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December 5th, 2016

Page 555

Arg!  Work is killing me; I’m averaging 4 hours of sleep a night and there’s always so much to do… 2 months left and then this killer contract is DONE.  And there’s Christmas cookies and chocolate everywhere.  This month is going to damage me.

Christmas tees still going strong though (most places have Dec 8th as the cut off for standard shipping in time with in the US, and I believe the 16th for priority shipping.  I have no idea when it comes to international.)

Vote incentive:  I stuffed something else in a stocking :)

‘Luna Stocking Stuffer’ up today on Teefury, ‘Merry Nightmare’ on Shirt Woot, and ‘Pokemas’ on Neatorama :)


  1. sulfurwolf1

    Well no shit sherlock prozac the only thing is that it could’ve been a whole lot worse

    P.S Not making fun of the creator a ill tone it down now

  2. differ

    last two panels killed me. lol Gay’s sarcasm is so good.

  3. T-Shaw

    I just hope Crack will still be able to sta. Even though he did try to kill Prozac, he’s still a nice person. I don’t want him to go away, and now he has to feel ashamed for what he did.

  4. Caveman



    Nah. There’s been narration throughout it.


    Also, check’em

  7. Athlone

    D’aaaw, Cracked looks so sorry. Please forgive him :(

  8. MicaXIII

    awww Crack, baby!!! :’C

  9. Shubi

    I kinda like calm Crack here. There’s no question here, the others will have to let Crack be paranoid again, but I do hope he’ll learn from the experience and calm down just a little. He’s my favorite one from the bunch. You go, Crack!

  10. Brian Hibbs

    If they can accept Evil after some of the bullshit he’s pulled they can accept Crack.

    Alison be careful with getting so little sleep, that can really screw with your head.

  11. Fat&Furious

    There’s something hilarious about the last two panels with Gay and Vanity, mostly the fact that until Gay broke it down to him he didnt find a reason to get angry, and then he’s suddenly all pissed like “This homosexual inferior bear next to me has a point!! You fucking idiots!”

  12. Zee63

    I feel like gay’s statement is a small crack at current society, and I’m perfectly OK with that.

  13. kath

    Ok, hang on, Was it a dream or, was it not a dream? now I am the confused one. Its like part of it was everything was ok, then he tried to kill everyone, but then he turned into a monster that he had to destroy? I am sooo confused!!!

    thuds head

    will have to go back and re read the whole thing…

  14. Paul

    The path to hell is paved with good intentions.

  15. Abdiel

    @kath The part where he turned into a monster was when they were in his mind. Everything else happened in real life.

  16. Abdiel

    I just remembered that Crack killed the owl. Does Death know? I feel like that would be a pretty big factor in whether he forgives him or not.

  17. Bri

    I just want to give Crack the biggest hug, awwah. ; __ ; His fur looks so frazzled and all.

  18. rugibess

    I am gong to guess at what the next Book is going to be.
    1- Death because I think it is most likely
    2- Lech because of the facebook thing with Lech

  19. Darkwolf0

    I think I liked Crack better when he was screaming “Honk” and tearing birds apart lol

  20. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    Death just can’t stay mad, huh? And Gay is so me.

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