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August 28th, 2009

Page 113

We’re in Toronto this weekend to see friends, family and hang out at FanExpo 2009!  Stop by if you’re in the GTA, we’ll be in the artist alley somewhere from A11-A14 (click the link above for the show floorplan).  We’re taking today off but we’ll be here all Saturday and Sunday… that is when I’m not constantly running to the bathroom from a kick to the bladder :P

We’ve also hit another milestone: Bear Nuts has been around for one whole year now!  I think it went by pretty fast too, and then I ponder all the hours I’ve spent on 120 plus pages done so far and I’m not sure how they all got done… well here’s to another year!  The bears even got their own birthday card :)

Before anyone asks, Tanked will be fine!  He’s not dead.


  1. Kaos

    Poor Tanked but at least he will not be alone on the floor. xD

  2. Kaos

    I meant Lech.

  3. hehe

    of course, Lech trusts Evil XD its his fault then!

  4. Sageis

    See, that is why you don’t leave knock-out cupcakes siting out.

  5. khielira

    you should have known better than to trust Evil, Lech.

  6. Gottmorder

    I guess Evil never tires of spiking people’s food and beverages

  7. Saddust

    Haaappy biiirthdayyy to youuu, Bear Nuts, Happy biiirthdayyy to youuuu… And long life.

  8. Heart of Blades

    Happy Birthday Bear Nuts!

  9. Saddust

    By the way, I’m more and more curious to know about Tanked (awwww…) past ! The tea time with the squirrel showed such a big difference between his two aspects…

  10. Squival

    Evil Bear in the same room as a cupcake? What was Lech thinkin

  11. Jon B

    Happy Birthday! Great work, as usual.

  12. Kenichi340

    The fanny pack is back!

    Happy Birthday, Bear Nuts!

  13. RatingDef

    Happy B’day BN. Hey, is that a bear bum bag?

  14. Oddiccus

    Happy Birthday Bear Nuts…
    May you live long and prosper… :)

  15. Rawrimaducky

    *gasp* The fanny pack! Dunn, dunn, dunnnnnnnnn.

  16. Severedevil

    Lech is cute when he’s not being a jerk…

  17. Xu-kitty

    Return of the Fanny Pack!
    …..Of Evil!


  18. Becky

    I was wondering at first, where did the other cupcake go. Then I realized that Evil has it. Not only does Evil have the Fanny Pack of Doom, he also has one of the Cup Cakes of Doom. At this rate, he’ll have to take a copyright out on ‘of Doom’ and start collecting Royalties (of Doom) every time its used.

  19. Evil2.0

    I love that fanny pack…wonder how much evil one can stuff in there

    Happy Birthday…….how’s Sam(?)

  20. Evil2.0

    Sorry for the re- comment, are Evil and Crack the only one’s worried about Gay being in the cake, are they the only one’s who see the wrongness-ess?

    I lol’ed so hard

  21. Kurobara

    Ah, you know Evil is gonna do something really diabolical when he pulls out the fanny-pack.
    Happy B-day BN! And for tomorrow, Happy Un-Birthday!

  22. Kiggy

    Yay for the first year!

  23. Imp Oster

    Ahhahaaa.. Oh Lech, you poor fellow. I love Evil’s fannypack. He’s going to bring it back into style. And then what is Gay going to do?

  24. hehe

    hmm, what if gay and gimp decide to teach Lech a lesson?

  25. Pamplemousse

    Happy belated anniversary! Hope the comic will continue for quite a bit longer! Lech’s blarg face is priceless!! I also love how the fanny pack looks like it has evil teeth instead of regular zipper teeth. <3

  26. Somi

    happy birthday Bear Nuts!!!

  27. Rungard

    Happy Birthday Bear Nuts. :) May there be many more years to come!

  28. Melissa

    Happy birthday Bear Nuts! I think you had just posted your second comic when I found this site and I’ve been addicted ever since! I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Good luck with the years to come!

  29. poco

    Hmm… my earlier comment didn’t post. :(

    Happy birthday Bearnuts! And the birthday pic is adorable. It’s my wallpaper now.

  30. Puffles

    Happy B-day Bearnuts.

    Beware Evil’s fanny pack of Evil


  31. Maha Panta

    This is why I always say, “Never trust anyone with a fanny pack!”.

  32. Pimpette

    Wooo! Saw you guys at Fan Expo, got me some Lech buttons. :D

  33. DJ Emotastic

    Lol did he just pull up his fur and check his watch?

  34. Glowworm

    Remember-before enjoying a delicious cupcake baked by Evil always check for friends knocked out on the floor first. :)

  35. la

    The fanny pack of the evil returns! Sweet! >D
    Ah, a little too late. Alack, poor bear. D:

  36. Kitsunekage

    Smooth move, Lech. Never trust food that has been in the vicinity of Evil.

  37. HaloMythbuster

    Panel 6: The Cupcake is confused!
    Panels 4-8 are my favorites.

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