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March 17th, 2014

Page 413

Evil: mentor and self-help guru?  Or incorrigible shit disturber…  Speaking of, Owen’s latest personality evolution is the ‘one who steals food from the others’.  Plus he’s the loudest and his favorite game of late seems to be the classic RUN AROUND THE HOUSE SCREAMING NONSTOP.  And his little voice is so damn shrill.  I thought I’d grown out of my migraine phase :(

Happy St. Paddy’s Day from a lucky little ninja!  I have a few more design ideas for him sketched out, now to find the time to do something with them… (That design is still available on Teepublic and Soc6, plus Teepub is featuring Dooomcat today so all tees are just $14 :)

Plus today’s vote incentive is another merry friend zone sketch involving the quietest and the shortest of the bears, and some TEEEEAM WOOORK!  Yes, I watch way too much Wonder Pets.


  1. NAZF

    …I pick answer B… :/

    Also, this is bound to end horribly…

  2. NAZF

    Also, two more things:

    1. …Is Crack wearing a tactical vest (or something along the lines of…)?

    2. A small crit; he seems to be missing the bandages on his fingers in panel 8.

  3. Tara

    Lol, reminds me of myself on my first couple weeks of work. :P Worked hard to accomplish small things and made sure I did them perfectly.

  4. Zee

    Man, my sister went through the shrieking thing for probably most of her childhood. Even as another kid myself, it was NOT easy to tolerate.

  5. Ninkurou

    Evil don’t know what he is doing…. hehe

  6. Glowworm

    Nice looking stencil!

  7. Alister

    Well, isn’t Crack well prepared. That little guy really thinks ahead.

  8. rezleaz

    Steven, don’t eat the fish ….. oh, too late :)

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Is that a bullet-proof vest? :D

  10. chocoblue

    Aw, Crack looks so happy in the last panel! I just hope he doesn’t turn into another Evil o.o

  11. MagnuM

    to this day i do not understand steven(?)’s arm.. thing. what is it? lol

  12. chocoblue

    @MagnuM: In a previous arc, Nerd asked for Evil’s help in getting back at the polar bears for stealing one of his action figures. Evil made a voodoo doll of the polar bear you see here( I forgot his name), and his arm was torn off when Nerd tried to take the doll from Evil. He now wears what I think is a sock and a belt as a prosthetic arm.

  13. wolfewindsilver

    So… we’re just not gonna mention what the stencil looks like. Okay, I can get on board. I’m gonna hope my mind is wrong in it’s assumptions of that stencil and Crack being handed a knife (I think.)
    Love Evil’s, “Ooookay” by the way.

  14. Constance

    @ Wolfewindsilver

    I believe it’s a shaver, not a knife. And no, you’re right in assuming it’s a penis. :P

  15. Revriley

    As you know, Crack is my favorite character, so this is quite a promising arc! This is the longest I’ve ever seen Crack remain fairly level-headed in the comic. You’d expect him to be freaking out a lot more than he is, wouldn’t you? I wonder why he’s managing to stay so collected. Evil doesn’t seem to think Crack’s behavior is atypical enough to comment on, though. I wonder if the other bears would notice the change in behavior?

    Anyway, there are all sorts of different paths this arc could take. I can’t wait to see what will happen!

  16. mustacheham

    aww, it’s actually sweet to see Crack coming out o’ his shell…even with Evils help.

    Although I feel that he should have a more healthier influence that doesn’t result in a possible polar bear mauling. XD

  17. MagnuM

    yeah i knew the story just dont understand what the hell is that, haha xD
    but i’d go with your assumption :)

  18. chocoblue

    @MagnuM: I’m surprised the workers at the zoo didn’t notice that his arm has been gone for awhile. XD

  19. corvuscorone68

    @chocoblue it’s a discount zoo, maybe the workers work there cuz they’re not bright enough to afford working at a better place; i was gonna try some play on words with it being discount but i couldn’t think of one

  20. chocoblue

    @corvuscorone68 : yeah, the workers are none too bright to notice, and the bears are good at covering their tracks most of the time. it’d be neat if a human discovers the bears (and the other animals) are not quite normal lol

  21. MagnuM

    haha with everything thats happening in that zoo im sure the zoo workers are probably not surprised about anything anymore x)

  22. chocoblue

    I reaaaally can’t wait for the next comic. Gawd, why doesn’t Monday get here faster?!

  23. AaronB

    Oh Oh! I get it!!! The fish is a sedative, and the grey thingy is a beard trimmer. And crack is taking it one step further with his suggestive stencil.

    Had to look at this comic a few times to understand. XD

  24. Nicole

    Oh, no. This canNOT end well.

  25. chocoblue

    @Nicole: I agree. I have the feeling they’re gonna get caught.

  26. Urago

    I wonder exactly what did Evil inject into the fish?

  27. Ninkurou

    Steven look very cute on his second painel!

  28. Ninkurou

    MagnuM, that is a fake arm, since his true arm was cut out in an “accident”, of course it’s has no use, but thanks to it we can see which one of the polars is steven, which is the funny polar.

  29. Cam

    Well, at least Crack is enjoying himself. Nice stencil, btw.

  30. Faiz

    still a paranoid bunch! wearing a bullet-proof vest? c’mon, evil said at least leave a crack

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