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March 3rd, 2014

Page 411

Another first today: smug Crack :)

For the small amount of you that Facebook actually lets see my posts (boo!) this isn’t new, but for everyone else St. Patrick’s Day comes early!   Since ShirtWoot won’t be printing this one I thought I’d throw it up on my Teepublic site because ninjas totally go with green, or beer, or even green beer.  It’s another appearance of Unstealthiest Ninja’s cousin, Oblivious Ninja: (they have an interesting family tree just full of dishonour.)

Vote incentive: Gay, Evil, Lech getting along!  Sort of.


  1. wolfewindsilver

    Oh Evil, there is no point trying to act as if you don’t love the others.
    And is it sad that this is the most calm and sane we’ve seen of Crack? And then panels 9-10

  2. Justacritic

    Evil’s playing with forces beyond his control, I fear we will soon be seeing the rise of Darth Crackiess

  3. pinecat

    Oh Evil, that desperation not to be skewered by Crack is adorable.

  4. gamehunter8

    LoL hope Crack go all psycho! Evil is going to regret this…………6_9

  5. Knives

    I never tire of these facial expressions.

  6. Pandora

    OH evil, you’re literally the best terrible influence ever!

  7. Alister

    I’m almost certain that “living a little” might have been the reason why Crack turned out like this in the first place.

  8. Jayrith

    I love his quotes around the word family and the face he made.

  9. Bry

    aaaaaand this isnt going to end well… o.O

  10. Ninkurou

    I never expected Crack to be so Dangerous…
    Of course he was always the most crazy bear… But Dangerous?
    Evil is sure a lot Clever… hehe

  11. chocoblue

    Aw, I was hoping Evil would put childish mayhem off for a little at least. But nope.

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    Oh Evil, you can’t deny that you had pause to make sure you said “family sarcastically, you know you love the others XD. But bringing crack into your schemes… this can not end well

  13. Mazz

    ShirtWoot’s shirt quality has been going downhill recently, I’ve noticed they’ve gotten thinner and weaker so it’s nice seeing you have shirts available elsewhere. I’m kind of tired of giving money for rising costs when their fabric quality has gone down.

  14. Joey

    I find watching Crack and Evil interact surprisingly funny, plus the way you draw their facial expressions has me cracking up. BTW, I noticed that you haven’t been drawing the burn on Evil’s left (when he’s facing you) arm. Also, are you planning to do any origins arc soon? ‘Cause seeing a bear that’s in to BDSM (Gimp) raises a lot of questions and I think it’d interesting to see how Lech became well… Lech, too. Other than that, keep up the good work Alison!

  15. Kylie W

    I very much want this new Ninja shirt, but $30.99 for the shirt and postage is a teensy bit high for me at the moment (posting to Australia). Hopefully they’ll have a sale or something, so it’s a little cheaper.

    And panel 6 is my favourite. If you’re thinking of making more sticker designs, a sticker of this panel would be awesome!!

  16. TekServer

    You know, you could probably make a whole new successful webcomic based on that ninja family. Because you have so much free time around family, work, Bear Nuts, etc. …


  17. admin

    @ Knives: Great cause I still haven’t tired of drawing them :)
    @ chocoblue: perhaps he might have, kidnapping and bondage aside…
    @ Mazz: I miss the old AA blanks too. I’ve loaded that one on my Soc6 page too and they still do AA tees:
    @ Joey: a Crack origin will come up this year some time as we’re into the Book of Crack material
    @ KylieW: I know what you mean, even shipping to Canada from the US is dumb dumb dumb, I’ll send you an email with more options
    @ TekServer: I’d LOVE to do an Unstealthy comic… some day… arg.

  18. senosh8su

    Have you considered submitting some of your tees to I would love some of your shirts, but I am too tall for normal sizes…

  19. DinoFiend

    So what is the problem with the facebook page exactly? I don’t think I’ve seen your other “Oblivious Ninja” designs, where can they be found? Sounds hilarious!

  20. Nicole

    Oh, lordy…Evil’s “family” face is the BEST!! :D

    And I have to give him a polite golf clap for turning the situation around. This is going to be good.

  21. Claire

    Wow, I think this is the first time I have ever thought Evil was adorable.

  22. Razule

    Anyone else getting a “Dexter” vibe from Crack? So calm and peaceful while he’s about to kill…

  23. corvuscorone68

    um maybe it’s just me but that last line, ” LIVE A LITTLE CRACK!” sorry caps but it’s the font, is confusing, maybe add a comma so it doesn’t sound like Evil is suggesting he do a highly addictive drug

  24. Constance


    I took is as “live a little Crack”, as in “let yourself be you and let it all out, go crazy!”… Then I realised it’s supposed to be “live a little, Crack”. :P

  25. Cam

    I have a feeling this will seem to go well, then turn out bad in the end. XD

  26. Faiz

    lol the pun at the last panel X))

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