Page 69
April 20th, 2009

Page 69

And Evil and Gay mend some fences over a mutual… whatever you want to call that.

Todays vote incentive is the inspiration for cone head Lech: poor, poor, Toaster.


  1. The_dmaster_99

    It isn’t the last time hmm?Cool!I’m just imagining Death Bear with that expression..

  2. CeruleanSin

    Christodoulos: Evil’s ears aren’t different in each panel. They’re just in different positions. Maybe they look different because of his horns?

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this already. But you should make plushies! **SQUEEE** I want an Evil plushie, that would ROCK SO HARD!!

  3. Cavaskii

    Oh the gorgeous artwork, the demented charecters! I only found you two days ago and already you are one of my favorites! Keep up the awesome work.

  4. Christodoulos

    I meant that they are more triangular in some panels, but I realised that those are his ears xD

  5. Hatch Tarr

    I Can’t Get Enough of Bear Nutz….This Is By Far The Best Webcomic I Have Run Across!


    @IMX I did add two more words to Gay’s statement! I don’t know what Gay would have done if he didn’t get that marker! He looked rather serious. At the time, EVIL looked reluctant to loan out his marker. After all, Gay did ask him politely. I was multi-tasking when I posted my comment.


    @IWX, sorry, multi-tasking again!

  8. qtsushigirl

    Humorous AND educational. A+!

  9. FE

    Hehehe Evil is so proud of Gay, STD bear indeed!! hehehe.
    I have to say Evil is one of my favourite bears, he has such an expressive face!!
    That and he’s evil, who doesn’t like evil things?
    and a woot to the zoo keepers for keeping the STD BEAR on lols!

  10. Chamaguchi

    Aww, I love Evil in this page! ? So cute~
    but poor Lech, he’s gonna be hiding for a long while. D:

    Bear Nuts is as amusing as always! Finally decided to leave a comment one of your pages, hee hee. Keep it up. ^-^

  11. Heart of Blades

    New reader here, a friend of mine sent me a link and I just read through the whole thing. This is fantastic! I really love Bear Nuts. The humor, the characters, THE ART! It’s all perfect. I can’t wait to see what future chapters you have instore. *fantasies that Bear Nuts is a tv show*

  12. admin

    Thanks Kristen! To the BN empire! :)
    @ Cerulean: I want plushies too! But that’s pretty expensive :P
    @ Cavaskii: Thank you!
    Thanks Hatch, I appreciate it :)
    @ Chamaguchi and Heart of Blades: Thanks so much guys :)

  13. Heather

    Tis a thing of beauty, Gay bear’s written word to be sure. Evil is right to wipe away a tear. XD

    On a random note, if you do bring in girl bears at some stage it would be hilarious if one fell for Gay bear. Just saying. Hur hur. Happened to a friend of mine (sort of). Had a crush on a guy at school, we’re all now 21, turns out the bloke is gay. I later found out that happens alot to girls if you go by what some people on the net say.

  14. BrittBrat93

    Oh m gee they left the STD’s Bear on him…..I love this comic! xDDDDD

  15. Kilkakon

    Maybe there’s no visible genitalia for the same reason that the paws change between hands and mittens every few frames? Laziness! :D They probably reappear when required or something. :P

  16. WildFredo

    HAHAHA 10/10…….. instead of letch bear it should b called crab bear…….. hahaha

  17. Kurobara

    Awww, Evil looks so proud of Gay.


    Ouch. thats awful, even for Lech. Btw page 69 lol

  19. la

    8″D Why do the evilist things always make me aww? Evil is just so HAPPY.
    And they left the STD writing on.. xD; poor poor lech.

  20. benning

    Okay, that one made me laugh out loud. Excellent!

  21. Skykitsune

    Brings a tear to both Evil’s and my eye… I’m so proud of him!

  22. HaloMythbuster

    I think it’s funny they erased everything but “STD Bear”.

  23. iknewthat

    page 69. features Lech and “STD BEAR”. heh.

  24. Roderick

    Evil is proud.

  25. Mvilu Uatusun

    Sometimes, Evil isn’t so evil and needs a lesson or two about being evil. LOL.

  26. Alex

    Nice, the page number ;)

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