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August 24th, 2009

Page 112

I love the first 5 panels, poor Tanked!  Does Evil have any idea of the difference in sedative levels to take down a small bear versus a large elephant??

Today’s vote incentive is some more animal designs I did for Whiff of Joy Stamps (there’s even some normal looking bears in there! :)

Next weekend is Fan Expo!!  If you’re in the Toronto area come say hi, we’ll be in the artist alley with BN books, stickers, buttons, and prints… and living it up as this is our last trip pre-baby (and by living it up I mean I may try to stay up past 10)

UPDATE: We got our table assignments for this weekend.  We’ll be with our publisher, DMF, in the artist alley somewhere in booth A11-A14.  Click to check out the floorplan.


  1. Sageis

    So…a yummy treat..suffering..and then darkness…

  2. Unusual

    ;__; … Oh… well… I suppose Tanked is used to blacking out by now. But still. And lol at Evil’s watch. Who knew they could pull up their fur like that. Maybe the reason they have tummy symbols is because they’re actually wearing suits of fur with them on it. Hmmm. I think I’m reading too far into that.

  3. starlac

    Not to mention that the small bear in question is generally out of his mind on a depressant (beer) alreadly. :P

    I like Evil’s wristwatch.

  4. Q

    laff @ nosebleed. Good show.

  5. Heart of Blades

    Poor Tanked! Lol, alas, his ill fate brings us humor and joy. I wonder who Evil’s other victims with the night night cupcakes shall be

  6. Gozed

    I think Evil was even a little surprised at the nosebleed.

  7. The Gnome

    It takes time and hard work to make a high quality evil. Now why do I have a feeling that if you tried to exercised the evil from EB there would be nothing left but one hair? (note that the one hair is not the good in him just indifferent)

  8. Sebine

    Awwwwwww Panel 5 Tanked is SO cute

  9. Heather

    That’ll do Tanked, That’ll do.

    Hee hee. So where is he going to leave his bait huh?

    Wonder what’ll happen when Death catches him. Or possibly Prozac.

  10. Somi

    aww, Tanked. ^^

  11. Wiskers

    Tanked can denfinantly be cute… when not coughing up his last meal.

    Also, you do an awsome job at creating such high quality strips in such quick succession.

  12. T

    Knew it.

  13. Ruff

    Wait a minute… did Evil just go and pull back his fur like it was a sleeve? So does this mean that’s not his actual fur?

  14. poco

    Aww… poor Tanked. At least he probably won’t remember any of this. Evil’s gonna get himself into too much trouble one of these days.

  15. Kenichi340

    I knew it!

  16. TRan

    I’ve been reading this comic pretty much from the start, and you’ve done a great job so far. Still, this latest arc has made me worried. There’s still time, I think, so, read the link and try not to catch this thing that seems to haunt so many good webcomics.

  17. Oddiccus

    Evil will never change…

  18. RatingDef

    I bet tanked would be used to waking up on the floor… He’ll probably want another cake when he does.

  19. Rawrimaducky

    Gosh darnit tanked, i told you not to eat the cupcake

  20. Took

    @ TRan have you noticed your comment suffers from Cerebus Syndrome? you start out with a compliment and then it becomes a warning. Personally I think a dramatic version of bearnuts would be hilarious, or boring, one of the two. Imagine if Gimp got pregnant!!

  21. Connor

    Crap, first i thought it was glue, but now…yikes. I’m bettin its gonna be Nerd and Prozac that get the other two.

  22. Peach

    Poor Tanked. :(

    It always makes me feel sad to see Tanked get picked on. He’s really such a nice and thoughtful bear, in his own drunken way.

  23. Kaos

    Damn… so he did put something in the cookies to drug the bears? so he can fry the kids without getting interrupted? O.o boy he is clever in an evil way.

  24. Shen Hibiki

    Love the smile at the end! XD

    And on an unrelated note, not fair, the poll has no “Chile” option ¬¬ Why Argentina but no Chile? >.<

  25. John

    Or is it evil in a clever way?

  26. Kookaburra8su

    Ah, I get it now, Tanked’s reaction is very familiar. Double shot black sambuca cupcakes!

    So tasty that you never see what hits you.

  27. machchunk

    Kaos:…uh, pretty sure it’s for the kids, dude. Alison is a better writer than that.

  28. Kurobara

    Evil did a good pick. Tanked is always passing out, so if anyone sees him by the cupcakes, they’ll think he just had another blackout spell, nom on the cupcake, then off to beddie bye land. It will be so ironic if Death is the first to grab one. XD

  29. £Ø§Ð

    I Like how Evil Roll’s Up His…Skin? In order to Check the Time.

  30. Angelfire

    OMG! poor tanked!!! i love him so!!! i hope he turns out okay. T-T
    and are you gonna be at Fan Expo the whole weekend? cuz im going to be there on Sunday only. i have to go up to my cottage the other days. and what section will you be in? i’ll probably be mostly in the Anime Expo section. gotta love that anime. XD
    whatever. i’ll just look around for you! ^_^

  31. kaijufan43

    Poor Tanked. He is my favorite bear. Evil needs to get taught a lesson by Death again.

  32. Becky

    Rolling up the fur is a classic gag. Bugs Bunny, Tom, Jerry, Daffy Duck.. they’ve done that. Its perfectly loony for the Bear Nuts boys, too. I love it!

  33. Sarah

    I am currently pimping your site out to as many people as humanly possible.

    I’m sad I didn’t find out about the webcomic earlier.

  34. admin

    @ The Gnome: I like the idea of the”indifferent hair”.
    @ Wiskers: Thanks! I can only manage if I keep a good buffer going.
    @ TRan: I don’t think you have to worry about BN not remaining comedic, these guys just aren’t built for serious drama (except for maybe Gay). And I find the tvtropes site a little silly overall; who the hell had the time to write all that stuff ??
    @ Took: Oh man, Gimp pregnant… that would be something!
    @ Shen: Sorry! I didn’t write the poll!
    @ Angelfire: We’ll be there Sat and Sun, somewhere in the artist alley. I’m hoping to have a big banner made up so it shouldn’t be too hard to find us.
    @ Sarah: Thank you! Much appreciated for the pimpage :)

  35. PTM

    THAT’S MAH BOI, EVIL! Don’t let Tanked get away alive or conscious!

  36. Skittles

    Hey Alison, could you send me a recipe for cupcakes the make your eye bleed and then pass out? Pleeeeeaaaase?

  37. Skittles

    Or ones that give you laser vision. Either one works.

  38. sandy-kilo

    a good bait for a tender and lovely child…..

  39. PsychoDuck

    Tanked and Evil: A winning combination for comedy. Some reassembly required after each performance.

  40. Rahnee

    I think Tanked’s nose started bleeding cuz he hit his head on the table. Also, Alison, I’ve got some ideas for fan characters. Want me to send them to you?

  41. S.P

    That’s so clever, wish I could do that to some friends I know.

  42. Yai

    I love the first five panels! And that Evil is so.. evil! D:

  43. Heather

    Just realised- 1st Anniversary of the comic was yesterday! Congrats!

  44. la

    xD Tanked’s so cute. Even when his nose is a freaking blood fountain, and espeically when he’s happily and literatelly stuffing his face.

  45. Kitsunekage

    Hey, Evil, did Tanked pass out again? Oh, sweet, cupcakes? Can I have one? What’s with the grin, Evil……
    You made these, didn’t you?……Cr*p. *Falls over*

  46. pingo1387

    I think that he should have tested it on someone other than Tanked, what with the brain-damage. Then again, no one else would be stupid enough to accept a cupcake from Evil… :|

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