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July 12th, 2010

Page 189

Poor Evil.  On the rare occasion that he was actually innocent he’s the only one to get hurt. I think Evil would be the first to point out that it won’t always be him as he refuses to be that predictable.  Of course if it was a good prank then he’s liable to get jealous…

I believe someone guessed it might have been Tanked so well done :)

Our first Versus! poll is underway but if you haven’t voted yet here’s Ninja Evil in action.


  1. Sora A.K.

    Aw, Tanked is so cute! I’ve noticed before that both he and Crack played with Dooomy. I’m thinking that Crack is the “official” owner, though? Thus why Tanked got so worried…

    Poor Crack… This isn’t going to help his paranoia. And I love how ruffled and rumpled and whatnot Evil looks in panel 1…

    (My book should arrive on Monday or Tuesday! I’m so excited! It’s still Sunday in my timezone by the way.)

  2. Crzyguy3

    poor tanked XD

  3. Nicole

    I love Tanked’s face as each step at fixing Doomcat just gets worse and worse.

    Ah, Evil…you kinda earned it, m’boy.


    I knew it was Tanked. He spends so much time with that bear, like in “Death Takes a Holiday.”

  5. Lody

    aww poor tanked.
    he was just trying to fix the doom cat doll and made it worse, he looks so happy washing it, knowing hes doing a good deed, but then his face turns to shock when he realises he’s just made it worse.
    I don’t quite understand why he needed scissors to fix the doll…

  6. Artis.K

    wow i had no ideer that was coming ….how hilarious!!

  7. Kurobara

    Somehow, I knew that tanked had something to do with it. And something tells me that Evil just gave Crack a heart attack…

  8. lol

    tanked make me think of mr Bean when he tries to wash a spot he made on the Joconde . :D hilarious

  9. pickles

    @Lody he was using the scissors to cut the bleached spots off

  10. Appel

    thats probably the most adorable ending i have ever seen^^

  11. Glowworm

    Silence! I kill you!

  12. Tonka

    It appears Karma has caught up with Evil for a brief moment. Nice story arc!

  13. Animie fan

    starts chiseling grave stone, -Here lies, and still twitchs creepily, Cracky bear. May he finaly rest in peace… or rather pieces considering Evil used a chainsaw on him.

  14. Thomas

    I really hope you don’t rush through the new character too fast. I mean, you have a lot here, and the only ones I really know the personality of are Prozac, Evil, Nerd, Tanked, and to an extent Death. The other ones are a little too backgroundy, and a really memorable arc with a few of them (and not focusing on Evil) would do so much more than introducing a new character right now.

  15. Alicia

    I kind of have to agree with Thomas. I think it would be neat to know, like the origins or Gimp or Gay. I know you’ll get to em eventually. But yeah it would be good to know more of Lech or Gay atleast. Although I really am looking forward to book 2, since I’ll be getting it for my B-day :D

  16. Maha Panta

    Poor Tanked, at least he was trying!

  17. Lop

    I think the origins of characters like Gimp or Lech would just involve them being on the internet too much

  18. Jack

    And that’s why you should never drink and wash. Poor Tanked, at least he tried and at least he knows that Crack won’t be happy, shows he actually cares.

  19. Kiggy

    Glad to see Tanked has something of a conscience.

  20. Topazert

    All well that ends well, lessons learned,
    Tanked:Do not eat fast food near plushies.
    Crack:Keep door locked when out side bedroom!
    Evil:Be less of a dick…

  21. Likeacupcake

    Panel 4: reminds me of Achmed the Dead Terrorist (Jeff Dunham). “Silence! I kill you!”

    Love Tanked’s faces as well. He’s been getting quite a bit of “scream time” (for want of a better term) lately, hasn’t he? Not playing favorites are you? =P

    Not that we mind…

  22. AkatsukiNekoJr

    D’aww that was cute, Tanked is just f-ing adorable

  23. Lea

    Oh no Evil, don’t be so harsh! In the end you’ll make poor Crack paranoid! …wait.
    And Tanked managed to remain cute even though he’s the evil one here. Excellent! :D

  24. Tigergulp

    Whoooooa…that was unexpected! I love it! Its like your great granny not realizing that the massager she found for her aching back in your room is really a vibe-dildo! (never happened to me, thank God) XP

  25. kaijufan32

    Poor tanked..

  26. Michelle

    Aww… Tanked tried his best, and failed… x3

  27. admin

    @ Sora: Yep, Crack is the one with the stuffed animal fetish (they’re soft and comforting and won’t call you names)
    @ Thomas/Alicia: I don’t really agree that most of them haven’t been fleshed out besides maybe Gimp, but then I kind of know them better then anyone so I suppose I would feel that way. There’s also the pattern of one origin story per book so it will be a while before we know everyone’s backstory.
    @ Likeacupcake: I gotta admit he’s my favorite to draw… shows I guess :D
    @ Tigergulp: … that obviously happened to someone, I don’t think you just made that up!

  28. carlo

    whatever happened to that bear that triend to eat Evil

  29. Nicole

    That scary-ass bear is out there somewhere. I forget what his name was.

  30. Dubael

    Pirate Evil is cuter than Ninja Evil, but Ninja Evil looks like he seriously kicks “A Double S” (as my sainted grannie used to say)

  31. Heart of Blades

    I think I suspected Tanked at one point, but was never too sure. Poor Crack, the wraith of Evil will come down upon him one day.

  32. squeakybunny

    @ Nicole: That would be Sloth bear.

    BTW: I can think of a wonderful and silly revenge for evil to perpetrate on Crack.

  33. Hikaru

    *Sigh* I thought so :) Well, can’t say Tanked didn’t try.

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