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June 18th, 2012

Page 320

New stuff up in the Society6 shop including the creepy Death bear print and TEE :) plus a new version of my Firefly/Wash tee that was on Ript a couple of weeks ago, or however long ago it was… I’ve lost the concept of time. ¬†Crack on the other hand seems to be desperately aware of how long he has and apparently manned up! I wonder if this will go well for him…

Today’s vote incentive is a commission from last year some time that I just found again on my drive. ¬†These kinds of things are fun, I like incorporating other people’s characters with my crazy bears :)


  1. Delakando

    Who knew that he could pull off the puppy dog eyes like that?!

  2. gamehunter

    OH NO!!!!!! DON`T GO IN EVIL`s ROOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi

    Wow, even Tanked’s got cute eyes! ^-^

  4. alexander B

    a warning, whatever you do, don’t let other peoples charachters into the comic proper.

  5. Rodney Bear

    Aww poor Crack. <3

  6. Shruikan

    Cutest Tanked smile in panel 5 EVER!

  7. rezazel

    Let’s hoped Tanked doesn’t play with the talking plush bear while tanked …

  8. Kath

    Aww- yeah, poor tanked. But it shows that even Cracked won’t take something from someone who needs it more. All of the stuff he was going after for the batteries were – well, extra batteries. Like do you really need an electric toothbrush? and do you need blinky lights in the displays? the night light was a need.
    Now, all of the bears know that his night lite died. Time is counting down, and Prozac knows whats going to happen if there isn’t any light at the end of the tunnel. EVERY bear is going to be up. (which should just happen ONCE and then all of the bears should be keeping him well supplied )
    Tank has beautiful eyes.
    How could crack even think about taking batteries out of something that told Tanked that it loved him?


  9. Sterling Rodd


    Must have that shirt! 20% cooler :)

    I didn’t know Crack was a softy. I knew he was cowardly but I kind of thought he was wrapped up in himself and his own needs and the feelings of others didn’t loom large on his radar. I like seeing I read that wrong about him.

  10. Viesta

    Crack’s got pretty eyes when they’re not cracked out.

  11. Feartheswans

    In Panels 6 and 7 Cracked looks very ashamed of himself

  12. EppikPhayle

    I love Tanked’s face XD

  13. Ropo

    I love Crack’s reaction to Tanked’s puppy-dog eyes. The expression on his face is priceless.

  14. Ropo

    @Shruikan – I have to disagree – Cutest Tanked smile EVER was in panel 9 of this comic –

  15. UOMeAnIOU

    haha i love crack’s little internal struggle. “evil or death’s room? EVIL, DEFIANTLY EVIL.”

  16. Shruikan

    @ Ropo

    Yea…that one is cute indeed, but I love the 3d-ness of this one, and those cute little teeth. I don’t know, just looks utterly adorable to me :P

  17. iamry

    this arc is revealing a lot of depth to crack’s character! I like it!

  18. Bix

    will this means that evil is going to have his payback for being tied in a chair? O_O!!

  19. Ketira

    I love Tanked’s “cute eyes” pic! Ooh – new wallpaper: a line up of all of them (although I’m not sure if Cracked would do that) giving the audience “cute eyes”! Please?
    Purrrrrretty please? With a filet mignon on top?

  20. Kurobara

    I have a feeling that Evil has his room booby-trapped…and that Crack is going to be hanging upside down like a fluffy pinata. I hope that doesn’t happen to that poor little guy, considering Evil still has to be VERY pissed about being tied up in that chair. D:

  21. Revriley

    Yeah, I figured he wouldn’t freak out (he’s probably seen Tanked’s bear before anyway).

    And Crack does have a very specific reason to be scared of Evil this time. (Bix noticed it already)
    “Someday, somewhere…out of the darkness, when you least expect it…I kill you.” –Evil. Don’t think he’s gotten his revenge yet, but I’m sure Crack hasn’t forgotten the threat!

    Still, he looks pretty determined (yeah!), and he seems to be going through with it, no matter his fear. Or maybe not, he could be walking away….also, more ranges of emotions! Yeah again! Sheepishness, irritation, courage, we’re going strong with this one!

  22. Unknown

    Oh my gosh. I nearly died from Tank’s puppy eyes. So cute! :)

  23. Narfcake

    It’s amazing just how much emotion we’re seeing in these panels, from the exasperation and surprise by Crack to the sadness and joy of Tanked.

    On another note, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMES TWO! to the DoOomkittens, who both turn one today.

  24. Beta

    Tell a lot without having to say much. It’s like when I watch movies, the good ones don’t have to use scripted dialog to explain what’s happening or tell the story, or explain how someone’s feeling, the character’s actions and emotions do. The words play into the emotions and pull the story along. Probably why I like this comic a lot. Plenty of pages with limited dialog, but you’re never lost and nothing has to be explained, because it’s all there in front of you to look at and is craftily done.

  25. Nicole


  26. Cam

    It’s too bad Crack’s so on edge all the time, his regular eyes are so pretty. And I stand corrected, Tank’s puppy-face is still best. XD

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