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July 5th, 2010

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I’d love to get a Crack plush with Nuclear Technician accessories :)

SITE UPDATE: Check out the new poll!  I’m trying out a new feature for the site called VERSUS!

Inspired by our Melee Versus print series, each month (or so, don’t hold me to it if I don’t have time) I’ll put up a new poll with two choices.  You guys can take all month to vote (please only once though) and at the end of the month I’ll post an illustration of the winner taking out the loser… and if I have the time, maybe some of them will be in mini-comic form.  We’re starting out with a couple of well-loved genres but feel free to throw out suggestions of interesting Versus! match-ups you’d like to see: Death Vs. Pikachu?  Tanked Vs. a Field Sobriety Test?  You name it but the challenge is to have a Bear Nuts connection in there somewhere.

Not sure who to vote for this round?  Here’s Pirate Evil in action :)


  1. Likeacupcake

    I can never decide in the Ninjas versus Pirates debate… can I be a ninja pirate? I really want to be the captain of a ship, but ninjas beat them in almost any other aspect. But the whole captain of a pirate crew thing balances it out nicely. I could be a ninja pirate with a secret ninja pirate clan headquarters in the Caribbean!

    As to the strip; love panels 9, 10 and 7. Should it really surprise us that Crack has a suit like that? Probably sleeps in it… if he sleeps at all that is.
    Love Gimp’s face in all of this… though I would have thought he would thoroughly enjoy it, if you catch my drift =P

  2. Sora A.K.

    Crack. Oh, Crack. I want to hug him, but that’s probably a bad idea. But then again so is hugging my sister’s violent cat and I do that almost every day. And Evil seems to be both very angry and very weirded out. Love panel 6, with the little skulls…

    Gimpy looks rather annoyed. I’d feel bad for him but I’m too busy being amused. XD

    I hope Evil’s tag-thing doesn’t end up getting ripped off at some point. That would be very painful…

  3. Kiggy

    Crack has gone over the edge.

    or maybe he had already gone over the edge a long time ago and is just externalizing it for us now.

    And, I always wondered: Could a pirate ever train as a ninja? Or viceversa?

  4. Lody

    lol Crack sure has an imagination.
    I wonder why crack doesn’t mind being near evil at first, but when he mentions the tag he finally decides to wear his bio-hazard mask and bio-hazard… apron thing…
    and where is this inner sanctum I wonder?

    as for pirates vs ninja: ninjas win, hands down.

  5. K

    He could’ve at least had the decency to tie Gimp up too. :(

  6. forestenchantress

    I love the looks on Evil’s face in 8 & 9. Last strip he was absolutely adorable all the way through, but in this one he looks so frightening & disturbed by Psycho Crack. Strange how Gimp looks so bored like he’s used to seeing Psycho Crack. As the local Doc he’s probably had to play shrink for Crack lots of times.
    BTW there must be a glitch in the incentive unless Tank took out Pirate Evil and is enjoying the victory.

  7. Kylie

    Ninja Evil!! Ninja Evil!! Is it just me, or does he have a little Errol Flynn swashbuckler styling there?

    I wish we could get Bear Nuts plushes at all. I’d settle for any without accessories … please?

  8. jomo

    This is what happens to Pirateninjas *g*

  9. Xuncu

    Heh heh, on Gimp’s face lies the look of one in deep shame; “I was captured by this guy.”

  10. Kurobara

    Crack’s gone from innocently paranoid to dangerously paranoid now. Still…he’d better watch out when Evil gets free…he’s been shown in the past to hold major grudges and exact MAJOR revenge (aka beehive in Starfleet model) !!!

  11. coyoteBR

    Gimp’s face watching the madness unfurl is priceless. Very funny update, well done

  12. flamedryad

    evil seems more pirate like then ninja

  13. Hex

    I don’t get it? Whats with Ninjas VS. Pirates? Do they even have anything to do with each other?

  14. Bosn_C_Otter

    ahhh no, I see where this is leading. Evil is going to lose his ear tag in the end. I like the ear tag!

  15. Larissa.

    Oh, crack
    you poor, lost soul.

    Ninja deffinityly suits Evil, but I’d have to go for Pirate, since they are the best things to happen to the world.

