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June 25th, 2012

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I’m not sure there is such a thing as a battery powered drill but I guess Crack just found out the hard way.  This reminds me that I must bug Jim to hurry up and install the curtains in Sambit’s room.  He charged the drill a couple of days ago now and still hasn’t commenced with the doing my bidding.

Watched the last episode of the “Legend of Korra” this morning and loved it.  I still haven’t found any info on wether they’ll do another season or not??  I guess they pretty much tied up the loose ends (maybe) and I imagine it’s by far the most expensive animated show on television, but I want more.  I was a little bored with some of the earlier episodes and all the diversionary bending league stuff but when it got back on track it was great.  If only I had time to do fan art :P

Little preview panel from the next arc (I’ve managed to get my buffer built up to about a month in advance again, yay!  I don’t like stressing about missing updates…and I know I shouldn’t let it bother me with free comics and all…but it does.)  And happy birthday to me but I’m totally overshadowed now by the twins’ birthday 5 days ago.  Behold the awesomeness of first birthday cake ever!  No idea what Evan’s doing to his ears, probably shoving cake in them.


  1. Sidero

    Why seems like Evil has a plan?

  2. bran

    hi im wondering if your gonna be at the anime expo

  3. Clare

    There is going to be a second season of Korra, yes.
    (Also this comic made me laugh so loud that it scared my dog)
    (But mostly the Korra thing)

  4. Hi

    Hey, that was funny. First, Crack just gets shocked then he get scared of the drill and runs out crazy yelling the whole way. That’s totally what’s I’d do. XD

  5. EnviousSpartan

    *to the jar of eyes* OK STARING CONTEST! GO!!


  6. alexander B

    “that gives me an idea”

  7. Qucas

    Yeah, there should be a second season of the “Legend of Korra”. I hear it’s already written, they just have to do the animation and storyboarding; it will probably air around early 2013.

  8. IWX

    There are definitely battery operated drills, but most use larger industrial/proprietary batteries.

  9. gamehunter

    LoL * mass hysteria * AND OH GOD!!! THE *eyes*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.o THE HORROR!!!

  10. carol

    *♫* :∙.♪★♪.∙: *♫* :∙.☆♪:∙..∙:Happy Anniversary of your Birth Alison!:∙..∙:♫★.∙: *♪* :∙.♫☆♫.∙: *♪*

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    Outstanding! is was laughing long before the messy baby pictures, and then I laughed harder.

  12. Jon B

    Awesome comic and cute baby pics. I fear for the sanity of any parent who lets a one year old eat cake in anything more than a diaper. Happy birthday to you too. :)

  13. Beta

    I use battery powered drills all the time at work! Only they’re not called battery powered, they’re called Cordless drills!

    And they definitely don’t use the kind of batteries crack would need that’s for sure! Even if he did try and wire the leads of the cordless drill battery, I’d think his nightlight would burn up quickly. Or hilariously explode! I don’t imagine battery powered nightlights would ever need 14.4-18 volts of power. Talk about overkill!

    And congrats on surviving birthdays! You should buy yourself a birthday present to the spa! :P

  14. unsuffrableSchizophrenic

    Oh how i love Crack’s twitchyness.

  15. Kath

    Happy birthday to you and the twins, and yes. kids put cake in their ears much like chipmunks do for their cheeks.

    I think there is a battery adaptor pack that you can run things off of, like it uses 2 d cells, or 8 AAs,
    Poor Crack!

  16. Mort1

    Now you know what your kids will look like when they get older and sport the currently fashionable look (which should be fashionably retro by then) of shaved head and short beard/mustache!
    At least in this weather you can just take them out to the back yard and hose them down.

  17. Sterling Rodd

    I really like how Crack manages to compose himself for a split second there, holding the drill. That expression at the end of the second role is unlike anything I can remember seeing here before. :)

    We’re rapidly running out of bears to steal batteries from here. I think we’re down to Gay and Prozac himself at this point.

