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January 6th, 2014

Page 403

Burnt hair smell is grosssss.

Vote incentive:  a little preview from the next Crack-centric arc (was previously on the Face Book page so some of you may have seen this already.)


  1. Tara

    Those horns look so bad-ass. :D

  2. Flurry98

    Vanity is always so helpful!!

  3. MissyZ

    Well good news is the burning should have cauterized the stab wound.

  4. Nicole

    Please tell me they didn’t also douse the clone.

  5. Blackout

    Nicole– I think the clone is the one Vanity just bonk’d.

  6. MagnuM

    uhh why not let the clone burn??

  7. Madeleine

    I think Vanity actually bashed the original one (the vet talk gives a hint), while the clone is lying there unattended. Why have mercy with the clone, after all?

  8. PFC Bongwater

    no the clone’s horns have been growing sense he stepped out of the device so it’s definitely the one that ominously looks like he’s getting up in the last panel Blackout (unless the ‘more evil than Evil’ one is the original anyway)

  9. abowden

    time to put down the other while they still have the chance.

  10. Dire

    It’s a trick. Get an axe.

  11. ObliviArt

    Something tells me that as long as the horns are up the evil is not down

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    @ObliviArt I would have to agree, my eyes kept getting drawn back to them… O.O also I don’t think it was a good idea of them to turn their backs on the clone cause I think he is getting up and our Evil is the one Vanity hit they were both burt so it proves that the voodoo doll both affected them both and that Evil is indeed selfless when it comes to his family ^_^

  13. Chuck

    Obviously good Evil got bonked because he is face up while bad Evil is face down. I doubt anyone would show mercy to bad Evil. Speaking of which, they had better get one of those elephants to stomp on bad Evil’s head while he’s down.

  14. HORNS

    I just realized that evil Evil’s horns are longer than original Evil’s. I went back and realized they’ve been getting longer since the 17th of October.

  15. richard s f

    now all I can think about is BBQ

  16. Feartheswans

    The Clone’s Horns… they glow with the flame they absorbed!

  17. Urago

    Nerd looks cute in the second to last panel.

  18. MustacheHam

    Vanity…and Spite. :P

  19. Constance

    His horns remind me of Deathwing, from World of Warcraft. :P

  20. slashermew

    i think what people forget is when the elphants put out the voodoo doll it put out both evils. cause there conected to it, i dont think they would have puposly put out evil 2.

  21. Cam

    Vanity has a point, knocking him out was merciful. And Oh crap, the other Evil is still alive I bet…

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