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February 24th, 2014

Page 410

I think “douche canoe” was a Deanism if I remember correctly… props to those writers.  I always have trouble coming up with fun new insults.  Well here’s to spending tonight adding up receipts and trying to find my final 2013 property tax bill.  It seems no matter how organized I think I am, I’m always missing something. Yay tax time for self-employed free lancers!  Let’s see if I can accurately wield a calculator while drinking :)

Vote incentive:  poor zombies, sports are hard when you’re rotting.


  1. Indoctrinated

    Nice suit. Is Crack making meth or dealing with toxins? Evil is going to have fun.

  2. justacritic

    Burn Evil, Burn

  3. pinecat

    Hehehehe, new shipping.

  4. 4thos

    I agree with Crack, Evil has been acting weird as of late.

  5. Nicole

    Har! You tell ‘im, Crack!

  6. DHJones

    well he did walked into that one… >.>

  7. Jesse

    Poor Evil. When he’s evil, no one trusts him, when he tries to mend his ways…, even fewer people trust him.

  8. Max

    …Douche canoe? xD First time I’ve heard (or read) that one.

  9. Alister

    Damn, Evil’s really not catching any breaks here. Go Crack for being so verbal though, this is the most coherent I believe we’ve ever seen him be!

  10. Glowworm

    I love the watching you panels–especially the one of Crack watching Evil eat a sandwich.

  11. BooBoo

    Man, I can sure tell I’m American when I see perfectly legal words like ‘centred’ and flip out. ;)

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    @Jesse XD I know right! poor evil @Glowworm Crack looks so angry that he is eating that sandwich… was it his or something? lol my favorite panel is Crack being a little perv and watching him in the shower

  13. Urago


    Not really a “little perv”, Evil never wears clothes anyway.

  14. Lisa H

    I always wished I had more money to donate to my favourite web comics but, I’m just not quite that well off. Suddenly it occurs to me that I can offer you expertise so you can keep more of you money and that’s sort of like being able to give you some money! lol What I’m getting at is your comment about taxes. I’m a tax business consultant, in Canada, and would be happy to answer any questions you have free of charge. Just use the email I added to comment. Hope this doesn’t come off as creepy or scammy in any way. Just wanted to offer a little trade of talent. You make me laugh, I’ll answer your tax queries :) Ciao!

  15. £Ø§Ð

    “Douche Canoe” XD

  16. Cheesecake

    “Douche bad” is a rather good insult, as well as calling someone a “Queef-faced man-child with stupid disease”

  17. Duez

    Hehe, interesting developments! Also, I just really wanted to comment because all of the expressions in this page are just AWESOME. I love good expression work and just, so many interesting glares, happy faces, and nice sly ones too. <3 Simply just amazing work there. :3

  18. BelladonnaNightshade

    I love Evil’s face at the end of both this and last weeks strip XD “noooooooo….”

  19. The Pie is a Lie

    crackeds cast must be really flexible to do anything with it. and also is evil really evil?

  20. Jesse

    @Max: Really, I thought it was a clever reference to Crack’s name. I first heard/read it a couple of years ago @ in one of their more hilarious articles.

  21. Becky

    Woot! New Shirts came in! My chest will help advertise your designs, Alison. Now, if anyone notices there is a design on the shirt, that is a different matter.


    I love this comic soooooo much! I am going to tell all my friends! And I can’t wait for the next two bears to come in… if you are still on that path. BRING IN THE GIRL BEARS I BEG YOU. I love all the charecters… Keep at the good work!


    And one more little thing… My birthday is on Tuesday… Can you please give a little spoiler on the next two bears? PLEASE

  24. admin

    @ WOO BN: Happy Birthday! If you poke around my old Deviant Art page you’ll probably spoil yourself :)

  25. Cam

    Aw, Evil’s acting a little nicer. How refreshing. I feel Crack’s annoying suspicion may bring him back though.

  26. Faiz

    lol the joke about evil eating a sandwich is that “Evil can’t eat his sandwich properly”

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