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November 7th, 2016

Page 551

Kind of my homage to Evangelion :)  Except it’s a bit more… self-cannabilism?

Vote Incentive: looking forward to May-warm weather, and Guardians!!!

Check out Neatoshop for some new Unstealthiest Ninja tees :)  I’ve been working on some fun Christmas designs in my spare time as well, can’t wait to upload some of those!  The kids are aware that Xmas is less than 2 months away and are counting down the days till we put the tree up.  And I keep eating the Halloween candy…


  1. T-Shaw

    Good finally came through and won the battle. 12th panel disgusting and funny. Last panel lol.

  2. feartheswans

    Mmmm Tastes like Evil Goose!

  3. Tonikino

    I was thinking when will evil fall apart today was the answer.


    My, what a series of events.

  5. sulfurwolf1

    Crack’s thoughts hmmmmmm calamari

  6. Shenny

    Well…that happened.

  7. MicaXIII

    Evil is such a sweetheart in this chapter! (at least since he entered Crack’s mind) look at him! he’s tries to catch Prozac and then he can’t even handle looking at Crack eating himself. wuss<3

  8. Rainey

    Pfffft; Crack has the munchies. XD

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Well… That happened. I’m glad good Crack won, but that was not the outcome I was expecting. Still, he won, so… Yay?

  10. Abdiel

    So is the evil part of Crack dead and gone, or did him eating himself make the two halves join together again?

  11. Glowworm

    Are you really the good guy when you eat yourself?

  12. Nicole

    Welp, that’s one way to put yourself back together! :D

  13. Mr. Casual

    Definitely a means to re-absorb, I guess.

  14. Uzoma Uwanamodo

    Is this supposed to be introspection?

  15. bought a shipment of clothing from Gay

    that was seriously intense!!

  16. Becky

    You are what you eat?

  17. Nikary


  18. sulfurwolf1

    Well that’s another way to commit self-harm

  19. Mvilu Uatusun

    Now Evil, don’t go losing your head about this.

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