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November 28th, 2016

Page 554

The oft forgotten Death is forgotted, once again…

Less than a month till Christmas!  We are super swamped with work stuff and I pretty much forgot about the usual retail pushing of this time of year (spent Black Friday at my computer NOT shopping, somewhat oblivious, until the videos of store mobs popped online; horrendous sympathy to anyone working retail this time of year…)  So, Cyber Monday deals on Dooomcat stuff are to be had:

Teepublic: $14 tees plus mugs/prints/etc

Teefury: get 30% off all tees (plus FREE shipping on orders over $25)

Dooomcat on Etsy: lots of NEW original art for sale in my Etsy store, including a preview of my latest ‘Clubhouse’ design!  Originals make great and unique gifts for art collectors :)

Vote incentive: still trying to get last week’s Christmas Luna to update but TWC is being glitchy :P


  1. Tonikino

    Evil is so proud of himself and poor Death, almost always forgotten

  2. T-Shaw

    They forgot about Death.


    Meh. I’m sure he’s fine.

  4. Faiz

    About time they should be remembering Death!

  5. rugibess

    And Alison doing a page of all the bears together signalling the soon to be ending of the book of crack… who will get a book next I wonder??

  6. Todd Maccarone

    Please save Death A.S.A.P! Also, when will Death’s backstory be here?

  7. MicaXIII

    Lech looks so pissed in the second to last panel like “oh my god vanity shut the fuck up”

  8. abowden

    poor death :(

  9. Brian Hibbs

    Eh, death’ll be fine there’s no need to rush in finding him.

  10. sulfurwolf1

    I missed the update now im disappointed in myself but there’s always next time

  11. Abdiel

    Seems like Crack might get off scot-free.

  12. MustacheHam

    Glad things are wrapping up, quite sure they’ll find Death next.
    I’m curious to see if they would do a funeral for the fallen owl (of course after washing up).

  13. Abdiel

    I just noticed that Cara isn’t covered in vomit anymore, implying that they had time to get cleaned up. However, Vanity is still coated in vomit, and that confuses me. Did they clean Cara with Vanity’s body?

  14. Trolldrool

    I think this might be the first time I’ve seen anyone with the word ‘death’ in their name need help. In any media.

  15. Mittens

    Dang.. missed the 30% off. I was going to get three of the stuffers but I do not just want one at full price for Christmas style alone. :(

  16. admin

    @MustacheHam: a viking funeral perhaps, flaming boat drifting across the kid’s splash pool in the zoo water park… does this zoo have a water park? That could be abused…
    @Abdiel: Cara is clean, Vanity is a boy :) From my experience at least that explains it.
    @Mittens: try Teepublic then: 25% off till tomorrow:

  17. Todd Maccarone

    @Brian Hibbs- Dude! Not cool! Death’s a part of the family, even if he can defibrilate someone with his brain! We’ve gotta save him!

  18. CorvusCorone68

    @Abdiel they coated Vanity in Tanked’s vomit so he could slide thru the vent to get outside to let the rest of them out

  19. Abdiel

    @CorvusCorone68 I know that I was just wondering why Cara was suddenly clean because she was also coated in Tanked’s vomit on her left side.

  20. CorvusCorone68

    @Abdiel i think what happened is Cara had been passed out near Tanked and got his vomit on her, then when she came to, after Gay pointed it out, she cleaned herself up, while at the same time Tanked was used as a renewable vomit resource to “lubricate” Vanity, and then by the time of this strip Vanity had only just gotten thru the vent and thus didn’t have time to clean up whereas Cara had been inside and presumably had access to suitable facilities

  21. Abdiel

    @CorvusCorone68 Yeah that makes sense.

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