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January 13th, 2014

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Splurt.  That last panel Nerd is one of my favorites :)

Today only on OtherTees you can get a screen print version of “Jack the Ripper”, which I would totally watch an animated Tim Burton version of… and today’s vote incentive is Dragons! Terribly inconvenienced dragons!  Tangentally related, I was watching the latest “How to Train Your Dragon 2” trailer again and apparently Dreamworks did not want that rather large plot point/spoiler in said trailer.  Who edits the trailers then?  How did the studio not get final say?  It would definitely have had a bigger impact revealed in the movie, for me at least :P


  1. smkinoshita

    I’m with Lech, the amount of crap Evil II kept pulling out of nowhere was getting ridiculous.

  2. Urago

    Wait, now that I think of it, had Nerd successfully cloned himself, would Nerd 2 be even nerdier?

  3. richard s f

    lol coulda just stayed under cover the whole time…
    I wonder if Evil is as tough as his clone?

  4. MarauderDeuce

    Somehow after he Splurted out of existence I feel like the opportunity was missed for some kind of 404 error joke – bad bear not found or something. :)

  5. Dukethemidgetninja

    I am Lech in most cases

  6. BrobyDDark

    I would totally watch a Tim Burton’s ‘Jack The Ripper’ movie, except he would have to take out all the murder scenes… but at least it would have Johnny Depp as the lead role!

  7. raezzel

    Didn’t see that coming… I hope Nerd learnt a lesson there :) Never temper with cloning-technology!

  8. Tara

    I love nerd’s expression at the last panel so much. xD

  9. MagnuM

    Nerd you dun goof’d

  10. Bry

    Lol would’ve been nice to know that, oh idk, in the past hour (over a month long for the readers) of hell u guys went through, Nerd. xD I feel bad now…if Evil doesn’t make it, Nerd will be blamed :(

  11. Mathias

    404? But the page is right there!

    All kidding aside, I am still extremely confused. I mean, the Devolver was just something he imagined but he does have a cloning device? O_o

  12. Evil's lover

    good he is dead.

  13. Nicole

    Oh, NERD! NERDNERDNERDNERD…NERD! How could you forget something like that? Although, I’m not sure how that would’ve helped…Evil2 still would’ve gone around killing things until he splurted.

    Panel 2 rocks. :D

  14. Urago

    And man, Vanity almost lost his bear nuts in Panel 8.

  15. Alister

    I’m sure they’re all mad at Nerd for not telling them about the self-destruct sooner, but hey, just think of how many other animals and sections of the zoo they saved by stalling Evil 2.0. He probably would have eaten at least half of the endangered exhibits before he kicked the dust.

  16. Nicole

    Nerd ex machina.

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    Darn you nerd look what you did now… all respect I had growing for you just flew out the window lol

  18. Therew

    Nerd, after all that, I wouldn’t have even admitted the self destruct. I would have said I had no idea what happend.

  19. Nicole

    @Therew: YES! Like…”What the…must be some bug in the system…the clones don’t last!” Yeah. That’s it.

  20. corvuscorone68

    but Therew, Nerd is painfully honest!

  21. Chris

    Oh Nerd… what are we gonna do with you?:P

  22. Dark Spade

    I love this comic. I read to here from the beginning and it is just wonderful. My favorites are :Death,Evil and Tanked.

  23. Cam

    How do you forget something like that Nerd!? But thank goodness he’s gone…

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