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December 30th, 2013

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If I had planned things better I could have tried to fit in some kind of light hearted arc for the holiday season… instead you get this :)  At least the Evils are toasty warm.

Today we’ll probably take down the tree that’s been driving me crazy for weeks since the kids won’t stay away from it.  I should take a picture before I do so everyone can see our wonderful decorating job (only about the top foot has stuff on it and the rest is pretty much bare.)  Even the “unbreakable” plastic ornaments couldn’t escape the carnage as the twins just ripped the tops off so I can’t hang them anymore.  I bought some cute owl shaped ornaments this year (they LOVE owls, seriously LOVE) and half of those are gone, the tops broken and little beaks chipped off.  hmpf.

A lighthearted wintery vote incentive then:


  1. Zermel

    Such a heartburning moment.

  2. Zermel

    They have the same DNA..I can’t really tell but are they both burning up?

  3. richard s f

    In the end, there can only be… BBQ!

  4. smkinoshita

    Aww! I’ve never seen Evil look touched before. Ever.

  5. Rainey

    Nerd you lovable nerd…are you doing what I think you’re doing in panel 3? 8D

  6. Chase

    They are both burning because they’re one and the same, remember? That voodoo doll is of Evil, but there are 2 Evils. Therefore, they both burn.
    Evil. You hero, you. It’s actually quite touching. And even pretty charming that Evil even knows what Nerd means with his little hand sign.

  7. abowden

    @Chase I will have to agree, that was a very touching moment.

  8. Knives


  9. Nicole

    OMG, panel 4 brings tears to my eyes!

    I love how he asks Nerd what to do and Nerd gives him permission to save himself. D’awwww! Evil1 has to LIVE!

  10. justacritic

    How strange, original evil is burning but shows no pain… Perhaps all the previous exposure to fire might save him since new evil never had the experience of being burned alive?

  11. rezleza


  12. Kylie W

    Awwww, a little Vulcan awesomeness there!

    And I like that Evil appears to be happy/at peace in the second last panel. it’s nice, especially considering this won’t last long.

  13. gamehunter8

    ooohhhh NOOOOO DONT DIE EVIL ;(

  14. MagnuM

    AWWWW man i dont want evil to die :|

  15. corvuscorone68

    ppl remember, 1 this is a comic strip( original Evil dint die yet despite gut wound) and 2 it’s voodoo, the combo of fiction and voodoo(maybe double fiction?) is potent, the only person who can be sure of what happens next is Alison, and maybe those of you who got sneak peeks or something cuzza some social media site, i forget

  16. A Guy Who Sometimes Comments

    You know, I’ve been wondering if this story arc has been influenced by the fact the evil had gotten some hatred by readers at some point, and this is Alison’s way of making us feel sorry for him. Well, even if it isn’t, I sure am feeling… ;_;

  17. Anon

    Must… not… ship… Evil… and… Nerd… <3

  18. Kath

    When I was young *yeah hard to believe someone my age could ever be young* our mom had us save every scrap of aluminum from all of those candies that we ate from Halloween. We would put them in a box that she kept in the pantry and when we were sick during the school year (or it happened to be a really nasty day outside) we would take the foil, roll it up into little balls and our older sister would string it together for garland. Pretty much most of the tree had home made ornaments made from bread and salt and yarn hanging over it. Not that we didn’t have regular ornaments, we did- we still have them, and use them now that everyone is grown up. We have tons of Shiny Brites that were made in pre occupied Germany, and other places, and yes, you can rescue the ones with out tops, there is a way that you bend a paperclip (with a twist in the center) and you can re hang them. I think the hardware store sold the tops at one time, if you can find one of the old fashioned ones that have everything. the newer hard ware stores are employed by people who don’t know what a whet stone is.

    I take it that panel three, Nerd is telling Evil, it’s ok, that Nerd was willing to sacrifice himself, and that would be something that I don’t think that evil could live with. there had already been too much death, and destruction, and evil knew if he didn’t stop his twin, more would follow.

  19. Bry

    Evil, no! D’: at least Nerd is ok…and Lech [might] be able to stop Evil 2.0 if he pulls another weapon out of his butt, if Evil 2.0 gets the chance to that is

  20. Nicole

    I’m hoping we’re pulling a Fight Club moment here!

