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October 31st, 2016

Page 550

Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay safe and may none of those gross chocolates enter your bag :)  Or candy corn, those are gross too.  Or Tootsie Rolls, also ick.  Sam did a Creepy Cuisine cooking class and they made “toilet water” punch with Tootsie Roll “turds” floating in it…like I needed another reason to dislike those things.

So that first panel is simple and kind of one of my favs, and that third panel sucks and totally fails at pushing the size difference between them (really making that jarring in the last panel).  A bit of a planning mess up, and something I just didn’t notice until after I’d inked it of course.  So it’s fun (in a sarcastic way) to see one page evoke such a spectrum in me…  think I’ll go eat a tiny chocolate bar, or 3…

Vote incentive:  apparently we have a clown problem this year, and so do the bears :)

A creepy shirt for Python/bunny/general Halloween fans (available on Neatoshop!)


  1. sulfurwolf1

    Yes crack come on beat your ass

  2. abowden

    Perspective is a bitch like that I guess.
    Also, YAAAAAY good crack to the rescue :D. And no-one got hurt except for the owl he murdered and all the people he poisoned. Although I guess this was all kind of technically the owls fault, since he awakened the evil in Crack and suppressed the parts of him that contained his good side.

  3. Bry

    yay Evil broke through! get ‘im, Crack!

  4. T-Shaw

    Come on Crack, show evil Crack who’s boss!

  5. Project_Demise

    I feel like this isn’t actually happening; they’re all just trippin’ balls.

  6. Chasey

    I have zero basis for believing this, but I feel like nothing would really happen if he died in there; I think he would just wake up; like a bad dream.

  7. Faiz

    OH MY GOD!!!

  8. Caveman

    Well at least it wasn’t the whole “We did it using the power of love” (I still like evil v evil ark better but this is really good too)

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Get wrecked, Evil Crack! Get wrecked!

  10. Nicole


  11. Mr. Casual

    Un-release the Cracken!

  12. Bry

    haha i saw what u did there, Mr. Casual xD

  13. soman

    I’m sorry, all I can think of is tentecal porn when I see some of thease ones!

  14. Evilbob

    It took Evil to awaken the Good…

    No one sees the irony? No? No? No?

    Never mind then… *puts self into corner detention with dunce hat*

  15. xxxn

    I wonder whose backstory we are going to see next. It would be interesting to see Gay Bear’s backstory or Gimp’s or maybe Lech’s. Although it would also be interesting to see the pink bear’s backstory. I want to know what she did to get the 2 female bears kicked out of that other zoo.

  16. Starfoxx

    I feel that there is going to be a big battle like there was between the two evils.

  17. TaggertShare

    That’s one unique way to fight one’s Inner Demons!

  18. Urago

    @xxxn: I particularly want to see Cara(The purple bear)’s backstory and find out how she got her mood swings.

  19. Abdiel

    This is a test comment to see if I can comment from my 3ds. Hope it works!

  20. Betty

    I imagine a squeaky noise when Prozac got grabbed.

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