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March 10th, 2014

Page 412

I finally worked up the nerve and got my eyes lasered.  They’re still pretty sensitive and I’m trying not to stare at the computer too long so this weekend has been mostly shot in terms of getting work done, but I’m enjoying not worrying about contacts and glasses anymore.  It’s a strange sensation waking up and being able to see right away.  No more coming in from the cold and having your glasses fog up :)  I’m throughly sick of the drops though, especially the anti-biotic one that gives you a bad after taste about 10 minutes after taking it… gross.  I’ve been trying to explain to the twins that they have to be extra careful around my eyes and no they can’t help me put the drops in.  Evan really wanted to help so Jim gave him a kleenex to bring to me.  He literally smacked me in the eye with it… we’re still working on “gentle”.  My right eye is totally bruised and red, it looks awesome.

Today only you can get my Arrow themed tee screen printed from Shirt Punch.  This is so my favorite show right now and Jim can’t stop rolling his eyes… just shut up and let me enjoy it in peace husband.

Vote incentive:  as seen on the FB page so not entirely new but here’s Prozac and….????


  1. pinecat

    Oh shit, this leaves several questions. Including if Crack is in danger and if that’s really Evil?

  2. wolfewindsilver

    And the bloodshot eyes are gone. I love how nonchalant Crack is about doing… something… possibly wrong… while trusting evil. I’m guessing this won’t go well.
    Is it sad that I waited until midnight just to see this comic, and now i have to wait a week for the next one?

  3. DozerTheDozerian

    Now this looks EEEVIL!

  4. Trebble

    That shadow on the last pannle. :O

  5. Urago

    So, that bear in the vote incentive… will she become a new character?

  6. Rahnee

    Maybe it’s La La in the vote incentive. XP

  7. MagnuM

    ohhh my cousin lasered his eyes as well, he says it’s the best thing he’s ever done :)
    the vote looks like a dream or a thought.. Prozac’s fantasy of a girl? lol

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, dear… the chicks arrive at last. :)

    “What should I wear?” …Wait, is Gay still green?

  9. Rainey

    I had the laser eyes done a long time ago; still love it to this day. ^_^
    Dun dun DUN! The return of Evil 2? o.O

  10. Zee

    Jezebel. Prozac and Jezebel.

  11. Mikey

    LASIK is awesome. But your eyes still age. I need a second round after 10+ years. As always a great comic. IMHO it is still Evil 1.0, the shadow is just representing Evil 2.0 which is (for Evil 1.0) his really dark side as opposed to his normal sociopathic personality

  12. Thetyronelectric

    That Evil is clearly EVIL! He remained tied up for so long and just simply used his claws to untie himself? Crack didn’t notice that,then he is truly on crack!
    That woulda been my queue to say the deals off and hightail it outta there!

  13. Thetyronelectric

    And oh yeah, Hi Alison! Long time no see? I still been faithfully reading!
    Glad you don’t have to deal with having “four eyes anymore”!
    Prozac got a girlfriend!

  14. Lawr

    I guess being relatively free of shipping wars was fun while it lasted

  15. Bri

    Aw man, I’ve been considering of going through laser-eye surgery (kind of) … but if anything I’m waiting until after I’m done university. To anyone who’s done it though, is it worth it? If you use the computer a lot, would your eyes only go back to square one? That’s pretty much my only concern, as well as the concern of the procedure not going well. x _ x I don’t want to be blind.

    Until this page, I had thought that Clone Evil was officially a goner. Now I’m nervous for Crack.

    (It’s so cool seeing Crack not being a nervous wreck 24/7 by the way! Less bloodshot eyes and more suspicious expressions! :D)

  16. Bri

    Oh and Crack is adorable in the third last panel hee hee. <3 CUTIE PATOOTIE.

  17. mayai

    I’ve been considering getting laser but I’m told it’s not covered by my province health care D:

  18. Alister

    Wow, with Evil able to get out of those ropes so easy, it almost makes me think he LET Crack capture him. There’s no doubt that this is the original Evil, despite the clone having self-destructed, because he knows Crack well enough to manipulate him on a personal level like that. The clone didn’t have any personal time around the other bears, so even if he was around and disguised, he’d have probably just busted out and said he had beaten the crud out of Crack because Crack tried to kidnap him in the first place.

  19. chocoblue

    It’s kinda nice to see Crack acting a bit more calm. I wonder what he’s gonna wear?

  20. Joey

    … The smile in the second to last panel made me realise that Crack is more adorable than I previously thought. Also, I googled Bear Nuts and ended up on your DA, are you still planning to add any female bears or is it going to stay all guys? I personally would prefer just guys ’cause the bears seem to have enough drama without adding women to the mix.

  21. Kath

    Hey Allison, if your doing conventions, may I recommend Anthro con in Pittsburgh over the 4th of july weekend? they still have dealers tables and hotel rooms available and it would be great to see bearnuts there- as well as a weekend to get away from the kids and hubby… this years theme is Secret socitys. The charity this year that they are sponsoring is the national aviary in Pittsburgh- its totally an awesome place! hope to see you there!

  22. Ice Raven

    Who said either bear was female ! :evil:

  23. Bry

    aaand good ol’ Evil is back >:3 probably…i hope to god Evil 2.0 didnt somehow survive through the original… o.o

  24. YourWorstNightmare

    AHHH OH GOD LOOK AT THE HORNS IN THE SHADOW!!! XD well it is either return of Evil 2 or he influenced Evil 1 in a very bad way. But look how easily he tricked Crack… almost like…… IT WAS PLANNED!!! I mean come on, it took like one second to break out of those ropes

  25. Tess

    Yeah, I remember when my husband got his eyes lasered. Yes, expect to use the eyedrops for about 2-3 years and then it’ll taper off. It’s worth it, I promise.

  26. admin

    @Urago: um….
    @Zee: awesome name :)
    @Thetyronelectric: hi yourself!
    @Bri: I spend a lot of time on the computer and my eyes seem to handle that better than the close up drawing/inking I do on paper. Lots of drops help, and it feels better every day, it’s only been a week now.
    @mayai: it’s not, I had to save up for a bit. It is tax deductible though :)
    @Joey: I hear you, but I kind of miss a female presence around these parts (I have three boys myself, I’m totally outnumbered)
    @Kath: thanks for the info! I don’t think I’ll be doing cons again for awhile, not while the boys are so young, plus it’s really expensive to travel to the US

  27. Cam

    Ah crap, Evil….

  28. Faiz

    always a snakey one aren’t you, evil?

  29. Faiz

    always tempting a poor soul as what i meant at my prev. post

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