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November 21st, 2016

Page 553

It’s Vomit Bear!  Which we almost got to experience first hand last night as Evan went to bed early without dinner and complaining of an upset tummy and a head ache.  It was almost out of the blue, it came on so oddly fast.  He sat by the toilet for awhile sobbing, and went to bed when nothing happened.  I could barely sleep, I kept expecting the worse all night :(  There’s nothing like getting woken up in the middle of the night to ‘Retch, retch… SPLATTER’.

First real snow storm of the year last night and the neighbours are putting up Christmas lights-IT’S ONLY A MONTH AWAY!  I’ve got new ‘Stocking Stuffers’ tees up today on Teefury, and you can get the rest of the collection in my Neatoshop, or mugs/prints/pillows from my Teepublic shop :)

If you’re looking for unique and personal gifts, I do commissions in my ‘spare time’ -tee designs, prints, Xmas cards, etc.  I have limited space left though (and much limited ‘spare time’ before Christmas shipping deadlines end!).

Vote Incentive: Luna stocking tee :)


  1. Tonikino

    The vomit lubricant idea worked… And seems that crack feels at home.

  2. sulfurwolf1

    Stupid daylight savings its 11:47 where I’m at

  3. T-Shaw

    Hooray, Crack’s himself again! I hope.

  4. Neksuscat

    Uh-oh.. I feel like the greeting company wouldn’t get the whole “We kicked the crazy Crack’s inner self butt and now he’s okay, let’s selebrate!” and try to beat him to death.. -_-

  5. MicaXIII

    Bear: Gimp
    Clothes: Leather
    First-Aid Kit: Out

  6. Project_Demise

    And now Crack winds up in traction because nobody is feeling particularly forgiving.

  7. Siraj

    Nerd sans glasses is kinda cute. Also, yeah, this is gonna be a looooong discussion. Death is NOT going to be a happy camper…

  8. Chasey

    Now go get Death.

  9. Anon

    Oh, Vanity… I’m so sorry.

  10. Todd Maccarone

    Everyone’s safe! But seriously, someone should find Death before… Well, you know.

  11. aquagirl555

    Is Death still trapped?

  12. Urago

    Evil is cute in the last panel.

  13. Yu Huo

    Three words. More. Totoro. Please!

  14. Abdiel

    Evil is happy to see his family safe, and Prozac looks like he just wants the day to end already.

  15. Chris

    I doubt it will be a happy reunion.

  16. Woof

    I request a panel with Evil and Crack’s (bear?) hug in the end of this.

  17. GamerLEN

    Aww, thats so touching! So adorable and sweet and they’re about to all gang up and beat seven kinds of shit out of him aren’t they?

  18. Abdiel

    Why has the vote incentive still not changed?

  19. TaggertShare

    Evil looks like he is doing a Care Bear scare stare in that last panel.

  20. admin

    @Abdiel: I don’t know :( I’ve checked it three times but it won’t update.

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