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March 24th, 2014

Page 414

Like this will never come back to haunt them… the short lives of the short sighted.

Spring has arrived!  And it brought 10 more cm of snow!  Hopefully THIS time is the last time I have to shovel for the year, except there’s still flurries in the forecast for this week.  I am sick to death of snow pants and wet mitts.  And dry winter skin, ugh.

Still having DNS issues with my personal site that of course has my ftp and email attached.  2-3 business days to address apparently :P  So no new vote incentive today but feel free to vote anyway and get a ‘lost image question mark thingy’ as a reward.


  1. chocoblue

    This is not gonna end good XD
    @Alison, you’re sick of the snow? Down here where I live, pigs will fly first before snow falls!

  2. Andrew

    It’s good to see Cracked getting some good ol’ mischievous catharsis. Sure, it will probably come back to bite him tenfold and make him even more paranoid than before… if that’s even possible.

  3. abowden

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen crack having fun.

  4. Alister

    Crack’s smile is just too freaking cute on him!

  5. Janorre

    That last panel!!! 0_0 something tells me things are about to go wrong!!!

  6. NAZF

    Why do I have the feeling Evil has now unleashed something terrible on them all? :/

    …Well, just have to wait and see. :P

    Also, hope you get you site issues solved soon. :)

  7. Emlz

    Wait, don’t polar bears have black skin?

  8. chocoblue

    I think Evil is being rather sweet(?) by bringing Crack along and helping him “loosen up”, lol. The others prefer to keep Crack’s habits repressed, but Evil uses it to his advantage, but it seems to be helping Crack a bit. He hasn’t freaked out…yet.

  9. NAZF

    @Emlz: I was thinking the exact same thing when reading this page, but didn’t bring it up. It is just a comic after all (though it still bugged me, being the huge animal nerd I am… :/).

  10. MagnuM

    Evil what have you unleashed…

  11. Becky

    I say we bundle up Alison, her hubby, and kiddos (when they are old enough) and UPS them all to Walt Disney World for funtimes. Better in the dead of winter so she can escape the cold, get a vacation, and rub it in to all her friends and family up North.

  12. Revriley

    I’m amazed that Crack didn’t freak out during that entire escapade. I thought he would have definitely been upset by the squirrel, but–huh! Who knew? And who knew he’d be so willing to go along with Evil’s pranks? I keep thinking there’s going to be some sort of blow up on Crack’s part, like this is all just the quiet before the storm.

    Anyway, glad that Crack is getting some time in the sun. He wasn’t there for most of the entire previous arc.

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