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April 14th, 2014

Page 417

Like Nerd even knows what the girl parts are…  I went to kickboxing on Thursday night and left Jim to deal with the boy’s bed time routine all by himself… I came home to my husband huddled in front of his computer with a bottle of wine and a bag of chocolate chips.  He wants me to emphasize that it was a mostly empty bottle and he was being efficient by not bothering with a glass, which is just fine since he most likely would have left that for me to clean anyway.

Dooomcat has a Tumblr now!  I’ve realized that my laziness/fear of social media isn’t helping me get my work out there so having finally gotten comfortableish with Facebook (the BN page is here by the way) I’ll start trying some other avenues and see what happens… so Tumblr!  I’m planning on posting lots of wip tee designs and other stuff, BN/etc. so follow me there too if you’re interested, plus I’m curious to hear other people’s suggestions for great artists to follow :)

Vote incentive: Gay’s latest obsession


  1. Cam

    Breeding program? Oh my, I’m sure Gay won’t be into that, but I wonder how he’ll react when Lech finds out. I know you’re busy with everything, but I wish you could make this chapter quicker because I’m so excited to see Gay’s reaction and the girl bears! Eee!

  2. BortBort

    How come Everytime I vote and you say it involve one of the characters, it ends up something else art. Like a tree or ninjas. This time it was a weasel art not Gay art :v

  3. NAZF

    @BortBort: The vote pics update a few hours after the comic updates.

  4. NAZF

    Also, on the topic if the pic, I had a feeling something like that happened. ;)

  5. JAN

    I’m kinda confused about Gay’s belly symbol…. I understand Nerd’s symbolizes a weenie since he is after all a nerd.. Gay… not so much….

  6. JAN

    Maybe with the girls around we get to see the origins of gay???

  7. Zee

    I’m pretty sure they all know what girl parts are, Nerd or not. It’s not like zoo animals wear pants.

  8. chocoblue

    Gay’s look of shock actually made ME nervous as well. Nerd, darling, you’re excitement is so adorable! Evil as a bird feeder? XD Evil, I love you even more now.


  9. To INFINITY...

    I am most worried about Prozacs, Evils, Gays and Cracks reactions. (Crack: OMG FEMALES WHAT IF THEY HAVE COOTIES)

  10. Alister

    Nerd’s reaction is just freaking priceless!

  11. Kath

    that is, presuming that the girl bears *want* to breed. It could also be someone like Tank’s mother who is too old to breed. They could be chain smoking backside kicking lady bears that can give evil a run for his money. Or they could be totally pmsing, and make every bear there terrified to go near them.

  12. Glowworm

    The panel with Evil as a birdfeeder cracked me up.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    Nerd’s right; this is so exciting. I can’t wait to see the tack this is going to take. You could explore this for months. :)

    That’s an awful lot of bird seed to have to swallow just to get a bird… can’t they just go over the wall to KFC? :)

  14. MagnuM

    aww poor gay xD faking excitement..
    i imagine nerd to be on good terms with the girls, hes already really girly :)

  15. Michael

    I’ll legit send you…100 bucks?if you write in a muscular sexy love interest for gay. Its great that he’s gay in the “I dress well, I have nice hair, oooo a spider” gay, but….while I love your comic I’m more of a tom of finland type gay (mixed with nerd) and lament at times that gay is what we think of…I think actually I’d just assumed all your bears were gay (ie.: bears) and they were differnet types of the gay community personas (s and M gay, neurotic gay, fake jock gay, fem gay, asian fem gay, nerd gay…)

  16. Bry

    Lol oh boy Gay doesn’t seem to like the news… x3 i wonder if there will be cat fights in the future between him and the girls lmao

  17. Ninkurou

    He might not appear now, but I’m pretty sure that gay will became friend with the girls.
    He will finally have someone to talk about things that he can’t normally talk to the other Bears.
    Someone who really undestands he.
    Also I’m still sure that Evil broke Crack, maybe crack wil end in the place of Evil 2.

  18. All

    I don’t get Gay’s symbol either. Its a rhino? I mean the others make sense, but not his.

    Well I know that Lech will have some weird jock thing to say about the girl’s showing up. Somehow jock’s always seemed like huge d-bags to me.

  19. Joel

    @ Michael, Gay is pretty fierce when push comes to shove. He’s more than held his own against resident “Jock” bear, Lech, when it came to a fight between the two. He’s pretty scrappy when it gets down to it.

