Page 111
August 21st, 2009

Page 111

So a head’s up that this arc is the longest yet, I think, but also one of my favs.  And before anyone screams at me that it should be Death’s turn – that’s next! – but he does have a role in this comic too :)

A couple people have asked how Sam’s doing (you guys are so sweet!) and as far as anyone can tell, he’s “textbook”.  I, on the other hand, am miserable and always tired… and my ankles have gone away again, who knows when they’ll be back.  Only two months to go!

Today’s vote incentive is another example of my typical drawing process.


  1. Leak

    Hmmm… I can haz hash brownies? :D

    np: Tosca – Elektra Bregenz (No Hassle (Disc 1))

  2. RGD

    There is something in the frosting. Like Peters exploding cupcakes the secrets in the frosting.

  3. The Moot

    He promised not to roast the children, he didn’t say anything about baking them! O___O

  4. Imp Oster

    I wouldn’t trust it, Tanky. :V Maybe cupcakes are the one part of Evil’s cubhood that he enjoyed. O:

  5. StrayXL

    I Sense a Disturbance In The Force

  6. Skittles

    Tanked’s face at the last panel is priceless!

  7. Yai

    Ahahah! Goodness, Tanked is my favourite. Evil seems pretty nice.. until now. :]

  8. la

    D:<‘ What’s Evil planning?! Is the cupcake drugged, posioned or holding a time bomb?!

    And on another note, I do love Tanked. 8’D

  9. Zar


  10. Kunle

    THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. HaloMythbuster

    Frame 4, Tanked’s expression is just gtreat

  12. Kitsunekage

    IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!
    *ahem* sorry, had an Admeral Akbar moment.

    @Kunle Yes, the cake is a lie, for it is a cupcake! 0.0

  13. Solario the Visored

    All you ignorant people accusing Evil of being up to something: You make me SICK! You think he’s doing something bad just because of his HORNS, his RED EYES, and his HISTORY OF VIOLENT AND HOMICIDAL BEHAVIOUR! That’s profiling! D:<

  14. Thwaitesy

    I can never get over Tanked…he’s just adorable

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