    …Oh, wait, what am I saying. Lech is bound to have all kinds of things that are battery-operated! I just don’t know if Crack is desperate enough to touch any of them. :)

  18. Nicole

    We’ve seen that evil look before and it does not bode well for Crack.

    Babies and cake! Gotta love it! :D

  19. Beta

    Yeesh. Sterling, the battery operated things that may Lech’s room is something I need not to know of! I surely wouldn’t want to know what kind of GASOLINE operated things he’s got in there. I really need to remember to take caution when reading your comments :P

  20. Andrew

    Is that the scoop Evil was gonna use to gouge out Vanity’s eyes I see displayed on the shelf next to the jar of eyes? As well as the fanny pack of evil on a hook beneath the shelf?

  21. temari

    i love ur comics.. my boyfriend got me reading it a few months back and i love it ^^ <3 i to watch the legend of korra and i hope they come out with more to. they cant just leave us fans hanging after she just learned to air bend.

  22. systemcat

    Happy Birthday :-D!

  23. Cherie

    Ohh, a plotting Evil does not bode well.

    Also, Happy Birthday :)

  24. Stitchpunk

    Oh god where did he get those eyes D8

    Aaaand Haaaaaappy Birthday! *throws confetti*

  25. Yu Huo

    I too have a battery operated hammer drill. I’m pretty sure the power requirements for such a thing would just about melt Crack’s night light…

    All one year olds should get to be COVERED IN CAKE for their birthdays! Al soon as they get a little bit older people start to frown on such a thing… and it’s harder to wash them in the sink.

  26. Kath

    @ sterling Rodd, OMG I almost spit soda over the keyboard when I read what you wrote. (Naughty ferret!) I guess the blowup dolls, *would* need batteries somewhere, but I am not sure I want to know where? I think prozac woul dbe the best bet because he knows if it is dark, that HE will be spending another night with Crack and he DOES need his sleep…

  27. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — Well I was thinking of grubby old Mattel Electronic Baseball games, tabletop Pac Man and old Colecovision panel games, you know… why, what were YOU thinking of? :P

  28. Sterling Rodd

    @Kath — “Spending the night with Crack”… probably nowhere near as rewarding as it doesn’t sound. :)

  29. Lauren

    Poor Crack. He just wants to revive his night light. And now he’s gone and inspired Evil. No good can come of this.

  30. Lauren

    Also, I’m sorely tempted to make plushies of the crew. They’re so darn adorable.

  31. Jadugara

    Yeah,….where DID those eyes in the jar on the mantle come from,….or should I say, from “whom”…? Did we miss the encounter with one of his victims?

  32. jeroen

    Yes there is a battery powered drill. I have one from Tamiya, which is actually a model (you have to put it together yourself) and primarily used by hobbyists to use in modelling. It’s not a very good one though.

    Wow, I thought my kid made a mess of her birthday cake!

  33. Tom

    eyes… icescoop… WHO’S ARE THEY!

  34. Yu Huo

    Well, we do know that Evil has a thing for eyeballs and ice cream scoops. Vanity is lucky still to have his eyes. But you have to admit… eyeballs, ice cream scoops… the two were made for each other…

  35. Nicole

    The eyes….they LIVE!!

  36. J.C.

    Poor Crack… he could have just asked.

  37. BMunro

    Yeah…to echo JC, why not ask first? Does Crack ever talk? Is he just too paranoid to use batteries someone gives him?

  38. BMunro

    Checking back, he does talk. I guess he is just that paranoid…

  39. admin

    @bran: Sorry no, we managed one big family trip to TCAF this year; we definitely don’t have it in us to do another one :(

  40. Cam

    Those eyes stared. O.O I guess Evil found eye for his mantle, but I wonder whose they are.

  41. Faiz

    Same goes for me. I wanted to know too whose eyes are those :/

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