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March 31st, 2014

Page 415

Ever left a bandaid on your finger too long?  Grooooossssss.  Or the smell when your cast comes off… I’ve never broken anything but my brothers got themselves a bit battered growing up.  I always wonder how many trips to the emergency room I may have to make with three boys…

So it remains to be seen wether this will lead to true Crack progression, or a one step forward, two steps back kind of thing.  Especially considering his little world is about to be invaded by the estrogen brigade…

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  1. BortBort

    Evil x Crack time

  2. Justacritic

    Cute but Crack just can’t win with his paranoia

  3. wolfewindsilver

    And the bloodshot look returns to the eyes. Yay…

  4. Tara

    Woah, his eyes are blue and purple? I don’t remember that. o.0

    Also, why again was he wearing a cast? And why was his arm so messed up? I’m guessing from the description he wore it too long, lol.

  5. ...

    “Estrogen brigade?” Oh, I hope that means what I think it means. xD

  6. Mathias

    If it’s been months since he put that thing on I am pretty sure it was the AWFUL stench that knocked him out XD I had a bandaid on my hand for just one week once, the smell was absolutely awful.
    Also, Crack has some really pretty eyes! :3

  7. abowden

    YEEEAAAH keeping it on is a far worse infection risk

  8. Kath

    telescoped my wrist a few years back when I fell backwards and used my hand to stop my fall , Had to wear the cast for 18 weeks, well, *have* a cast on my arm for 18 weeks. I went through about 12 of them over that time- the worst part was the itching and the flakey skin, Oh, and my thumb nail grew to be like 2 inches long because it was protected by the cast. Did it smell? eh… well, to deal with the itch, I used the air compressor at work , shoved the nozzle up into the cast and depressed the trigger- (bits of skin went everywhere) it was safer than using a coat hanger to itch. Sure, his fur is going to look funny until he baths it – oh, water, risk of drowning- soap rash! he cant even lick his fur because of furballs. But the funny thing is, for poor crack, is that there is now something that even is more disturbing to Evil Wasn’t it done with the battery that Death recharged and it exploded in his hand?

    Bumps with kids happen. Science now says that kids feel (until they are like 25) that nothing bad can happen to them, and that risk = happiness.

  9. YourWorstNightmare

    oh wow thats nasty XD love Crack in the 1st and 2nd panels so cute :3 Evil’s face in the 3rd “When did you last wash that?!” lol

  10. Nicole

    Oh, Cracked! Poor thing.

  11. Mag

    @Tara crack’s eyes have always been like that. In the bear bios, his eyes are big enough for you to see its colors. His eyes are always tiny, so one would probably not be able to remember his eye color.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    I don’t think I’ve ever actively liked Crack before. He’s been funny, but not someone I’d really like to be around. Suddenly he’s a person. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of that, Alison. :)

  13. Bri

    I love seeing Crack genuinely relaxed and happy and having adventure for the first time. :’) It’s sweet. Even if it doesn’t last, it was certainly fun to see him like this for one time at least!

  14. Kylie W

    I really want to see more of these two teamed up. Surprisingly Evil is good for Crack, pushing him outside his comfort zone.

  15. rphb

    Estrogen brigade! are you finally introducing the last two bears that, I have been waiting on these for years.

  16. MagnuM

    so excited for the next arc :) this will be a big turn in the story and hopefully the girl bears will bring out some sides of the guys’ characters we have never seen before :)

  17. chocoblue

    Crack’s eyes are so pretty! X3 I almost forgot about their color. Oh and, “Estrogen Brigade”? I hope that means what I think it means. Either way, my body is ready for next Monday! XD

  18. BillyMT

    You got an zombie arm, Crack! ZOMBIE ARM! ºAº HAck it off before it spreads to your brain or you’ll be deeeeead~… Ok I was kidd… Why are you heating a cleav– HEY IT WAS A JOKE GUYS HELP ME THERE

  19. corvuscorone68

    wow Evil showed some concern for another’s wellbeing


    ‘Estrogen Brigade?’

  21. Cam

    I love Crack’s eyes! And he’s so cute letting loose. And Crack, don’t you know, you risk more infection not taking care of it!

  22. Faiz

    @Cam, agreed but he never changed there a bit

  23. Faiz

    crap, i was anticipating for crack to turn over a new leaf but turns out to crack is still crack

  24. tyler

    that’s so cute. Crack is very cute when he is relaxed. i just found your comic recently and i like it very much ^_^

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