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July 2nd, 2012

Page 322

Could it possibly be a happy ending for Crack??  One of these days I’ll have to just write some kind of simple story with a happy ending for all and just throw all the readers for a loop :)

Happy late Canada day everyone, especially to my fellow Canadians!  That vote image is unfortunately a re-use from a couple of years ago as I had no time to come up with something new.  If it’s any consolation I imagine Tanked does the same thing every year anyway.

EDIT:  Forgot to mention my crazy cat lady shirt got resurrected for one week only on Woot!  It’s on a unisex tank top this time around.  Thank the internet gods for Woot, I should just get them to pay me in diapers.


  1. flashfox466

    Yay! Death cameo! :D
    I know this won’t end well, but I just love how chill Death is about helping Cracked. Most of the others would be upset for being woken from a nap. xD

  2. Zermel

    That is without a doubt the biggest smile I have ever seen on death’s normally gloom filled face.Draw more happy Death,Alison!

  3. alexander B

    I like death :) hope it worked.

  4. gamehunter

    DEATH…………with a smile………..OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD (GOD)!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo cute >:3

  5. Vince Velcen

    Now when Crack uses the Batteries, the light will be as bright as the sun, and just as hot. XD

  6. Varis

    I suspect that the night light will come to life. Or otherwise possessed.

  7. iamry



  8. Nicole

    That’s super nice of Death to try, but I agree with iamry. I don’t think those are rechargeable.

    Hooray for Woot shirts that pay for diapers! :D

  9. Glowworm

    Panel 7–Death looks adorable!

  10. Glowworm

    Or is it actually panel 8?

  11. Luka

    I just get this gut feeling those batteries will be SUPER charged, and Cracked won’t be able to sleep for the sun-bright glare in his room.. :P

  12. Zermel

    Has anyone else wondered whether or not evil has gotten to the light yet?I bet he’s either smashed it by now,or at least smashed something in Crack’s room.More likely his room will be riddled with drill holes.

  13. Rahnee

    …now I want a pic of Gaia and happy Death…

  14. Chase

    Bought a shirt! My sister better love it! She’s the only one I know who wears tank tops. >:[

  15. J.C.

    Death is smiling?!?!?! 0_0 :D

  16. Brian Hibbs

    this won’t end well

  17. Nicole

    Nooo, Zermel! Not the penguin night light! :(

  18. richard s f

    one lightning storm coming up with the flick of a switch..maybe. Which brings me to an odd idea….since you have ProHulk, could the rest of the Bear-vengers be far behind? Deathbear God of thunder…Nerd Ironbear…and…and…dang my brain batteries just died….apologies in advance if this was a bad thing..brain has been dying .

  19. RexiaXIV

    I’m not sure if using the powers of Death is the best idea.

    … Totally betting that Crack’s nightlight is going to go bonkers. 8D

  20. Nich

    Ah! I’m going to buy that tank

  21. £Ø§Ð

    Love seeing Death happy. :3

  22. Beta

    It was never determined that they weren’t rechargeable.

    It would be even glorious if the batteries were fine but the bulb just burnt out.

    Also, rapid charging batteries that fast probably isn’t good, but Death’s a badass so it shouldn’t matter :P

  23. Sterling Rodd

    Has anybody else ever noticed how hilarious some sentences get around here whenever a certain dark grey bear makes an appearance?

    “I like death…”

    “DEATH…………with a smile…”

    “Death looks adorable!”

    Draw more happy Death,Alison!”

    Endlessly amusing. :)

  24. Unknown

    Death has got to be the cutest one out of all of them……except that time when he discovered caffiene. That was scary.

  25. Malus

    Is Death… smiling?

    I’m suddenly afraid for my life.

  26. Beta

    I’ve always pictured Death as the one who would begrudgingly know how to fix things had anything bad happen to the group. If they get stranded on a road trip, Lech would be the first one under the hood about how manly working on engines and motor oil makes you. Nerd would be arguing with some scientific nonsense that would somehow pertain to how some said superhero fixed something in page 4 of name the issue. Crack would be cracking out about dieing some horrifically terrible and implausible way due to lack of a shelter, and quite possibly the atmosphere. And after evil tears something up farther than lech did, Death would facepalmingly make his way over to engineer himself out of this hell hole.

    And yes. A character sharing the name of a word that is usually not indicative of laughter is quite funny when read in the literal sense of the word.

  27. Xint22

    Next comic should be about one of the bears teaming up with Evil and then become even eviler than… Evil YYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!

  28. raeByppilF

    Oh ho ho ho, I can see where this is going…

  29. Yu Huo

    Death is a complete sweetheart. I bet Crack’s nightlight glows with the pellucid beauty of a gentle enlightenment.

    Or maybe not…

  30. Dottycat

    Ya know. Death, Evil, and Gimpy get kinda a bad wrap. Then again Evil wants his but it seems more as a front. But Death is pretty awesome and helpful its just all the other bears are scared of him. Gimpy… I’d kill for a back story on him. lol

  31. Lauren

    I love Death. I think he doesn’t really like being feared and is loving the opportunity to help Crack in any way he can.

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