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November 14th, 2016

Page 552

My armchair psychology in all it’s ‘glory’… gory?  The day is saved!  For now…

So Christmas is right around the corner!  Or so the mall Santa set up tells me. I made a new series of Christmas tee designs (stocking stuffers!) and they’re available now at Teepublic or Neatorama:

Vote Incentive: a friendly Christmas alien :)


  1. Tonikino

    it seams that he remembers what hapenned, everything

  2. Quill

    I think that the real, non-murderous crack might be back.

  3. sulfurwolf1

    I wasnt expecting an update this early

  4. Shenny

    The giant FAINT really brings it all together.

  5. T-Shaw

    Guess we’ll see what happens after he wakes up.



  7. Nikary

    Well, at least this confirms this is normal Crack.

    Bet this is his reaction to the “eaten owl” part.

  8. Anon

    I’d gasp at the possibility of Evil cooties, too.

  9. MicaXIII

    darn it, we almost got mouth to mouth! so close

  10. Athlone

    Agreed MicaXIII

    Cracked has the worst possible timing. Soooo close :(

  11. Todd Maccarone

    It’s great that Crack is back, but what about the others?!

  12. Chasey

    All of it. He remembers all of it.
    And now I feel real sad for him knowing that means he might also remember killing the owl and it having been out of his control, and what he said to Death. Now he’ll be even more traumatized than he already was. :(

  13. Abdiel

    I wonder if the others will forgive him or not.

  14. chase

    Abdiel: the others don’t even know what’s happening/happened yet, except Death, so it might be easier for them to forgive Crack.
    I wonder if Pro will want to protect the others (and Crack from backlash) from knowing and just tell them something like the pancakes were made with an expired ingredient and Crack didn’t know, or something dismissive like that. Though, I guess it won’t explain locking them all up in a room. (Lech doesn’t count :P he deserved the frying pan to the head regardless if Crack did it or not)

    I’m still mostly only concerned about poor Death. He was was told by a friend, a family member no less, that they wanted to kill him. Deep down in his psyche, that was still Crack, a part of Crack, who said and who wanted Death to die. I can imagine that might be really hard to forgive, but I think Death is the forgiving type. (He also tried to kill Evil, but Evil’s… I dunno. I guess Evil might be forgiving, too, since he saw EVERYthing that happened and should be more understanding.)

    Ahh, sorry, guys! I’m rambling as usual! Speculation and opinions, as always! :P

  15. Abdiel

    They are probably going to go home and see Vanity covered in Tanked’s vomit in an attempt to escape the room.


    @Abdiel I have my fingers crossed.

  17. Brian Hibbs

    Having been told recently by a psychiatrist that Prozac helps reduce anxiety in addition to being an antidepressant I have to wonder why Prozac never thought to let Crack try some of his stash to see if it would help him. It could have prevented this entire story arc from occurring.

    It’s not clear to me that Crack remembers what he just did, he didn’t seem entirely aware of that other side of him before so he may repress what he did as evil Crack.

    Maybe he’ll forget where he left Death. He’s enough of a loner the other bears may not realize he’s gone for a while.

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