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April 24th, 2009

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The fear of kites does not come from any personal experience, though I did see a Youtube video where I guy got mowed down by a rather large kite. The thing was diving fast and the impact looked pretty painful actually.
I didn’t like the dark very much when I was younger, but now I can’t sleep if there’s any light anywhere. A crack of street light coming through the blinds will drive me nuts.

Today’s vote incentive is Toster without the cone, because she really does have a cute little face :)


  1. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    What was Prozac doing with a kite anyway?

  2. superpandabear?

    i love crack!!!! ? hes so cute and reminds me of myself!!! ? lol im so paraniod!!!!



  4. Esproc

    *In Dr. Weird voice* Gentlemen! I give you, CORN!

  5. Mara

    I love that being buried in a box is “mundane and common.” Hehe. So great.

  6. Akimaman86

    this is just priceless and I actually saw that youtube video it was hilarious BTW any body reading this that means you Jack (just did that to freak people out) go to that place has so many webcomics its not even funny……….well maybe a little

  7. Oscar

    I’ve a theory on the fear of kites. In Pakistan and Afghanistan I know kids had kite flying competitions where they’d rub powdered glass onto their kite strings and cut eachothers kites down from the sky. That made for some nasty injuries if people weren’t careful so maybe Crack Bear’s fear stems from knowledge of that. Or maybe he’s got the perfectly healthy normal fear of being strangled to death from the too long and menacing string.

  8. Crypt


  9. Lysander

    Gentlemen! Behold… corn!

  10. gridsleep

    Pteromerhanophobia, apparently a fear of flying objects including kites.

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