  16. Rawrimaducky

    Ninja Evil looks more badass

  17. FoxKing

    Pirate Evil would definitely win the battle. Pirates have grenades, guns, and are typically well trained swordsmen (most pirates were soldiers for a country before they became pirates). Ninja do not have guns or grenades and many historical ninja were not well trained in anything aside from farming (yes that is right all of you ninja fan peoples, ninja were commonly farmers and other peasants with very little skill in actual fighting).

  18. Tigergulp

    Woo! I was right! (sort of) Crack does think that there is something wrong with that ear tag, though I really hadn’t expected him to go into “its a FBI/alien GPS” mode. Interesting! :D

  19. BSQ

    Super ninjas can deflect the pellets pirates shoot with their steel katanas .-. unless its a blunderbuss then theyre screwed…

  20. Sam

    I tried to read the words in panel 9 and 10 but it was too hard haha…oh well I get the point =)

  21. Hazard

    Obviously Evil is on the PIRATE side. It offends me for him to be portrayed as the enemy!


    If you want a suggestion for a versus match, try Cracked vs Dale Gribble in a craziness contest?

  23. Artis.K

    GPS ENABLED LOL LOL i love it!

  24. danwins

    I almost feel sorry for Evil right now…almost….the look of pure un-adultered confusion on his face is worth a 1000 words. When cracked goes off…by golly he goes OFF! as only the truly wet-brained and dope-shanked can. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have seen people in Cracked’s condition, and it is about as pretty as it is here…NOT. I’d rather be a pirate…i get to plunder booty…. >:D yaHAR!!

  25. nat

    i like him better as a pirate. it suits him. personality wise. :)

  26. beaufleur

    Ninja Evil definitely. He looks more determinedly serious. Pirate Evil looks a little silly and a little tubby. But his Ninja side?? Completely up to any challenge!! LOVE your comic! It’s like the evil Care Bears!! ^^

  27. forestenchantress

    Heh heh. Pirate Evil in action looks like a happy child. Is that Tanked trapped below deck? Anyway we’ve seen Ninjas Evil, Gay and Nerd; who else will don the suit? We need a Ninja Prozac or maybe Ninja Leech on a panty raid. I’m holding my vote until I see Ninja Evil in action.

  28. forestenchantress

    Versus ideas: Evil vs. Share-a-lot, Death vs. Grumpy Bear or Sunshine Bear, or any other Carebears vs Bear Nuts combos
    or maybe Bear Nuts vs Seven Dwarfs combos like Tanked vs Dopey, Prozac vs Doc

  29. Nicole

    Did Crack drug Gimp? I am not please with this! Not pleased at all!

    But Crack can go at Evil all he wants. ;) Evil earns this kind of treatment.

  30. Lop

    Gonna go with the care bears there Forest. The discount zoo bears can’t shoot lasers of concentrated feelgood out of their chests. At least, I don’t think they can.

    Hn.. the effect of a shot from Tanked… or Gimp. The mind reels.

  31. Ms-Luther

    Im so confused. what is he talking about? Wat dose this have to do with the cat?

  32. Mihira/Claire

    Death Vs. Gregg the Grim Reaper, form Conkers Bad Fur Day!

    i hope this is where you post the suggestions….

  33. Animie fan

    @Ms-Luther, He’s Cracky bear, he isn’t supposed to make sense. Maybe he thinks the Iluminati beamed it into evils head to trash his cat.

  34. Imp Oster

    LOL! omg. He thinks..! HAHAAA this totally happened to my dad by some guy who has brain damage from crack!
    Like, it’s not funyn the dude had brain damage. But he thought my dads blutooth was some sort of satanic device that was controlling him.

    ILU, ILU and Bearnuts <3

  35. Heart of Blades

    Lol, Gimpy just looks board, board and cute….never thought I’d hear myself say a gimp is cute. Anyway, great page AND I voted for Pirate Evil. I like ninjas better, but I don’t think he’d win. Looking forward to Crack cutting off Evil’s ear and…wait…sorry, I’m thinking Reservoir Dogs again

  36. budle

    Just read about the new poll…

    I like ninja…. but, because there’s just too many ninja lovers… I’ll balance the sum… I vote for Pirate! Yarrrr!!!

  37. Dallas-Dakota

    Grim Reaper Death Vs. Vampire Evil?

  38. electricdeity

    What is ‘hideous decoration’ a reference to?

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