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January 20th, 2014

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One big “happy” family again, and I kind of missed Gay’s usual look :)  I picture Death and Prozac taking that bat to the cloning machine so hopefully no more adventures in spectacularly irresponsible science for the foreseeable future…  I’ve seen too much sci-fi where the robots take over.


  1. forkyourself

    Sacrificing himself to burn his copy along with him is pretty noble. I’d give him a high five if I could.

  2. Luka

    Poor Evil. No love, even after nearly burning himself alive to save his friends from his nastier doppelganger.

  3. Ri

    Aww. Evil’s finally acting nice and they all turn away. I feel sorry for him (though… pretty sure he’ll return to his old ways soon enough).
    First time commenting. Good job with this comic, it’s an interesting take on the world …serious and amusing at the same time.

  4. Nicko


  5. Kumbartha

    awwwww. I feel also bad for Evil. Okay he and his more evil copy had caused a lot of troubles. but in the end he showed there is a heart in him. deep deep below. No he opens up for the first time and they put him into the shame on you corner :D

  6. Urago

    @Kumbartha: Well, Evil did save the bears, but he did:

    -Give Prozac laxatives,
    -Blew up Gimp’s first aid kit,
    -Dyed Gay’s fur green,
    -And beat up Vanity.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    Hmm, I’m missing something. Why the cold shoulder? When it really mattered, he went to the wall for them. Hopefully they’ll lay it all out soon. :)

  8. MagnuM

    the cold shoulder’s because Evil was still a dick to all of them before he gallantly BBQ’ed himself..
    im glad this arc is over it kinda dragged IMO

  9. Nicole

    Yeah…I feel sorry for him, too, but he earned it–he and his twin practically killed Vanity and double-teamed Lech, among all the things Urago listed. So much of the mayhem wouldn’t have happened if Evil hadn’t gone along with his Evil twin. But I do feel like he showed himself uber loyal in the end. Burn treatment would’ve been more than enough punishment for what he did.

  10. Alister

    Talk about some serious cold shoulders. Damn I know Evil got burned but come ON he doesn’t need all that ice.

  11. Bri

    @Allister HAHAHA I like that comment! Well said. ;)

  12. maniacalmercury

    It does make me feel a little sorry for him but then I remember all the things he did at the beginning of the arc…
    I wonder if Nerd will ever tell him his self burning was completely unnecessary :p

  13. BortBort

    I’m pretty sure Nerd gonna say thanks and hug him which Evil screams in pain. I bet :p

  14. Glowworm

    THat first panel with the squirrel spray painting a penis made me laugh so hard.

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    Wow Evil more than proved his loyalty guilt and love for the others and when he gets home after being BURNT ALIVE! his eyes all bright an smiling, they just wheel him into the corner of shame… poor Evil can’t win for losing

  16. abowden

    He actually did a good thing, I hope at least Nerd recognizes it.

  17. Alister

    @Bri Thanks!

    I know Evil did a lot of serious mischief making in the beginning of the arc, but that was really more of his usual antics on a larger consecutive scale. Sure, I will admit messing with Gimp’s first aid kit (which has helped all the bears, including Evil, on more than one occasion) was crossing the line, but you’d think that the other bears would recognize by now that the more malicious acts were all on Evil 2.0. I mean, they’ve had weeks to think and debate about the whole clone catastrophe after all. I’m hoping that Nerd gives Evil a little bit of validation for trying to save the day at least, he deserves that much after burning himself alive. He was set on fire as a cub, so you’d know he knew how much that was going to hurt!

  18. Evilbob

    Eh. You only see where irresponsible science leads to spectacular apocalypses because they make for better stories.

    Irresponsible science led to the discovery of penicillin and ushering in an age of prosperity? BOOORRRRIINNNGGGGG.

  19. Jesse

    I know he caused all of the havoc before hand, but in the end he fought against his own nature and came through when it counted. The other bears are being d!(ks of the order that Evil normally is in giving him the cold shoulder, if you ask me.

  20. Bry

    awww…ok now the bears r being a bit mean… :( i understand he and his clone caused a lot of havoc, but in the end Evil saved all their butts and he nearly got himself killed to protect them from Evil 2.0. Nerd isnt w/ the group, so hopefully he’ll come by and give Evil the thanks and praise he deserves

  21. corvuscorone68

    hehehe i love that bit of Tanked doing his part to misdirect

  22. Tigerbitten

    I like the fact they stuck him in corner

  23. CAT

    For all the ones who are going aww poor little evil he burn himself to save you guys. Think of it does one good act really make up for the fuck up shit he did . He supppose to be willing to die for his family that the least he can do ! You guys remember all the shit they forgave him for and all the times they saved his ungratefull ass. He owes them more than they do him. If the gray fucker wasn’t fucking around with nerd’s shit they wouldn’t have been put in danger in the first place. So they should be thanking him from saving them from the danger he put them in. So I think the bears are not being dickness as they could be to him since they are still allowing him to live with them. When they could just roll his little horn ass to the forest to be eaten by that fatass orange bear from the earlier arcs. Beside since they are generally kind bears they will forgive his ass eventually despite the fact they really shouldn’t. He cross the line this time really just took a huge leap over it. This going to highly entertaining to see how he gets his ass out this cluster fuck of bad feelings.

  24. Bry

    @ CAT we arent saying they shouldnt be mad at Evil and put him on a pedastel for saving them, we just feel bad that he didnt get a little word of thanks. they couldve at least responded to him instead of giving him the cold shoulder…

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    @CAT he wasn’t trying to clone himself, he was just trying to mess around with Nerd, and Nerd created the thing, no they shouldn’t just overlook it, but they should at least acknowledge he cares about them and tried to fix it. Also he wanted to stay out in the wild with the fat bear but they FORCED him to come back so they brought it on themselves

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