  21. Nicole

    Ugh. After I posted that, I realized this isn’t the same because both Evils are real. EVILLLLLLL!

  22. Philip the Hermit

    “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… Or the one.” Spock and Kirk, when Spock died to save the others in one of the movies.

    Awesome, awesome reference, Ms. Acton.

  23. Flurry98


  24. pinecat

    EVIL! ;W;
    And yes, Lich was useful for once! :D

  25. richard s f

    If what I do to you happens to me…how do I hurt you and not me ?

  26. Alister

    Well, Evil 1.0 is kind of used to being set on fire if anyone remember’s his circus days as a cub. Plus, maybe Evil just got some pretty good voodoo points for sacrificing himself and won’t be harmed? I can always hope for that.

  27. Blackjack804

    Goodbye Evil

  28. tom_suke

    Uhm isn’t he missing the wound/blood on his tummy? Or at least one of them?

  29. Nicole

    OMG…it’s still only Monday. :( A whole week still to wait!

  30. Sterling Rodd

    A baseball bat? Now where did he get THAT from? :D

  31. Sterling Rodd

    I don’t know if “real” Evil’s on fire there. I think that might just be a view of him through the flames, as from the other guys’ point of view.

    At least I hope so. I’d like to think Evil’s sharp enough to have figured an angle. :)

  32. Felix Domestica

    Y’know, I think 1.0 has just proven himself to be both the lesser evil and the Greater Evil. Well done.

  33. Satsy

    Ahh, well that’d definitely be one way to take out a problem. Evil’s carried a lot of different plots, mind, so I’m curious how the stories would go without his devilish machinations helping pull things along. Unless like every other time a bear’s been on fire it’s been salvaged (didn’t Gay get voodoo-fire at one point?), in which case there’s still a pool of bears surrounded by fire.

    I also don’t think Evil was asking for permission as I’ve seen a few state, but hoping there was a plan. Nerd’s not usually one to come at something without either having a plan, or concocting one. But instead all he got back was a nerdy sign, to live on (and prosper). The look on panel 4 says to me “of course you’d do that”, whether or not he got the reference. But I don’t imagine there’s any way a proud bear like Evil would allow himself to live because the weed told him he should. Dying probably seems better than living on loaned time.

  34. Satsy

    Sterling Rodd: Prozac had it. ;)

  35. Blackout

    As someone who’s had parts of himself on fire before– it’s actually much, much worse if you flail around, you’re fanning it and allowing it to get under parts of yourself. Doubly so if it’s actually something coating you burning, since you’re moving it closer to your actual skin (burning fur and all), so Evil Prime’s behavior there is probably the best… I’d like to think his plan was to get Evil the Second on fire via voodoo, extinguish the doll and then himself, and let the clone just burn. Or maybe Nerd’s machine just makes extremely flammable clones and Evil Prime just plain doesn’t care about being on fire anymore.

  36. Siraj

    This is… strangely beautiful. The original Evil and Nerd, both at peace, knowing one of them may well die…


  37. smkinoshita

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but despite the fact that it’s an interesting story there’s a good chance it’s just a dream sequence too. We’ve already seen one where Nerd was daydreaming of de-evolving Lech, so we don’t know for sure if he’s really capable of making such a machine. Plus Evil 2 keeps pulling crap outta nowhere.

    On the flipside, co-ops don’t seem her style.

  38. admin

    @Zermel: yep, yep, and yep
    @A Guy Who…: kinda; this arc was previously planned but I may have upped the violence just a little bit :)
    @Anon: LOL
    @Kath: such a sweet holiday story! I love how family traditions can stay so strong
    @Philip: :D
    @Blackout: I’ve read that and drew Evil Prime that way on purpose, but it’s quite chilling to have a personal account back it up… I hope you are 100% ok now!

  39. chaoswarrior

    hmmmmmmmmm maybe you should try drawing them as humans?

  40. YourWorstNightmare

    Ok love this arc and I think admin kinda just proved that Evil 1 is indeed on fire plus the fact that they have the SAME DNA @Satsy & @Siraj I totally agree with you guys. I Love panels 1-4 they are so toughing lol

  41. Cam

    I knew you had a good side Evil, that was look of true friendship. But they’re both getting hurt!

  42. Nila

    the original Evil… I always love looking back on this page.
    He has even a little heart in there~

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