    That said, a “tough” male love interest for Gay would indeed be AWESOME. I might even throw some money in that pot. :D

  20. Blank

    *Cough* Read it again you guys, there is only gonna be one, and I repeat, one female bear. I don’t get how there could be a misunderstand on that.

  21. Chris

    Gawd Nerd, hold your pants:P Gay obviously isn’t too cray about it.

  22. Blacky Blackerson

    You’ve been spending too much time with Lech, Nerd xD

  23. Blacky Blackerson

    @Blank: Well, last week they had two females show up back to back in the title card. I think it’s safe to assume that there will be two.

  24. Monochrome

    Given character archetypes and pattern, my guess is on her being lesbian or lust type personality. My money is on lesbian, as that would keep the over all pace of the comic without introducing overly mature elements.

  25. Lawr

    Do you smell that body odor on the wind?

    The shippers are coming.

  26. Blacky Blackerson

    They were already here xD

    Need I remind you of GayLech?

  27. Constance

    Oh no, Gay isn’t going to be the most “faaaabuuuuuloussss” in the bear pen now, lol.

  28. YourWorstNightmare

    Wow Nerd just freaked me out XD and lol Gay’s reaction isn’t suspicious at all

  29. chocoblue

    For some reason, I want to give Gay a big hug. He looks so…lost. Nobody has mentioned what Vanity will do when he meets the girls. What about Death and Gimp? What if one of the ladies has the personality of a dominatrix behind closed doors.

    Omg, I’m over thinking this 0.0

    I’m sorry.

  30. Urago

    @chocoblue: Well, Vanity is a child(I think), so he’d probably be uninterested in the female bears.

  31. Irmavep

    GIMP!!!! I so what him to be the chosen one after the dust settles and the bears have figured out who is alpha enough to breed.

    Personally I think its going to be Butch Bear, “Inappropriate Cosplay” Bear (female nerd) or PMS Bear

    SHIP’pers AHOY!!

  32. Sterling Rodd

    I had always kind of assumed that the guys had just availed themselves of whatever else was out there… obviously there wouldn’t be any little “consequences” walking around afterward across species (then again, this is a comic about bears who talk, so who knows?). :) And it’s been pretty broadly hinted at that Lech gets around, even with male monkeys. But I suppose the chance to finally meet someone who’s going to hit all the buttons for you would be pretty exciting. :)

  33. MagnuM

    gimp will probably be well liked by the girls since he doesnt speak and only listen xD
    death will be interesting though.

  34. chocoblue

    @MagnuM: I’m just so excited…I’ve been waiting for the girls for a few years. Ah…how time flies.

    My friends introduced me to Bear Nuts when I was a high school sophomore.

    I remember that day. Our science teacher was late, so we took the opportunity to use to computers in our class XD
    My friend was reading this web comic about talking bears, and that was that. Evil and Death immediately became my favorites <3

  35. gamehunter8

    the idea of Gay getting a muscular sexy love interest who have mysterious origins is EPIC . I wot 10+ on that idea!

  36. corvuscorone68

    @JAN i remember reading in the author’s comments one time that a rhino is an archaic gay symbol

  37. corvuscorone68

    yeah i just googled it, it became popular in the gay community in the 1970s, something to do with rhinos being docile unless riled

  38. Sparrow9612

    First post here on the site. I’ve really enjoyed this comic so far. I’m looking forward to seeing the female bears and the effect they’ll have on the guys.

    On a different note, I’m curious about something: what keeps Nerd’s glasses on his face? The arms don’t reach behind his ears?

  39. chocoblue

    @Sparrow9612: I’ve wondered that too XD

  40. VN

    The female bear is lesbian

  41. Sparrow9612

    What he needs is a stretchy strap in place of arms. I wear glasses myself, and I think the best design for eyewear would be a visor shape with an adjustable stretchy band. If the side of the lenses wrap around a bit, it would allow for corrected peripheral vision as well.

  42. Ninja_Pixel

    @MagnuM I have a feeling that the females would find Death attractive, mainly cause a lot of women like the mysterious silent types xD But seeing Evil interact with females would be entertaining to see.

  43. Faiz

    “with like actual girl parts!?” oh nerd, that’s why lech called you numb nuts earlier.

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