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April 7th, 2014

Page 416

Argh!  It snowed again on Saturday!  It’s April already and all the snow pants have holes in the knees :P  Time for spring!!

So… ladies.  As much as I creative failed with the kind of cliche title, it is somewhat relevant.  I know some of you are familiar with older sketches of the girl bears already so I ask that you please don’t spoil it in the comments for anyone who’s not.  It’s been fun shaking up the status quo in the bear exhibit; I think the males have gotten a little complacent in their ways :)  I’ll probably post some wip and concept sketches for the girls on the FaceBook page in the next little while so feel free to go like BN on FB so you don’t miss them… or you likely still will since FB throttles posts so much… gripe.  I will post them on here eventually once the girls debut, but first things first: birthday tea party for an elephant!

Shirt Woot Artist Spotlight on Dooomcat! A whole bunch of my designs available screen printed on tees/hoodies/aprons until 12 AM on the 14th.  Including the first chance to get Gruesome in a screen print :)

Vote incentive:  There’s not enough ‘Legend of Korra’ tees out there.  Just trying to do my part :)


  1. NAZF

    @Jim: …The ads aren’t… :/

  2. Bry

    lol yay the girls r stepping onto the stage. now if only death’s backstory was revealed i’ll be one happy gal

  3. Jim

    @NAZF…Oh man, I’m sorry! I have adblock so I never see any ads. I didn’t even think there might be questionable ads on that site. :( My apologies!

  4. NAZF

    @Jim: It’s alright; it was more of a warning to others. I think because I’ve been on the internet for so long that I’m actually becoming desensitized (not that I still want to see or are into what the ads were showing… :/). Just be careful when linking people to image sites like those (I think e621 would be as a “booru” imageboard).

  5. Elliot

    I honestly didn’t know there was a comments section for this. I mean, I read the blogposts and the comic but I guess I just didn’t get it.


    Love the last panels! Tank and …

    the other fellow are clearly going to be good friends.

  6. Lenny

    Aw. Tanked is so considerate.

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