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April 17th, 2009

Page 68

You just know someone’s going to get his grubby little paws on tranquilizer darts, that’s too irresistible for Evil little minds…
This one’s for my brothers who can’t resist drawing a “rocket ship” wherever possible. So mature guys! Way to “impress” me!

Today’s vote incentive is my version of Chainsaw Bear, a lot of you were on the same wavelength with the color scheme :)



    May I?! Oh that’s priceless!
    Gay bear has bad ass hair style. Leach bear ain’t lookin so good down there. OMGOD! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! DID HE GET ANY ON ME?!


    OTHER THAN MY ALTERNATE PERSONALITY. I’m the first to comment! Gooooooooooo BEAR NUTZ!

  3. walabane

    i wonder what gay will be drawing

  4. Leona

    *Gigglesnorts* Gay Bear looks a lil too happy about all of this. :3 Wonder what he shall doodle… cant be any worse than what Evil drew right at Lech’s neck! And eeeew, that looks like the rash from HELL.

  5. Panda

    Okay… I randomly found this comic two days ago and have read it twice and savored over each strip and have been DYING for Friday to come around so I could have more. It’s like Christmas XD

    Just wanted to say that. And I also wanted to add that I will SOOO be sticking around to read more of this. It’s fantastic. It never ceases to amuse me- the violence and the cute, it just does things to me :3

    I love each and every bear in their own special way, which is really rare for me to like ALL the characters of something… so just, all I can do is cheer you on and say thank you for sharing! I’ll be eagerly awaiting Mondays and Fridays from now on!


  6. Lynn

    That dart looks rather thoroughly embedded. Will gimpy be able to get it out without removing brain?

  7. CeruleanSin

    Hrm. I voted, but that was NOT Chainsaw Bear, it was still the Easter thingie. **Shrugs** I luv this comic anyways though. You should TOTALLY come out with plushies!! That would be teh awesomesauce ^.^

  8. SweetRMS

    HAHAHA I love evil but I think the dick was to much.

  9. kristen

    I almost choked on my DDP when I read Crack’s part in the comic. I love that cracked out bear, but for some reason he’s channeling me in todays strip. When ever someone starts coughing I tell them not to hack their black death all over the place because I don’t want to wake up with ebola in the morning. It’s my stock phrase when someone is hacking and coughing with out regard to others. (COME ON, IS IT HARD TO COVER YOUR MOUTH??)

  10. Kamino Neko

    I love the look on Evil’s face in the last panel. ‘Whuh? Someone’s stealing my schtick?’

  11. Squeakybunny

    It’s not a dick SweetRMS, it’s what Alison said. It’s a ummm… Mighty muscle missle. Yeah, that’s it.

  12. BN Fan

    Oh-ho-ho! So even Gaybear has an evil side. This pleases me. And I’m thinkin Nerdybear must be thinking this is even better than the time he beat the crap outa Evil with a stick and a … boulder. Poor Crack XD The whole world’s out to get him.

  13. Pepper

    Awesome. I wonder what Gay Bear will wire.

  14. admin

    @ Tyrone: I think Gay would be quite pleased with your comment, it’s not like it’s easy for him to get his paws on hair gel :)
    @ Panda: Welcome to BN! I’m so glad you enjoy the comic.
    @ Lynn: Ha! Good question!
    @ CeruleanSin: I’m not sure why you got the old picture, CSB is definitely up now…
    @ Kristen: I know what you mean, the nerve of people! :)

  15. Evil2.0

    1. Can we make chainsaw bears fur just a little darker, like the color of blood….please (innocent smile)
    ok on to the comic, I said please didn’t I why did he have to fall on Evil. WHERE’S The DISENFECTANT. I don’t care what it’s for were rubbing it in. What’s up with one big pupil and one teeny pupil?
    Nerd and Gay are laughing for two different reasons each, and I know what they are.
    Why does Gay sounds so posetive that Lech did rub the leaves over his crotch ( it’s like he knows..o_O)
    Whats the point og the watch that Evil drew, seems useles now that Lech is out cold.
    Ohhh…what will you draw Gay, you’re making my imaginatio work overtime. HURRY UP MONDAY!!!

    Luv the comic. keep it up.
    Buh-bye now

  16. RagingDragon

    Whatever the hell he has, I hope he doesn’t spread it to the others. XP

    And now, a public service announcement from RagingDragon: Remember, everyone, condoms are your friends. They protect you when things get hard. X3

  17. Hedrah

    you know, what would be fun if Chainsaw Bear would happen to be female.

  18. Tonka

    Not much of a comment, but Evil just cracks me up.

