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July 9th, 2010

Page 188

To prove how much Gimp uncares, he didn’t even use any anti-septic!  Or perhaps Tanked already found it and drank it… That Polysporin stuff does wonders though.  So far Sam hasn’t gotten any major injuries but I did draw blood on his finger a little bit while trying to cut his nails.  (I say “trying” as he squirms so much or tries to put the nail trimmer in his mouth that he makes it quite difficult.)  I felt so bad and Jim rubbed it in and then Sam pulled my hair which I’d already cut really short because he is a champion hair puller.  I guess the next step is to shave my head… Yesterday he got into an altercation with one of our cats so out it came again.  Hopefully he’s learnt not to pull tails!

Here’s a little preview for the next comic, the last one in the upcoming Vol 2:The Book of Evil and the introduction of a new character! SPOILER ALERT:  If you’ve seen my portfolio or DA pages then please don’t name him or say anything about him in the comments or you may ruin the surprise for others.  If you do I will edit or delete it and everyone else is allowed to heckle you for not reading :D


  1. CoralianExorcist

    Ahaha, I love Gimp. He found the simple solution!

  2. Sora A.K.

    And of course after I said I hoped Evil’s ear-tag didn’t get ripped off. XD Ouch. Gimpy looked real cute while he was examining the ear-tag, at least.

    Wow, Evil sure got that tape off fast… How *did* he get it off? He’s like Houdini!

    Oh, I got my foster sister to read Bear Nuts! She loved it. I’m not sure if she’ll comment but if she does her netname is Zimrian.

  3. ...

    Next comic introduces *nospoilers4u* Bear? Sweet! :) -one of your stalkers on DA-

    And yay more Gimpy and Crack!


    Who needs anti-septic when Death can numb body parts?

    Even though he gets along with everybody, even Gimp’s patience with Crack has it’s limits.

  5. Kookaburra8su

    Sora A.K. “Wow, Evil sure got that tape off fast… How *did* he get it off? He’s like Houdini!”

    Looking at the last frame and considering the rugs they wear, I’d say Evil slipped his bindings but left behind some Carpet Strips. haha!

  6. coyoteBR

    Nice interaction between the bears. And, oh, boy, Crack, you’re in big trouble now…

  7. Theodore

    Why rip it of :( I love the tag on Evil’s ear.
    Anyway, also like Crack’s inner…santum.

  8. Lody

    lol, I love gimp’s simple, yet very effective solution of getting rid of evil’s tag.
    But we’re still not sure who the perpetrator is.
    The one who commited violent acts to dooomy may still be out there.

  9. Kenichi340

    No no no no no! Why remove the tag? It looked good on him. :(

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    Im with Kenichi, I loved the tag. Fine, remove it see if I care….. mumble…. Oh about the new caricature, Like most I was hoping for a girl bear but then the only thing I think about was the Smurfs with only having smurfett .. And then I just kinda vomited.

  11. Bosn_C_Otter


  12. Bosn_C_Otter

    er… love

  13. Lea

    Is the new character a turtle? A ninja turtle mayhaps? :D However, that came out really rad. Gimp is cold as ice. I want him to share my basket… now.

  14. Dementia777

    I love gimp in this one! He’s so cute

  15. Kurobara

    I love how Gimp can just be so calm when Crack is freaking out like that. “OMGTHISISGONNABEBADWHATIF-” *rip* “…THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO THIS!!!”

  16. Wererat2000

    aw, i liked the tag…

  17. Tonka

    Gimp rocks! I can’t wait for a Gimp story arc. Then again, that may be just too disturbing. As for thenew bear, like Bosn C Otter, I was hoping for a girl bear to really shake things up but doesn’t look like it will happen. I am really looking forward to how Alison developes this new personality.

  18. TJ YZ

    ouch ouch ouch ouch OOUUUCHHHH!
    Poor Evil. And only Gimp would be able to get away with it. X)

  19. Nicole

    HAHAHA!!! Did not expect that from Gimp! Way to go, Gimpy!! :D LOVE Evil’s face in panel 6…lookit those molars! :D

    Love how the other bears are just passing by as Gimp opens the door to the “inner sanctum.”

    I’m glad the ear tag is gone. I like symmetry.

  20. Kristen

    I learned that you should trim a babies nails when he/she is sleeping. That way there isn’t any squirmage. I use to nanny for a 4 month old and after a few nail clipper slips myself, I found that is the easiest way if the child isn’t a light sleeper. PS, love love love gimp.

  21. alicia

    Ohh man I can’t wait to see the new character! Even I have no idea who it is LOL. and yaah I guess ripping off the tag is like yanking out a earring. So I can bet it does hurt some. Man Gimp just don’t give a crap does he? Say, will we be seeing a Gimp Arc?

  22. TheGnome

    It’s called KARMA Evil. Get use to it. >:)

  23. grimreaper92

    evils going to kill crack lol

  24. Dubael

    Does Sam still have all his bits? Yes! Then you’re doing fine.
    Is he eating the cats? No! Then you’re doing fine.
    Are the cats trying to eat him? No! Then all is well.
    Does Jim need some more ‘quality’ time with Sam… Oh you betcha
    Words of advice from the stay at home parent of twins.

  25. Idene

    @Kookaburra8su: AH, I was wondering why he all of a sudden had patches of fur missing. o_0 Quite painful.

    And this new mystery bear… hmm, I think I know which one it will be. ;)

  26. S.P

    Agh, I can’t figure the bear out . . . wait, never mind. :D

  27. £Ø§Ð

    …That’s Gonna need Stiches…

  28. Heart of Blades

    *jaw drop* Damn! That couldn’t of felt good. I am so shocked Gimp just ripped that sucker right off? Is it just because he doesn’t care much for Evil? The whole inner sanctum thing, hilarious! :D Also, I see that the bears symbols are apart of they’re fur, interesting.

  29. Kiggy

    owwwwww >_<

  30. Adam F

    what i have learned is if you wait till he falls asleep, thats prime nail cutting time. then you wont hurt him next time you want to do them ^^

  31. D.Durand

    Rip the ear… Oh the pain. It’ probably one of the rare pains you never forgot.

  32. admin

    Sorry about the ear tag guys but it had to go! (Besides having this planned I’d also keep forgetting to draw it and have to go back)
    @Nicole: I totally agree on the symmetry thing.
    @Kristen: I usually do it then but I’d missed a couple and he was scratching me so I attempted an awake trimming… bah.
    @alicia: There will be a Gimp arc in Vol 2! And another one later online too.
    @Dubael: Oh the work of twins! I do envy you getting to watch them develop and interact with each other though, that must be amazing!

  33. Revriley

    Thing is, I can’t believe Gimp will be pissed at Crack for long. Thought of

  34. Elkian

    Holy CRAP that’s the most lucid I’ve ever heard Cracked be!

  35. Zimrian

    Because I can

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