. An Anonymous Commenter

    And thus, one of the longest Bear Nuts subplots with the most obnoxious cliffhangers and most drastic effects on the comic’s world that I have kept up with is finally done.

    Now to read the whole thing from beginning to end to properly enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed =P

  10. Evil's lover

    finally no more evil evil!!

  11. Bry

    lol is that a new couch? guess Tanked got the old one too dirty. it’s adorable to see Evil and Nerd (somewhat) getting along. i loved the face Evil made in the last panel…priceless! xD

  12. Therew

    You know… I am really happy with this page. Here I sit grining ear to ear like a loon. I don’t even know why I like seeing Nerd and Evil being buds but it seems right. I guess it is just fun watching their friendship be more than just evil being a jerk and Nerd putting up with it. I want to see more friendships between the bears. Mostly Death and Prozac. I think they would be bros too.

  13. Beta

    I can tell Alison draws inspiration from her kids. The struggles. eating food without using your hands… twins fighting… :P

    I too would enjoy more friendships and arcs that dealt with interactions and friendships between two characters. It would be a dynamic and piece that would serve to only benefit the comic. It can be hard to focus and draw attention to every character in BN so narrowing it down would give us more time to see the development of each character in a way we don’t usually see. I mean, we have Lech and Evil but it’s always a subplot that involves the whole gang getting involved.

    A sort of “day in the life” kind of thing. Just between a few characters. Nothing more. Except Death. We can always use more Death :P

  14. Nicole

    Wonderful ending. :) I love the expressions in the last panel. And Evil licking the popcorn is so cute!

  15. smkinoshita

    Awwww! Very nice ending. Although I do have to say that in my experience, a lot of nerds have a lot of evil in them…

  16. YourWorstNightmare

    @smkinoshita that just sounded wrong my friend XD but I know what you mean. @Alister oh my god I saw that too, it scared me O.O . @MagnuM Right! soooo easily avoided lol it is Nerds fault jk. @Kumbartha I agree with you 100% bro.
    I like the fact that they are getting along it seems like an island in an ocean storm lol and yes some bear pair arcs would be cool. I love panels 3 and 8 ^-^

  17. Tara

    Yay, character development! Also, Nerd looks adorable in the seventh panel. <3

  18. Peridot Swallow

    Sooooo started shipping these two

  19. Chris

    No Nerd, no. I think we’ve had enough of the cloning machine for right now.

  20. Bry

    @Chris lol agreed…though i’m assuming at this point it’s been dismantled

  21. Paladeus

    You know, I love kids. I really do. But you make me terrified of having to deal with the little ankle biters as more than an uncle. o.o Still, your commentary is always amusing.

    It’s moments like this (the posted comic,) that make me think of all the bears as something along the lines of smart (in comparison,) sadistic, vengeful children with access to chaos and their parents’ credit cards.


    Thanks for another awesome post,


  22. Paladeus


    Anyone else get a Care Bares feel every time they realize there are images on their bellies? o.O’ I’ll go a few comics without even realizing it sometimes, and then WHAM! Realization hits and I expect a rainbow to pop out somewhere. Probably Tanked, now that I think about it… *Ponders*

  23. corvuscorone68

    Bear Nuts is one of those comic strips that i consider up there with Calvin and Hobbes, by which i mean it’s got moments so funny it’s hard to breathe but it also makes you think smart thoughts and care about the characters

  24. admin

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys, glad you enjoyed this arc, I had a lot of fun drawing it :)
    @BortBort: Not intended to be but… sure why not? lol

  25. Cam

    Aww, I hope Evil and Nerd are a little closer from now on. And, ooh, Evil missed out on a nice opportunity.

  26. MicaXIII

    this chapter made me ship Nerd/Evil.. Nevil?

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