  19. Kalika

    OMG panel 3 is too cute

  20. TYRONE

    Thanks. I aways wanted to comment on Gay’s hair style but I always forgot. He also has that “snobbish self image” about himself. Is he the “osspring” of some beary rich parents? Some of the things I remembering him saying “was your paws!” ,I have the “hat” so that makes second in command!”, I’m blind! , How he over exaggerates his injuries. (now that “vodo thing” was pretty though!) and so on. Jugeing by that “look” on his face. Leech is gonna “get” it! Pay backs a bitch!
    You think the zoo keepers are getting close to solving the mystery of the “magic maker”?! You know “the zoo cook incident” ,”drawing on Gay’s bandages” and Leach bear now has “magic marker drawings”?!
    Sounds like a mystery to me! Hanna B. please don’t
    sue me! The rocket thingy is similar to what creaters of “BEAR AND KITTEN” randomly draw in their comic. But they are a little too discret about they’res! I know this a big world, do you comic people know of each other besides the really famous ones? I don’t know how to links yet.

  21. TYRONE

    I ment to “wash your paws. And links to other things.

  22. Dsepshun

    Long time reader first time poster, here. Is this the first time in BN history that crack actually spoke? In a full sentences even. Loved his freak out. Love this comic, please keep up the good work.

  23. Tigerspew

    see what happens when you use inferior butt tissue to wipe with? Remember, Charmin is your friend!

  24. Koedi

    I absolutely love the strip, read all 68 comics last night in around an hour xD

    Yup, same thing going through my mind as everyone else’s…What is it and how did he get it and what’s Gay gonna draw? x33

    On a side note…Lech and Gay: total couple, completely and without one doubt in my mind. They even fight like they’re married or something. XD

  25. Leak

    @admin: Thanks for tossing SweetRMS’ tossergame link…

  26. £Ø§Ð

    …Ya Know. I Was thinking the Exact Same thing The First Time I Saw The Rash… That It Was Something Overly Simple Like Poision Ivy.

  27. Fuz

    love panel 3. love the ‘real’ chainsaw bear, made me think of pms bear but look again at the pic of them all, she is darker in colour.

    can’t wait to see what Gay bear will draw.

  28. Adam

    BRING BACK DEATH BEAR…… please ^-^

  29. Glowworm

    The third panel is absolutely adorable-I love Nerd and Gay’s faces. I love it everytime Evil draws on stuff! Labeling the rash as “bad” was hillarious!

  30. Shoove

    Aww, hell. As great as Evil’s little… additions are I can’t wait to see what Gay does! XD

  31. CyberCorn Entropic

    Ah, the expression on Evil’s face in the last panel – “What? Someone wants to help me with my wacky evil hijinks?”

    @ Dsepshun ~ Cracked has spoken before. “I just wanted a cookie!!!” “I’m not comfortable with that!!” Etc.

  32. Kamino Neko

    @Glowworm – Somehow, I suspect it’s not the RASH that’s being called ‘bad’. If’n you know whut I mean.

  33. alecho

    may I? ;)

  34. Typh

    Crack looks so funny, an poor evil bair having leech rub up against/ falling on him haha

  35. FE

    @Hedrah, I totally agree Chainsaw Bear should be a girl hehehe

    I feel sorry for Evil, I wouldn’t wanted Lech falling on me either

    Can’t wait to see what Gay’s gonna write on Lech hehehe

  36. Dmaster99

    Oh noes..Is lech..DEAD?!

  37. kristen

    Another thing I noticed today rereading the strip (which I do every day because the awesomeness keeps me nourished in awesomeness.) When Evil breaks out his marker, it’s always purple. I have to wonder if that is a small throwback to Harold and the Purple Crayon. It could be the sequel, Evil and the Purple Marker.

  38. Nastee

    Great page, I love Lech’s drugged face. Crack is also funny as hell. Interesting to see what kind of disease Lech’s got.

  39. M

    ‘Rocket Ships’ are the pinnacle of mankind. :D

  40. Bearlover

    I love that…”Pop!” xDD


    I love Evil’s grafiti

  42. S.P

    And thus Evil’s purple marker makes a return.

  43. ren_chan

    what drawing program do you use?is it free?if not how much does it cost and where can i find it? also Prozac and gay bear are my favorites <3

  44. james57422

    I did some research and Lech’s disease is either crabs or a yeast infection.
    Crabs is when you get lice in the genital hair and it is normally very itchy.
    A yeast infection is when a type of yeast naturally found on the body begins growing in excess. This usually happens on the penis head and can spread to the armpits. Some of the symptoms are burning and itching and this disease can appear without having sexual contact so it is not classified as an STD.

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