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February 17th, 2014

Page 409

And we’re back in Crack’s “secret” inner sanctum for interrogation round 2.  I should have totally covered the walls and floor in plastic for added… homeyness.  This is a bit of a growth arc for Crack plus the first comic of what will eventually be book 5 material (ha! some day! yay for eventual all day kindergarten!) so in all likelihood, 5 will be the Book of Crack.

Couple of new pieces in the fan art section that I had totally forgot to post, my apologies.  And today’s vote incentive is the quick color version of the Valentine’s image from our Facebook page (yet again, poor Death. I’m such a meanie.)

We took the boys to see the Lego movie today (kids under 3 free!  Milk it!) and I was really looking forward to it from the trailers but I don’t know… I’m kind of meh now.  Except for Batman, Lego Batman was awesome.


  1. forkyourself

    Needed a break from compiling Pipelight… By the way, was that a Dexter reference I just read in the author comments?

  2. BortBort

    Breaking Bad reference? :D

  3. abowden

    I love the look of Evil’s face when he sees Crack crush thick tool steel with his bare hands/paws. He must be thinking “oh god he’s going to crush me with his demented insanity strength”

  4. DozerTheDozerian

    Love the vote picture. Love and Life are so unfair to Death…

  5. Alister

    Hey Evil, I know sarcasm is a strong suit of yours, but maybe you’d best stray off of it until after you’re untied?

  6. chase

    I love his face, haha! But yeah, Cracked, you’re a crazy mofo. It makes NO sense that the self-destruct thingy that Nerd programmed into the clone would have self-destructed the original Evil, since he wasn’t the clone. =/ And no one believes you because your rep for these things is horrible. And because, of course, they saw it happen with their own eyes…

  7. Urago

    Lol at Evil’s expression in Panel 1.

  8. chase

    Sorry for the double post; but I just noticed (and also have ZERO medical knowledge), how come Cracked’s burned paws take much longer to heal than the burns that were over a large portion of Evil’s body?

  9. YourWorstNightmare

    Loving Evil in the last panel “Nooooooo” and Crack should really get his eyes checked out, they are piping out of his head. Evil seems unconcerned about this situation of some reason.

  10. MustacheHam

    This bear can be ‘nutty’ but not crazy. Nerd may need to clear things up with em’.

  11. Jess

    Anyone else think Cracked reminds them of Croker from Fairly Odd Parents? “Fairies!”

  12. Lawr

    Evil sure gets kidnapped and tied up a lot. Is he secretly a princess?

  13. Timni

    dang.. didn’t know crack was that strong?

  14. justacritic

    Evil looks so suave with that look of his when his eye color is fully shown.

  15. gamehunter

    @Lawr: LoL ahahahha I bet he is. :P
    I knew one of this days Cracked`s schizophrenia,paranoia and overall craziness is going to get someone killed , did not expect Evil to be the dead one .

  16. Revriley

    So I was missed the last several updates, and I come back to find that we’re on a new arc featuring my favorite character? Hurrah! Crack is definitely my favorite, (I’ve said so before), and I’m eager to see how this will all play out. I vaguely remember expressing disappointment in a previous comment about the lack of Crack in the previous arc…well, I’m very satisfied now.

    Now the only things I have left to hope for in the comic are more instances of Crack awesomeness, and more layers to Crack than “paranoia,” “insanity,” and “tactical genius undermined by paranoia.”

    Oh! I have a question. How on earth did Crack manage to crush those pliers?

  17. MagnuM

    Cool vote! that actually reminds me Death hasnt said a word since august. thats one long silence treatment to Evil haha xD

  18. Alister

    @chase In regards of your comment noticing how Crack seems to heal a lot slower than Evil, he probably takes a longer time in recovering from things than most of the bears. He doesn’t seem to have that ranged of a diet and thus doesn’t get the same amount of nutrition the other bears do, he’s constantly stressed out, doesn’t seem to sleep well, and probably doesn’t get a lot of physical activity. Chances are, he’s not the healthiest bear out there, and wounds take slower to heal if you don’t take care of yourself.

    Evil, on the other paw, gets plenty of activity, food, and outlets for his stress, not to mention despite all of the crud he pulls, he seems to sleep relatively soundly. As far as health goes, he’s pretty fit so it’s no surprise he recovers from harm at a fairly normal, or even faster, rate.

  19. Faiz

    wow, not just prozac can break anything with his hands when angry but also crack when he’s pissed! take a look at that pliers he’s using to tortue evil wth.

  20. Nila

    Honestly… That face in last panel is one of the funniest for Evil. Mixed in with the sarcastic “Nooooo”. X3

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